Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence: We all go through from difficulties in life. Some are very factual, while others are creations of our mind. Whatever the case, we all have to learn to overcome stressful moments like these.

The death of a loved one, the lack of money to supply basic necessities or a severe health problem are examples of factual difficulties that we need to face.

The frustration of not fitting into a particular pattern of beauty, the sadness of not being able to have some additional materials, or the limiting belief that we can not do anything are examples of difficulties created primarily by our own mind.

In any case, we all have to face these types of situations that we need to overcome to lead our life forward in the best possible way, recovering our self-confidence.

To help you to overcome stressful moments like these, let’s now present a simple three-step practical plan for going through tricky situations and getting the best out of it.

Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

Step 1: Rephrase the problem

The first step in overcoming stressful moments is to learn to re-signify the situation itself, stop being a victim.

Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence
Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

Just as our mind creates complicated situations, it can also give a new meaning to any kind of situation – whether it is factual or psychological.

That changes the way we see things.

The most effective way to reformulate stressful moments is to see the situation not as an unbeatable problem, but rather as a great challenge that will make us better people at the end of the journey.

To do this, we need to re-examine the whole situation and set tiny targets.

The target should be small because the main goal here is to get us out of laziness. It is to put us in motion since inactivity is an excellent source of distress.

Define two or three simple and specific goals that you can easily accomplish. With each goal, you will remember that you are the leading actor who can influence your future.

By doing this, you can regain the life force, self-confidence and energy that seems to have been sucked out by the stressful moments you are going through.

Accomplishing these goals will make you feel much better about yourself. Also, read Practices To Break The Cycle of Anxious Thinking

Learn to overcome stressful moments with a new perspective of time

Another way to reformulate the problem is to acquire a fresh temporal perspective.

When we’re feeling at the bottom of the pit, it’s easy to forget all the good things that exist in our lives. We just focus on what’s negative.

Resigning the problem here means changing the focus. It means looking beyond the current moment and seeing all the things that have already happened that may still occur in the future.

By remembering all the positive things, we can be clear about which is the best version we can be. Also, read How Do I Start To Improve My Life

So now you can see the present moment as an opportunity to build new positive memories in the future. It makes no sense to close the doors at a difficult time and assume that from now on everything will be negative.

Once the problem is redefined, we can move on to the second step.

Step 2: Investing in Human Relationships

To overcome stressful moments, it is essential that you surround yourself with people you love.

Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence
Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

We are social animals. There is much research done on the role of social bonds for our sense of happiness.

So the second step is for you to be active in your relationships. It is actively seeking family members, friends or even professionals who can help you overcome the complicated situation.

The important thing here is always to be humble. It is crucial to ask for help and to accept the help offered.

You should be careful not to fall into the game of finding and saying that everything is fine and that you don’t need help. There is no shame in admitting that you are a human being like any other, who needs support whenever necessary.

Instead of pretending as self-sufficient, allow yourself to be vulnerable and express your gratitude when you get the help.

Respect your social boundaries to overcome stressful moments

Although the second step is investing in human relationships, still you need to respect your limits.

When we go through difficult times, it’s natural that we want to be alone for a few moments. Avoiding parties, gatherings and other social events is normal.

Having contact and asking for help from other people is good, but that doesn’t mean you should force yourself to attend social events when you’re not in the mood for it.

The important thing is that you respect yourself and know yourself, seeking to achieve balance.

Step 3: Create a diary with positive thoughts

If you think you’re unhappy, that you need a diversion from the hard times, try to examine the situation objectively.

Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence
Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

During this observation, beware of the voice of consciousness that is judging your own attitudes negatively.

Instead, try to isolate the events that happened and examine the reactions and consequences of the complicated situation.

Let’s break the situation into smaller pieces to understand the link between every small part of the problem. From there, think what might have been different in each of these parts.

Take a diary and write these thoughts. This diary will become your anchor to help overcome the stressful moments.

You can always read this diary to remember what happened and how you can avoid similar problems.

Conclusion: 3 practical steps to overcome stressful moments

Nobody wants to go through a difficult time. However, they are inevitable.

Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence
Practical Steps To Overcome Stressful Moments and Regain Self-Confidence

There is not a human being who goes through life without having to, at one time or another, overcome a complicated situation.

To get through these moments as best you can follow the three steps described in this article:

  1. Reformulate the problem
  2. Invest in human relationships
  3. Create a diary with positive thoughts

In short, when we are at the bottom of the pit, we must re-signify the situation to see things from a different perspective.

We do not want to stand and suffer indefinitely.

Instead, we want to create small and manageable goals to regain our self-confidence and our power over the future. Also, read How To Start The Day With An Explosion Of Self-Esteem

We want to invest in relationships with other people and be humble to ask and accept help.

We want to create a diary with positive thoughts and think about the mistakes made and the opportunities we can take advantage of.

With all these tips in mind, you will begin to open your way and return to the place of happiness to which you belong.

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