7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!

If you feel things for a person, it would be a shame to get too attached while it is not reciprocal. Maybe she does not dare to tell you or just that she does not care.

But maybe she’s not, and she’s actually in love, but she’s shy or lacks confidence and does not dare tell you what she’s really feeling.

In reality, the body is a true mirror of feelings. It reflects all our emotions. The evidence is there before our eyes, but no one sees it. Nobody sees them because this capacity is not innate. But she can learn, develop.

Do not be the stupid naive who sees nothing or does not want to see anything. You MUST be able to know if someone appreciates you or not. You must know it, and you must know it better than anyone.

I’m going to show you 7 signs of body language (scientific) interest that prove that a person is in love or is attracted to something.

In other words … How to know if a girl is attracted to you!

If you do not find these manifestations or behaviors in your interlocutor, this is not necessarily a proof of disinterest. The signs I am going to show you are only a small part of those that can be a significant attraction.

Learn To Recognize The 8 Signs That Prove His Love For You

So if you really want to know if someone is attracted to you, or just play Patrick Jane on a coffee terrace watching people haughtily, read this article carefully.

7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!

1. Know if she is attracted: Some figures

A study by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH ) found that most men were not able to read a woman’s signals of interest.

If a girl was interested in you, you would surely have noticed it no?

According to this study, men’s brains find it very difficult to identify and understand the subtle signals that women send.

This revealed that:

• Men confused romantic interest signals with friendships 70% of the time

• And also the opposite: men have confused the signs of the friendship of a woman (a type of smile for example), as a sign of attraction

All of this leads to many problems, like the men who move away from their contenders, while they try in vain to show their interest, and also many refusals because they confuse the signs of friendship with signs of friendship. attraction.

That’s another good reason you read the following.

II. Significant nonverbal signs of attraction

1 / A strong sign: wrists

To seduce, we all adopt instinctive behaviors to be perceived as more attractive or more fertile. These attitudes manifest themselves as unconsciously and seduce instinctively. The body is constantly trying to send out fertility messages by telling others that it has all of its ability to transmit its genes.

An example of one of these behaviors would be the wrist relaxed or exposed. These are specific signs for women. But then, what is it concretely?

The relaxed wrist is relaxing the wrist muscles, creating a break in the wrist. I’m sure you’ve already encountered this kind of behavior.

It can occur at any time during a conversation, an appointment, standing or sitting (but will be more likely to arrive in a sitting position).

For the wrist exposed, it is the simple fact of exposing the inside of his wrists.

Any behavior involving this attitude falls into this category.

I give you two examples to illustrate:

• Arms resting on a table, inside wrists to the sky

• Woman smoking cigarette hand up, elbow down and inside of wrist turned over (wrist exposed to others)

The behavior of the last point is very often observed in the context of seduction.

What is the usefulness and meaning of these attitudes you will tell me?

The submission.

This posture seduces men because it gives them the impression that they can dominate them.

Women do it unconsciously when they want to please.

It is a message that means in a way: “I am attracted to you, so I submit because I want to seduce you”.

Be careful not to excite you from the first wrist exposed furtively, this behavior should preferably be analyzed with other non-verbal signs that go in the same direction.

But if this tendency is systematic, it constitutes a reliable guarantee to arrive at the conclusion that there is an attraction.

2 / Tilt of the head

This is still a very primary behavior. The inclination of the head.

In the context of a date during a meal at the restaurant for example, if she looks at you by tilting her head sideways, so as to expose her neck, she sends you a strong message.

7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!
7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!

So much that it surprises me that you miss him.

This behavior is intended to release pheromones. The message is clear and explicit: “I am fertile”. She tries to please, to look attractive and she shows the fragility of her neck, in order to awaken the alpha male who hides deep inside your reptilian brain.

The message is even more remarkable when this behavior is accompanied by caresses on his part.

The inclination of the head can also say: “I am relaxed”; “I’m receptive”
It always reflects positive events. Notice how difficult it is to replicate this behavior in the company of people you do not appreciate.

3 / The body changes to seduce

Eh yes.

Know that when you find someone attractive, your body will automatically change to seduce. Always and again the same music, each modification will aim to release pheromones and to indicate that you are fertile.

