What It Means When You Dream of Pigeons – Meaning of Pigeons in Dreams

Many consider them the mice of the air, because in truth the pigeons, even today, are able to transmit a myriad of diseases. However, they are harmless beings who have long been trained for certain uses, such as courier. In the dream world, pigeons tend to be auspicious. If you are interested in the interpretation of dreams, in this article we will tell you what it means when you dream of pigeons.

Means of Pigeons When You Dream of Pigeons

#1 Good Time In Love Life 

Dreaming pigeons can mean good times in our love life, family life or work. Furthermore, it can also carry an implicit message of reconciliation with a person with whom he has not spoken for years.

#2 Soon Recieve A Message From A Person Who is Very Far Away

Dreaming pigeons that are flying means that we will soon receive important news. If the pigeon looks a little tired, it could mean that a message from a person who is very far away. Some family member or friend living in another city or town.

#3 Sign Of Loyalty

Dreaming quiet pigeons in their nest is a sign of loyalty, both of the couple and of friends. It is a very positive dream because it means that those who dream of it are surrounded by good people who respect it and love it.

#4 Also Depends On Color Of Pigeon

The color of pigeons is quite important because it does not always mean the same thing. White pigeons are a symbol of peace and union. Black pigeons bring sadness and misfortune. Also, if you dream of red pigeons, it could be an announcement of tragedy, wars, and disasters.

#5 Harbinger of Very Close Problems

If you dream of the slow and gentle buzz of a pigeon you must be careful because it is a harbinger of very close problems. If you have a sick family member, it will be related to a worsening of the same.

Finally, if a spouse dreams of a dead pigeon, it means that he could separate from his partner, either temporarily or forever, mainly due to problems of infidelity.

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