3 Secrets That All Women Keep For Themselves Only

3 Secrets That All Women Keep For Themselves Only.

Did you know that women have their little secrets? You probably suspect it. But which ones are they? And most importantly, are they worth knowing? For many of them, no. But there are some who can enlighten you on how they think and react. And this is important when you aspire to better seduce and especially to familiarize yourself with the feminine.

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A good approach to follow

Taking the trouble to better understand women will entice you to be curious but also be open-minded, two qualities that can help you lead the conversation and arouse their interest. Of course, the point here is not to push yourself to be a psychologist, it’s not about knowing female thought with your fingertips. But a minimum of knowledge and especially an ability to adapt will allow you to go further than most suitors who only think of their desires and end up heavy in the eyes of women.

Not to mention the opportunities to pitch fun and scary topics: if you make an observation about the female sex that is not insulting but questions, they will want to defend their honor: if you stay in the game and teasing, it can work and create flirting while breaking the ice. Here are some tips to use:

They do not shave all the time

If you think that women always have an ivory body, perfect and smooth to the touch, we must make you go back down to earth: they can have as much hair – if not more – than the majority of us!

If you have never lived with a woman beforehand, it is entirely possible that you imagine these ladies have less hair than men. Everything depends of course on their body and particular cases, but know that in general women have adopted very early habits more or less restrictive, allowing them to control the level of their hair and so look good in the eyes of all. It is necessary to consider the difficulties that they can cross and sometimes the tricks that they use, as to use dark stockings or thick socks. The truth is that they do not shave permanently, not only because it takes time, but also because their skin is sensitive and needs to be left alone.

You do not shave your beard every day: it’s the same for the female, they will not shave their legs and areas of the body daily. Do not wait to find yourself always in front of impeccably shaved people, and especially do not block if you notice a few hairs that fight duels here and there. Women are human, like you, and deserve a minimum of indulgence.

They want to be taken seriously

Even if a woman does not wish to engage in a long-term relationship, she still expects you to consider her as your girlfriend, or at least as a special person in the eyes of those around you.

Imagine finding yourself in a party with your girlfriend. You have been more or less together for a month. You do not aim for a binding commitment. But you have taken the trouble to be exclusive to each other and to see no one else beside you. And all of a sudden, you stand in front of her friends and she presents to you this way: ”  Hello everyone! It’s my friend, Nicolas.  “

It’s not very nice, is it? Now imagine that the roles are reversed: you introduce it as one of your “knowledge” to your group of friends. There is a good chance she does not like it either. She will come to wonder if you find her ugly, or if you are angry with her. Or she might interpret your distance as a lack of importance. Whatever the situation, you promise a more or less virulent scene for the future.

Unless you are perfectly clear and have a relationship closer sex-friends, make it clear to your friends that your partner is special. Introduce it by mentioning her name and simply say that she is your girlfriend. Or at least a friend who is “very dear” to you. Even if she makes a remark, she will prefer to be exposed in this way instead of being a “friend” among many others.

Keeping secrets is deceiving

Never believe that your idea of deception is the same as that of women: they often have a different opinion on the subject.

We men usually make a difference between deceiving concretely and physically and … thinking about deception. As long as the crime has not been committed, we are innocent, are not we?

Well, no, women do not see things this way. Considering the idea of deceiving your partner and flirting more or less openly with a woman without sleeping with her also represents betrayal.

So you are warned: never do an action that suggests deception, then say that “it was not serious”. Even if you are not going to the end (that is to say sex), your girlfriend of the moment will have the feeling of having been stabbed in the back. It’s up to you to fully measure your actions and to admit your desires if necessary to have feelings for someone else. It can happen and that’s quite normal … but do not let your partner in the blur.

A word

You are now aware of several useful information about women. In general, this information ends up being discovered when you spend more time with them, especially with your girlfriend. A good reason to be aware in advance, therefore, and to keep them in mind when necessary.

Understand that besides the “secrets”, the important thing is to communicate with your partner. Dare to say what you think of her behaviors, and encourage her to do the same. If you said – or did – something that went awry. There is nothing worse than sitting on a grudge and letting discontent and frustration take over. In reality, the secrets are limited. Your goal is not to detect and decrypt them but to make it unnecessary to have them. Share and exchange with your girlfriend, show mutual trust. It may sound naïve, but doing otherwise may compromise your relationship in the long run.

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On the other hand, it’s not a question of having no secrets. You may have secrets with your friends that you ignore and vice versa. The key is not to keep heavy elements that can influence your torque. Beyond that, you both have a private life and are free to maintain it.

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