Changes are not the easiest thing to see, but can still be detected. A proximity situation is just recommended.

7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!
7 Signs of Female Nonverbal Language Showing That She Is Attracted!

Here are two examples of changes that can be seen:

• The cheeks blush to give the impression that we are excited
• The lips swell (because they are gorged with blood) to appear more fertile

4 / The position of the legs

You will discover a way (100% reliable) to estimate the confidence a woman can wear for you. How do you know if she is really comfortable with you?

Look at his feet.

When you’re standing talking together, if it’s intertwining its legs, then you gain a good point. It is a very reliable sign of confidence. She does not fear you and feels comfortable.

Why is it so reliable? Well simply because this behavior is governed by the limbic system. Interpretation error is not possible.

The limbic system is the part of the brain that is responsible for ensuring survival. If you’re here today, it’s thanks to him. It has allowed our species to survive to this day.

The formula is simple. The 3 instructions given by the limbic brain in case of threat are:
Immobility, flight, combat. If one of the options is impossible, we move to the next and so on, until the last resort, the fight. This is how all humans are programmed to react in case of danger.


Let’s go back to our particular case. In this situation, the woman sees no danger and has complete confidence. So the limbic system does not put itself in a position of flight.


A common example of a flight reflex that can be adopted in everyday life: you are alone in the elevator, your legs crossed, the doors open to let in someone else, you degrade Instantly legs and anchor your two feet to the ground.


Your body prepares for possible aggression and positions itself in advance in an optimal way to escape or be able to react in case of combat.

This limbic behavior is observable in any individual. But it will be much more common among women in a context of seduction because for social reasons, a man will often be the one who takes the first step and will not be afraid to be attacked by it.

However, do not worry if she does not cross her legs when she is standing up. This is by no means a sign of discomfort. The context may simply not reassure her or she may need more time to apprehend you (even if she is curious and interested).

5 / The behavior of the arms

The arms contain many sensory receptors and are therefore quite sensitive.

When you place your arms close to someone else’s, your limbic brain indicates that it is so comfortable that it allows contact. You would not have let that happen to everyone.

On the contrary, our arms move away when tensions arise or a situation makes us uncomfortable.

So if a person tends to adopt this behavior with you, it is because you like him and want to get closer to you.

6 / Isopraxia

Behind this scholarly name hides a simple concept.

This is the synchronism of the movements of two interlocutors. Both imitate each other and are synchronous in their gestures and attitudes.

This reflects the level of complicity they share.
They will adopt the same positions and change at the same time. Each one adapts to the other.

This is a very relevant demonstration to estimate the level of complicity and “connection” between individuals. This behavior can, therefore, play an important role in the context of seduction. Always be on the lookout.

7 / The pupils

Our eyes are deeply primitive. They have developed mechanisms that allow them to better see, and therefore, to better enjoy the images they find enjoyable. Besides, they also serve to censor images that we do not appreciate and that disturb us.

Physical changes will take place to change the perception.

In the case of sexual attraction, the pupils will begin to expand in order to capture as much light and as much information as possible. The brain likes what he sees, so he wants to see it better. For example, a man’s pupils will expand immediately with the mere sight of a naked woman.

Be careful though.

Some precautions must be taken to avoid misinterpretation.

The pupil changes may be related to emotions, but may also result from an external influence such as a change in brightness, illness or drug use such as cannabis, cocaine, and amphetamines (some drugs contract the pupils).

  • Chef’s Tip: The dilated pupils have been soothing to us since birth.

I advise you for your first appointment, to organize it in a rather dark place, with low light.

Conclusion (important)

What you have just seen is only one part of the many signs of attraction that can be manifested.

If you want to learn a lot more, I could talk about it later on my site.

Whether in the world of seduction or otherwise, nonverbal communication is ubiquitous.

Being able to decrypt it can give you great power.

Imagine being able to detect hidden grief, guess a lie, identify emotions, recognize signs of interest, sexual attraction, stress, fear, embarrassment, trust or disgust.

Or, then, recognize a sincere smile of a simulated, know if someone is lying to you in the intonation of his voice, or then determine the insurance of a person thanks to the position of his fingers.

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