How to Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Instagram is a growing social network. The figures of his evolution are impressive. Acquired by Facebook, Instagram is the fashionable social network based on photos and videos. Yet some users have tried the experiment and have not been seduced. Then comes the moment to delete or disable the Instagram account. We explain to you how to do it! Follow the guide!

In April 2012, Facebook bought the Instagram social network. At that time the new social network centered on the photo made a cardboard. Its asset, offer filters to share more worked photos than what was found on other networks. To be successful on Instagram, you have to be good at staging shots.

Years later, Instagram continues to have phenomenal success. In June 2018, Instagram is worth up to 1000 billion dollars. The app has new features including Stories inspired by another social network, Snapchat. Today, Instagram is the fastest growing social network. Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide.

Some users have even made Instagram a job. Instagramers or influencers share photos and videos on topics that are close to them: lifestyle, music, books, fitness, video games, etc. The downside, Instagram lost over time in authenticity. For the average user, the social network has become an instrument of depression rather than anything else. On Instagram, we are not in the right, we are in court where everyone puts on his mask and concocts a character. Instagram is the perfect social network to stage your life.

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This lack of authenticity, some users do not want more. Gradually they desert the service until they take a radical decision, delete their account. Note that some delete their account to create another, making a clean slate. But then, how to delete his Instagram account? We show you what to do.

Instagram or the tyranny of happiness?

The social network of photo sharing is the ideal place to get up and talk about yourself. And that most of the users have understood it well. They reveal only the good sides of their lives, just to make all their subscribers turn green with jealousy. Who has already published a photo of a canned lasagna dish?

As the old adage says, too much happiness kills happiness. If you can no longer spend your days watching the wonderful life of your virtual friends, it may be time to disconnect.

And as you’ll see right now, as amazing as it sounds, it’s much easier to open an account on Instagram than to close it.

How To Disable Instagram account

No need to rush your mobile looking for a feature to disable his Instagram account. It does not exist. Everything will happen on the computer.

  • Open your web browser and launch the Instagram page
  • Enter your login details (login and password)
  • Click on the profile icon located at the top right of the window then on the section modify the profile
  • Select Temporarily disable my account
  • Then enter your password to validate your choice
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently - Delete Instagram Account Link © DesiSoch
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently – Delete Instagram Account Link © DesiSoch

Here it is, your account is in hibernation. Your friends, your subscribers will be able to see neither your photos nor your videos. However your data has not been completely erased, they are just put to sleep. You can reactivate your account simply by connecting to Instagram by entering your username and password again on the homepage.

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Before proceeding to the definitive deletion of your Instagram account, it is strongly recommended to take a backup of your photos of the network you want to keep because after that it will be impossible. For those who wish to put an end to their Instagram account, there is another far more radical method. To delete your account, follow the following steps:

  • Open the page dedicated to account deletion on Instagram
  • Enter your username and Password
  • Select from the list the reason you want to permanently close your account
  • Enter your password one last time
  • Click on the red button
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently - Delete Instagram Account Link © DesiSoch
How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently – Delete Instagram Account Link © DesiSoch

Once it is down, you can not reactivate your account or even recover all the content posted. You just have to uninstall the Instagram application of your mobile. If you want to be a part of this community later, you will have to create a brand new account. So, are you really going to leave the social network for good?

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