Top 16 Meeting Scheduler Apps & Tools to Improve Your Productivity

Top 16 Meeting Scheduler Apps & Tools to Improve Your Productivity: With the new applications available, there is no need for a physical room to provide a professional meeting with your customers!. This can be very convenient for freelancers often brought to work remotely.

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If you have to organize meetings on a regular basis, either with your team or with other companies to establish businesses. The current technology can also help you a lot to make the meeting a success. There are applications that will make it easier for you to notify the members of the meeting. Manage the information, as well as make meetings through the Internet if you can not stay at a physical site.

Top 16 Meeting Scheduler Apps & Tools to Improve Your Productivity © DesiSoch
Top 16 Meeting Scheduler Apps & Tools to Improve Your Productivity © DesiSoch

As part of strategic planning, the organization of time in terms of social relations is paramount. Business meetings are a clear example, but for their proper management, specialized tools are necessary. And many of them are no longer offered by the network.

Well, in DesiSoch we have recommended some of the most efficient meeting organizer apps:


To manage meetings with all the details involved: tasks, topics, agenda, teams, collaborative work, analysis and reports of the finished. Registration is free and most functions will be active for up to 6 months.

Visit MeetingKing


Agreedo is a very elegant program, with few colors but efficient, characterized by meeting minutes, guest management, collaboration modes and shared agenda with editing options for all users, organization of topics, analysis of results and even countdowns.

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VolunteerSpot makes available, especially for educators, a service where they can present schedules in which they require volunteers. Thus leading an easy registration and coordinating the work of people willing to help on the selected dates. It arises from the need of its founder to organize tasks as a volunteer mother at her daughter’s school.

Visit Signup Formerly VolunteerSpot


With SignUp, it is possible to create simple pages to manage all types of events and meetings. Invitations with predetermined styles, themes for the created pages, registration forms and reminders via email for the guests. It is totally free.

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TimePal allows us to choose the best possible time for our meetings. For this, we can set our own schedule as a base and look at the time differences for each region in which we have a contact with which we wish to hold a meeting. We can also set the duration of the meeting and the time we will celebrate it, as well as calendar events. The application is available for free with limitations of uses and supported with advertising and the payment option. Complete and without advertising for only $ 2, for both platforms ( Android / iOS ).

UPDATE: TimePal has been closed. for alternative, you can Use Klokki For Windows and Timemator For Mac.

This application provides a template so you can easily write down who says what in the meeting. Also selecting if it is an idea or a task. At the end of the meeting, you can send the URL of the file by email to the participants. So they can access the minutes from anywhere. You can use it without registering.



Anyone who has ever had to participate in a conference call will know how terrible it can be, especially in professional environments where people are not widely known and where it is difficult to know who said what. This tool makes everything easier. It offers a visual interface that allows you to consult the information about each of the participants and highlights who is speaking at each moment. Available for iOS and Android.

Visit Uberconference


Any private event has a list of guests, something that until now consisted of a paper with a series of names pointed. This app converts that list into something digital, with all the advantages that this entails. It automates the management of the guest list allowing you to choose people from different services (Facebook, email, web forms …) and makes the record of knowing who has arrived and who is not something much simpler. Available for iOS.

Visit Attendium

Fast and very convenient, allows you to send an instant invitation to your guests, in order to make an appointment. You also have the opportunity to quickly know the days when your guests are available.

This allows you, for example, to propose a suitable meeting date to all participants from your own agenda, limiting as much as possible the return trips by email.

Visit Vyte


Doodle is the king of the organization. With the free online calendar, you will have the possibility to create as many events and meetings as you need and invite colleagues or friends to know their availability. Once you know how busy your guests are in the week of the event, it will be easier for you to find a favorable date for all the participants.

If you are looking for a shared online calendar, with Doodle you can enjoy a very simple and intuitive system. At a glance, you will be able to take control of your scheduled tasks and easily share them with others. Thanks to the simple Doodle invitation system, you will have the possibility to send the survey links by e-mail or through the interface. In this way, you can be in contact with your colleagues despite not being physically in the same place.
Do you need to synchronize your calendar with your appointments automatically? Test the Doodle Multi support Software!

This application gives you the ability to synchronize a scheduled event with multiple calendars at a time. This facilitates its diffusion in your circle of collaboration.

Thanks to its many options, you can also easily inform yourself of the availability of your guests before setting up a common appointment.

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Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings offers options based on your needs. To facilitate your meetings, the tool has the invitation to support the link to redirect participants to the meeting space. It’s an effective way to deliver the right information at the right time.

It also offers the ability to gather all the files you need, at a meeting, in one place. You will be able to switch from one file to another without having to leave the interface of the software.

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An intuitive and easy-to-use tool, Mikogo lets you share your computer screen with your colleagues during your conferences. It can work with any web browser and is compatible with several operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.). It’s ideal for online demonstrations.

The application offers a multilingual interface, which will suit freelancers working with international clients. They can easily use the same tool and understand all the features by choosing the language of their choice.

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Probably one of the most recognized and frequently used conference solutions on the Internet, GoToMeeting allows customers a 30-day trial period, which small business owners should take advantage of. The software has several different options for users to choose between: traditional GoToMeeting that allows collaboration in small groups and instant online demonstrations, while GoToWebinar allows users to present to large groups online, runs surveys and Q & A surveys. Some small business owners may be attracted to GoToTraining, which allows you to conduct interactive training sessions, more email essays, and online materials. Its rich diversity of services for almost any web conferencing need is probably what has led to the success of the GoToMeeting industry.

Moreover, the tool is available on different terminals (computer, mobile, tablet) and each participant can choose their preferred support.

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NeedToMeet allows you to organize your meetings in 3 simple steps:

Fill in the information and details about the meeting;
Suggest dates and times;
Send invitations to the people of your choice.
Guests are notified by email and you are notified when one of the answers. You can also, thanks to NeedToMeet, visualize in the blink of an eye their comments and suggestions to modify the meeting.

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MeetingBooster is a solution that simplifies your life:

Before the meeting: plan the meeting easily and assign preparatory tasks to the participants;
During the meeting: MeetingBooster allows you to take notes instantly, whether for meetings in person or videoconference;
After the meeting: Analyze your meeting, keep and easily find all the files associated with it, and quickly assign tasks to follow up on the discussions.

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Google Calendar

The Google service also offers task management and an interface that anyone can control in a matter of minutes. The colors to differentiate according to the importance of the meeting, the alerts, the widgets, the visualizations, shared management, the use of several simultaneous calendars and the synchronization with other applications, are just examples of how much it encloses.

Google Calendar can also be a handy tool for scheduling your meetings: easy to use and easy to read, it allows you to quickly set up a niche for a meeting and share it with your team. Managing a meeting or virtual conference requires the use of powerful and interactive tools.

Visit Google Calender

Feel free to test the different applications offered in this article to improve the quality of your briefings with your team and your customers.

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Tell us in the comment what is your favorite tool for organizing remote meetings!

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