15 Signs You’re Ready To Meet The Love Of Your Life

15 Signs You’re Ready To Meet The Love Of Your Life.

Too often, you seek the love of your life by observing others, but rarely, you observe to see if you can be for others!

Your single life is no longer what interests you?

Are you tired of going from one love relationship to another? From one showcase to another? From one sentence to another?

Would you like this situation or struggle to end?

In truth, the love of your life does not happen by chance.

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It comes into existence when you no longer have expectations of others, but when you are conscious of bringing wellness into the life of the other without demanding anything in return.

Trust your feelings!

Like most young adults, I went through times when I loved being single and other times I hated being.

I had relationships where I was crazy in love and other times when I was just crazy. I was the type of boy who depended on each other, I needed each other’s love, and I stayed in a relationship that did not work for a long time.

It is not always easy to end an unhealthy relationship. We believe that the relationship will change, but I was wrong every time.

It put me in a new perspective, that of trusting my intuition, my feeling of being relative to someone and thus guiding me to a place of peace, happiness, and self-esteem.

I understood that I used to believe that my happiness depended on the other and that made me forget to observe myself, to observe my states of being in the relationship. That’s when my wife came into my life, the love of my life.

Here are 15 signs if you are ready to meet the love of your life and live a fulfilling relationship.

1. You are a responsible adult

Being an adult does not mean you are old enough. Far from there! It means that you know that you and only you are responsible for your life.

Whether it’s paying your bills or saying you’re sorry, you know how to take responsibility for your actions and behaviors that have caused problems in the lives of others and yours.

Blaming others or bad luck, you believe a victim or you just what happens to you is the demonstration of someone irresponsible.

In fact, you are able to understand what has happened, what has or has not been used to you and make a new choice, if that is the case.

2. Know exactly what you want

You can not have what you want in life if you do not know exactly what your desire is. This seems so obvious, but people only want to get a fuzzy version of their desire. A superficial version.

You do not think by saying “I want a smart partner”. Instead, you know exactly what intelligence is for you.

And to really know what you want, you also know what you do not want and so you can choose consciously.

3. You are a conscious egotist

One of the deepest myths in a relationship is that of believing that you must make others happy and forget you. If you do all that is good for the other except yourself, then you will have resentment and expectations.

Self-esteem is not selfishness. This belief comes from people who want to control you to satisfy their selfish desires by forgetting you. They make you feel guilty if you do something that makes you feel good or if you do not do something for their well-being and prove that they do not like you.

Love is not a personal thing (you or the other), but a relational thing (you and the other).

4. You intend to know yourself

The self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. To be attentive to you is to observe yourself in the relationship in order to see you as you are.

People with evolving self-knowledge are more likely to identify a partner that interests them while maintaining their freedom and personal growth.

To know oneself is only possible in the action, which is the relation. Being with the love of one’s life is a wonderful opportunity to evolve together and heal wounds by seeing each other as a partner, not an adversary.

5. You do not use someone to do what you do not like doing

You have priorities, goals, and passions. Maybe you like cooking or reading poetry.

Anyway, you have a life that is yours and when you feel dissatisfied, you take steps to make changes in your life.

You do not wait for the other to be your savior or come to correct the situation you do not like because you have the power to do it. This does not mean that the other cannot help you, it means that you do not use others to do what you can do.

6. You are not trying to change someone

You have habits and others too. It’s inevitable. Although you find some of their habits boring or different from yours, you know how to accept people as they are, not what they should be.

Not to accept people is to deny who they are. This is the cause of many conflicts in relationships.

Your ability to accept and understand people will enable you to create healthy relationships and avoid creating unhealthy relationships.

7. You are emotionally and physically available

The feelings are emotions expressed and are part of our human nature. Do you have time to devote to your partner in situations where he could experience something difficult?

Forcing or asking others to control, control or manage their emotions is one of the most unconscious things that exists, no matter the level of education.

Is the love of your life a lifeless piece of furniture?

People who are good partners are those who really want to be in a relationship and understand the other without providing a solution, but bring questions to give him back his power.

8. You are a good listener

Listening to someone is good, but being interested in him is better.

We often listen to someone because he has some form of authority over us, not listening or respect, but his opposite.

Listening to each other’s problems or other situations is to seek to better understand questions because so our attention is total. It gives one another a feeling of being truly understood and thus freeing themselves of their burden.

Moreover, if you can go to lunch with your sweetheart without constantly checking Facebook or your texts, you are already different from most people!

9. You communicate honestly

There is a big difference between communication and honest communication. You indicate how you feel without playing hide-and-seek games.

You know how to express your feelings and intentions rather than accuse or judge others.

For example, you know that saying “I feel bad to go see this person”, gives better results than saying “I do not want to waste my time with this tiring monotonous”.

10. You accept the defects even if you do not like them

The defects of others are your currently corrected defects and your defects are the defects of others also corrected.

So, you accept the flaws of others because there is nothing wrong with keeping our world model to everyone.

We can not always act and look perfect to others all the time. In truth, perfection is to understand that what is perfect is simply the process of self-creation in order to improve according to our pace and freedom.

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11. You know the meaning of equality

You know that a good relationship does not mean that everything is 50% each.

The freedom to choose to bring something to another without obligation or condition is the very essence of love. This does not mean that the other can abuse your generosity in the name of love, it means that justice is not a result of an action, but a way of being, no matter the activity.

Equality is not the equality of facts. To be equal is to have an equal chance or equal power, but the equality of facts is mortal because often the other cannot produce the same results because the chances are not equal from the start.

12. Win or lose does not matter to you

Often in a discussion, people like to be right, like to win the battle so as not to lose face, to be up to or better than others.

You know that wronging each other is the beginning of disagreements that cause conflict, so you are always trying to get the other and you right. Never do you give wrong to the other, and by giving you wrong, you observe that the other tries to give you reason, to defend you.

What matters is not winning or losing, but failing to love or love.

13. You avoid conflicts

All conflicts are results from unconscious people seeking to force themselves, to force others to give them or to do what they want.

They believe that the only way to get there is through violence, strength, control, judgment, condemnation, and superiority.

Love does not require anything. It gives people the freedom to choose whether or not to do something because you know you do not need it to be happy or to survive.

14. You know how to apologize

When you hurt the other, when you do not ask the other’s permission, when you impose something on the other, then you create problems in relationships.

Do not apologize, it’s totally lacking in awareness and love. That’s not who you are. You are the one responsible for the problem, it is not the other.

How do you want the other to forgive you?

15. You cultivate gratitude

Saying thank you is not only a courtesy but also a form of gratitude to the other.

Too often, we observe couples who do not even say thank you, because the habit is installed and they take the other for granted.

Nothing kills a relationship any more than security.

The greatest of gratitude is to say thank you before the thing is produced and thus create a kind condition in life and relationships.

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Whether you are single or not, it is not necessary to emphasize meeting the right person at the right time. You can put your attention on these 15 signs and Get Ready to meet the love of your life.

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