Avoid These 6 Foods before Going to Bed

Sleep is one of the best remedies that provides rest to our body and mind and rejuvenates them to begin a new day with new vigour.

Apart from being unbearably cranky, you can also get overweight if you are not able to sleep well. But it is not just the blue lights from the devices that can lead to the sabotaging of your sleep cycle. Research has shed light on the fact that what you eat before bedtime also plays a crucial role in deciding how well you will sleep.

It is quite a delicate decision to make when you have to choose which foods to have and which to avoid in order to ensure a good night’s sleep.

While you cannot drift off to sleep if you go to bed with a growling stomach, overindulging can also lead you to a restless night.

That is why it is essential that you know which foods can help you to sleep and which ones can pose as challenges in your path to grab a good night’s sleep.

Here the top 6 foods that can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle are enlisted. You should try and avoid them if you want to sleep well at night. Just take a look.

  • Caffeine – Caffeine is the worst thing that you can have prior to going to bed. It is a kind of stimulant that can keep you awake even if you want to sleep. However, the effect of caffeine on the body can range from keeping you awake to helping you to fall asleep. Yes! You read that right. A few people are reported to sleep better when they have coffee. This occurs when the body gets normalised to caffeine. From your daily morning cup of joe, soft drinks and colas to the pain relievers and weight loss pills, caffeine is present in almost everything. So if you take any of these daily, after a long time, it can happen that your body gets immune to the effects of caffeine and you can sleep well even after taking it before bed.
  • Fatty Foods – The loaded burritos, burgers, ice cream sundaes and other types of fatty foods can take a long time to be digested. These foods will keep your body awake instead of helping it to relax. The fatty foods also give rise to indigestion and bloating that interfere with the sound sleep at night. This gives rise to more disrupted sleep as a result of which you wake up the next morning tired and non-rested.
  • Sugary Cereal – At times a cereal bowl is the worst food that you can have before bedtime. Instead you should go for the high-fibre and low-sugar kind like the brand flaks and Cheerios. The cereals that are sugary can be digested very easily and that can result in throwing off some of the sleep hormones. The lighter sleep can be triggered by the low-fibre diets. So, it is better to avoid such foods if you want to get sufficient amount of zzz…
  • Diuretic Foods – A diuretic is a substance that can jeopardise the water content of the body. The carrots, celery, ginger, cucumber and watermelons are all diuretic along with alcohol. The reason why you should avoid these foods in dinner is because they will make you to go peeing frequently. While it is a natural to pee, if you get up frequently at night for bathroom breaks you will find it difficult to go back to sleep and achieve the required REM sleep.
  • Chocolate – Here comes the bad news for most of us! The chocolate treat before going to bed can wreak havoc on your REM sleep. Just like coffee, dark chocolates also contain caffeine which can prevent your body to feel sleepy and enhance its arousal rate. Naturally, it reduces the ability of the body to give rise to and retain the deeper stages of sleep. There can be a varying amount of caffeine in chocolates and if you are not able to give up chocolates then you should try to have them earlier in the evening or have them is decreased amount.
  • Alcohol – If you drink before bed, it can make you feel drowsy. But the fact is that drinking before bedtime can make you wake up frequently which makes you feel less rested at night. Snoring can also be induced by alcohol which can create sleep disruption. This can also worsen the sleep apnea symptom for which you may have to seek snoring remedies. That is why you should avoid having alcohol at least within 2 hours before retiring to bed.

The above are some of foods that you should avoid if you want to have a good night’s sleep and lead a healthy life.

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