7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology

7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology

How to Understand Women?

How to succeed to grasp this female psychology which can often seem to defy all logic for the masculine?

From the point of view of men, women are well known for having unpredictable, incomprehensible, inconstant behaviors.

Some find themselves completely helpless, whether to seduce or to maintain a relationship with them …

“Sometimes she pretends to be interested, sometimes she gives the impression of having nothing to do …”

“At the beginning of the discussion she was very cheerful and all of a sudden she farted a cable for nothing and became hysterical …”

“I offered to go further but suddenly she looked less interested, as if I did not like him anymore, I do not understand anything …”

If you find that you have trouble understanding women, do not panic:
You are far from the only one.
Actually, this is the case for most guys.

And that’s normal:

Men and women are fundamentally different (similar in many respects, but fundamentally different in others).
This is due to hormones, genetic heritage, but also probably a little education and morals.

In the following lines, we will discuss together this women psychology (or at least a part of it) that seems so difficult for most men to understand.

Generally, the guys try to understand women by reasoning as if they were men.
Assuming they think the same way as the guys.

Except that often, this is not the case …

… This explains a lot of problems of communication and misunderstanding in the relations between men and women, which sometimes lead to shenanigans and crises that never end.

… Or difficulties to realize when we do not have in mind what women are looking for in a relationship or an adventure.

Well, you will find 8 key points to keep in mind to better understand a woman and her way of thinking.

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It will serve you as well to flirt as to lead a life of a couple in which you bloom.

Let’s go :

1. Women are more emotional than rational:

understand women in love The first thing to understand is that in their interactions women are mostly governed by emotions (men too, but to a lesser extent).

This is particularly the reason why they love romantic movies and soap operas typically for girls.

It’s because it makes them live a lot

7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch
7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch

of emotions that make them vibrate.

This is also the reason why they sometimes give the impression of having a behavior that seems to defy all logic and that their actions do not stick to their word.

This guy is too stupid, he gets on my nerves, I do not want to talk to him anymore. “
Yet shortly after the girl finds herself stuck with him.
A classic 🙂

To conquer a woman, forget the logical arguments.

Logical arguments (eg “You should be my girlfriend because …”) do not work.
They do not give rise to an emotional response in their brain (or too weak).

To conquer a girl, what matters are the emotions you make her feel.
That’s what she could feel at your side, through the discussions you had with her and the moments you had together.

2. Women have a reputation to protect:

female tendency since the dawn of time, women have always made sure to protect their reputation to the fullest.

In our society, a woman who sleeps with lots of guys is considered a slut.

As much by the guys as by the women (not by all of course, but by the majority).

Do not ask me if it’s right or wrong, that’s not the question.

It may be unfair (since for a guy it’s the exact opposite), but the fact is that in most societies, the easy girls who go to bed are considered as streaks …

And you will agree with me that most girls do not really want to be considered sluts or streaks …

This is the reason why they are sometimes (and often) difficult to seduce if we do not know how to do it.

For example, a girl will usually be more difficult to seduce if you try to catch her in front of friends or acquaintances.

And in the same way, with you, a girl will not always be easy to pick up and will often offer some resistance to your advances.
Just to communicate subtly that she is not an easy girl and that you can not pick her up so easily.

This is also the reason why girls do not say things clearly.

You will rarely hear a girl say explicitly, “I like you, I want to sleep with you”

A girl will communicate her intentions in a much more subtle way, for example by innuendo, so that it is the man who takes the initiative, a little as if she had not had the choice.

Women pay attention to their reputation as the apple of their eyes.
That’s why tact, discretion, and social intelligence are powerful assets to seduce effectively.

3. Women are looking for protection:

7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch
7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch

female need women have a survival instinct that is still ingrained in them.
Just like men, but in a different way.

Not so long ago (from several thousand years ago until a few centuries ago or even decades ago), women needed protection to ensure their survival.

And this protection, it was often provided by a man.

A single woman was more exposed to the various dangers of the world in which she lived than a woman in a relationship with a strong man to protect her.

This protection was as much at the level of physical integrity (defense against aggression) as at the level of basic needs (food, housing …).
This need for protection is necessary for both her and her future children.

Even if with our modern societies we no longer live in a world as dangerous and hostile as before and we have evolved, this model of thought is still firmly anchored in our unconscious (which, in turn, takes much longer to evolve than our lifestyle).

And the male is no exception:

we are attracted to beautiful women because a beautiful woman is synonymous with a healthy woman, more likely to give birth to healthy children, responding to need for reproduction and conservation of the species.

