7 Easy Steps To Find The Right Partner in Life

7 Easy Steps To Find The Right Partner in Life.

Being happy may seem obvious to some people, but for others, it is sometimes an obstacle course.

It is said that happy people have no stories but most of all they do not complain. They feel in perfect harmony with their partner and are at peace with themselves.

There is no point in engaging with someone if it is to suffer if it is to suffer.

Do not build your life (love) on misfortune and difficulty. In love as in all areas, toxic relationships are to be avoided.

You, like anyone else, have the right to happiness, you deserve it as much as anyone.

Choosing the right person is important to a successful love life

This choice, even if it seems to be orchestrated by chance at first sight, must be considered if one wants to build something sustainable.

Yvon Allaire, who is a psychologist and a specialist in relationships, says that there are many problems in couples because they live in the illusion.

Often, we stay in our positions, we try to hang on to our memories, to an idyllic relationship. The theory of the famous Prince Charming or Princess is not very far …

But here you are no longer a child, you are in a world of adults where life becomes more complex day by day.

7 Easy Steps To Find The Right Partner in Life © DesiSoch
7 Easy Steps To Find The Right Partner in Life © DesiSoch

It’s a world of cultural and religious intermingling, a world where we meet colleagues, friends, family, people we will only see once or twice in our lives.

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# 1 A good agreement

Each of us has been raised in a different way, has had a different education and everyone has their own vision of life and the couple.

The hardest thing for a couple is to find common ground by accepting and understanding the differences of the Other.

While we do not know what life will be made of, what are the surprises that it holds for us, we idealize quickly our life of a couple: it is important to live thoroughly all the moments with the person who seduced you and do not have regret.

For a couple to last, you have to build a strong relationship by negotiating agreements where everyone wins. It involves understanding the needs of the Other, developing compromises while remaining oneself.

If you are not sure how to do this, always start talking about it, or consult a marriage psychologist who will listen to you.

The more you look like (not physically, though …), the more you develop points in common, the more likely you are to succeed in your life as a couple.

# 2 Getting to know each other

The art of compatibility, that’s one of the secrets to transforming your love life in a few weeks.

According to a recent survey by the World Health Organization (WHO ), nearly half of all couples separate or divorce before the fifth year of their life together. The main cause would be a perfect misunderstanding of the other.

It is therefore essential to get to know each other.

Why not go out together before? Have coffee ? Go to the cinema, see an exhibition, travel to an area you do not know?

This is the perfect opportunity to open your horizon and discover the riches of the other.

There is no need to reveal everything to the other but to sprinkle some clues, to leave some details here and there always activates the desire and the desire to discover the other.

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# 3 Find the right person

To transform your love life, you will have to find the right person, a person who looks like you, a balanced person and above all a person who knows exactly what he wants.

There are so many men and women who tell you “I do not know,” “maybe …”.


Because your love life is important, because it deserves all the necessary attention, it is important to have a direct and really sincere dialogue with the other. Is it not more reassuring to hear words like “I know what I want”, “I want/do not want children”, “I want to build a life as a couple”?

The bottom line is to find someone who knows what they want and where they are going.

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If you are with a man or woman who likes to flirt, who likes to seduce in real life or on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, then it is quite possible that your relationship is already doomed to failure.

In the short or medium term.

Do not live for someone who does not respect you.

While if you come across someone who knows what they want, you know exactly where you are going.

However, remain indulgent, each person does not work in the same way: his education, his experience, his religion, his culture make his look of life and love life different from yours.

Without counting the past of each, the secret wounds, the suffering always latent or a childhood not obvious.

With all these parameters, it is more than essential to know, YOU, what you expect from a relationship, to define your own goals: the Other will have to get as close as possible to what you like and what you wait for a couple because, as the popular saying goes, “the natural is always galloping.” We can not deceive a person with whom we live a long time.

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# 4 Have the same vision of things

To transform your love life, to succeed, it is important to have the same aspirations, the same desires.

Because, if you do not look together towards the same goal, it will be difficult to have a real exchange, a total confidence.

Of course, everyone is different and it is this difference that is your strength and the dynamism of your (future) couple but if the differences are too important, if you do not succeed to have many points in common, there are strong risks that your couple experiences discord, or even separation.

One can not live forever in the frustration of not being understood and heard by the Other.

If you do not have the same vision of things, your couple will get bogged down in conflicts and disputes that will simply burst your union.

can express themselves freely

Getting along is the basis of a couple’s complicity and durability. This goes through the case compatibility. Again, it is important to know you well. And know what you are looking for in a couple and what you expect from the Other.

It is essential that the couple can express themselves freely. Each in their own way according to their feelings, without which your couple will be built on unspoken that would eventually destroy your love.

Tip: With anyone, make a statement and do not get stuck on your feet. Say things the way you feel them and talk to your other half again and again.

Always have a bit of character while remaining courteous and kind. (do not overdo it anyway, do not crash into the other!).

It’s pretty basic in fact but the more you show the Other that you are likely to have your own opinions, the more he/she will respect you.

It’s as simple as that.

# 5 Be an actor of his love life

Psychotherapists often repeat it and we affirm it in this guide to transform your love life quickly. The important thing is the respect for oneself and the other.

Refuse to live an unhappy life, to carry the weight of the world (and especially that of your spouse) on your shoulders. And allow yourself to be happy.

It must be repeated once more but know what you really want deep down inside you. Define your personal goals and talk to the Other to see if there are several points of compatibility.

It is up to you to trace your future, your love life. You must be active and actor of your life because no one will do it for you. You are an adult, you are responsible for your actions so choose the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

If you want to be with a partner who seems unstable, do not expect to have a very calm and relaxing life. If he/she likes to flirt, if he/she does not know what he/she wants, you will have an unstable life.

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# 6 Take your love life in hand

The love is what is more important for a man or woman, no one can live without love and be loved.

It is the keystone of everything that constitutes a man and a woman. It is thanks to the love that you can advance, that you can overcome obstacles, enrich yourself on the moral, social, emotional level.

Love gives wings, it moves mountains, allows to do extraordinary things, to overcome oneself while one imagined believing in oneself and in one’s abilities.

# 7 Love is a revealer of personality.

But if you rub shoulders with toxic people, your love life will be tarnished, sad, fragile, and wobbly. It is strongly recommended to free yourself from their grip, to undo you as soon as possible.

Wake up and take your courage with both hands. Happiness, especially when it combines with two, requires that one raises his sleeves and that one works there every day.

Happiness in love is built day after day, together.

You have the right to happiness, you have the right to be in love with someone else because you are a good person too.

Become aware of it now and choose the best route for you!

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