Despite the evolution of our societies, we are always consciously or unconsciously seeking to meet these needs, and for a woman, this translates into:

  • an attraction for intelligent men (socially intelligent, able to evolve in society, or intelligent in other areas that can contribute to security)
  • the attraction for men of high social status
  • an attraction by men with imposing physique etc …

Small precision: these conditions must not all be fulfilled to attract women, and fortunately (there is no need to have an imposing physique to seduce a very beautiful woman, and there is no need either to ‘to be rich).
What you need to understand is that each of these criteria is an asset that allows you to attract women. Because they allow feeling a greater security to the one you want to seduce.

4. Women are looking for some stability:

understand women and their deep psychology for a number of reasons (including the one just above), women are looking for some stability in men.

And more particularly a stability on the emotional level.

They prefer to avoid unbalanced guys who are unable to control themselves;)

Stability is synonymous with safety, solidity, rock to hang on in the event of a storm.

A stable man that can not be broken is extremely reassuring.

This quest for stability is the reason why women are constantly trying to test us and break us.
Whether done consciously or unconsciously.

When you try to seduce a girl, it usually seeks to put a spoke in the wheels (to protect its reputation but also to test your strength ).

She will want to see if you are the type to give up at the first hurdle or if you are able to persevere.

A girl will throw you small pikes and small valves sometimes hurtful to see if you give in to your emotions or if you can control yourself.

Do you understand better now why some girls sometimes behave in a provocative and annoying way?

They want to see if you are going to fart a cable or if you can remain impassive.
And when you do not react to these attacks, that’s where you score points, it’s extremely attractive and exciting for a girl.

5. Women know (and love) to seduce:

female psychology how to understand women since they did not have the physical abilities of men, women had to develop another asset to survive and evolve in society: seduction.

7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch
7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch

The fair sex has developed over the past millennia considerable expertise in the art of seduction.

This mastery of seduction is available at the physical level (makeup, clothing …) and at the behavioral level.

Women know how to be desired.
And they like to feel wanted.

Consciously or unconsciously, it is not uncommon for a woman to make a man who pleases her addicted to make sure that he will want only her and not another.

This is partly one of the reasons why a girl will sometimes be interested, sometimes indifferent … To get us to make movies, then to doubt, to make an obsession …

It’s not always done consciously, but it works.

6. Women are looking for direction:

understand what girls are saying this is a controversial point that has been verified several times:

Most women are looking for a structure, a direction.

They seek a setting in which they can evolve and express their emotions.

They need to feel guided.
To be able to surrender to life in all serenity.

This is a point that is not easy to explain (feminine psychology is very complex), but in practice, this translates into an attraction to men who know how to lead.

Women are attracted to men who know how to take things in their hands.
They like to feel carried out.
They like to be in the presence of men who know how to make decisions.

It’s not a question of being a tyrant, but of showing him that you know how to take things into your own hands.

Decide where you’re going to take him for a drink or dinner at the restaurant.
Decide on the day and time you will end up.
where you will sit and when to get up.
Decide which movie you are going to see at the movies.

In short, show him that you know how to take things into your own hands.
Show him that you are able to make quick and firm decisions.

Even if some women will say the opposite, it’s extremely exciting.

Probably partly because it shows some intelligence and some ability to take action.
An ability to climb the social ladder and react quickly to aggression.

7. Women are looking for a man, a real one:

interpret a woman’s attitude Opposites attract.

The femininity of the woman is attracted by the masculinity of the man.

This is the reason why very feminine women are attracted to male dudes by male dudes.

7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch
7 Tips That Will Help To Better Understand Women Psychology © DesiSoch

One touches on their primary side, on that side which is excited in a powerful way by the sexual tension which can be very strong during an interaction between a man and a woman.

When a woman is attracted in an uncontrolled way by a man who does not seem to like him (by an “asshole”, by a “dumb” guy, by a “macho”, by a “lousy guy”), it is because this guy gives off a powerful masculine energy that attracts in a powerful way the female part of the woman .

Here, we are really talking about something that operates under the radar.
We are talking about opposing energies that attract each other like yin and yang.

This is the reason why to establish a powerful sexual tension makes it possible to excite a woman considerably.

This is also the reason why you must seek to ATTRACT and not to please :

When you are looking to please, you are trying to polish the difference between the girl and you.
You seek to destroy this tension that makes her attracted to you.

This is the reason why many guys end up in the friend zone: they do everything to please the woman they want to seduce, agreeing with her about everything, making sure to have the same interests, to have many common points, etc …
And in the end, the attraction is reduced to nothing …

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Why seek to understand women?

Understanding women help as much to seduce them as to live enriching relationships with them.

It allows you to know where you are going and what makes that at one point it has messed up.

The feminine psychology being relatively complex, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and not try to analyze everything.

Sometimes the easiest way is to agree not to understand. Or rather to understand that women are sometimes emotional and experiencing a storm of emotions that manifest themselves in bewildering behaviors.


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