9 Stupid Reasons To Live in A Relationship Without Love

9 Stupid Reasons To Live in A Relationship Without Love.

If you are not good as a couple, that does not mean that you have to justify yourself in order to give you the reasons to continue!

Are you like many people wanting to stay in an unhealthy, toxic relationship, because fear or excuses keep you, prisoner?

Do you have to live a life of despair in order to protect your image as a couple?

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Why think of reasons to live in a marital way without love?

Is not love or well-being the only reason, the only answer that counts to stay together?

If you are staying in a relationship for one of the following reasons, then it would be wise to rethink in order to understand how you came to create this kind of unloved life and make a new choice.

1. The fear of being alone

If you are unhappy in a relationship and you are afraid of finding yourself alone, then that is not love.

Do not wait either to find another person to finish the relationship you are currently living because a crutch is always temporary.

Why not intend to understand what created this fear in you to free you forever?

Do you need someone to be happy or just offer to the other, what you want for you and so experience it surely?

2. The belief that love is a difficult struggle

Have you been educated that the relationship of love is a job, a difficult struggle to achieve lasting happiness?

If you struggle, it is because you resist a force and love is in freedom, so letting go that accepts life as it is.

You do not have to work as a slave to live in a marital way or as a couple in order to be successful and happy. If it’s difficult, if it’s a constant struggle, and if that makes it so, to show the worst of you two, then the relationship is not healthy or loving.

You are love, so you are just, tolerant, understanding, kind, free, happy and caring, and you have nothing to do, nothing to fight to be that, you just have to be aware of your nature .

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3. Safety and comfort

Have you seen couples who care more about safety and comfort than being well and at peace?

Because they believe that a separation would lead to a lot of inconvenience, financial problems, conflict with their children and a lot of discomfort in all areas of their lives, they decide that it is better to forget about their separation. well-being and accept this life of misfortune.

You are so used to a certain lifestyle, to be trapped in a form of security and comfort, that you forget that problems are opportunities to evolve.

4. The habit to live in pain

Believe it or not, when you spend a lot of time in the dark, then you start to fear the light.

Daylight can become scary, and so avoid seeing and enjoying it.

It’s the same thing that happens with unhealthy couple relationships .

Because you are used to living this kind of drama, to live in pain and misfortune, you come to believe that there are no more beautiful experiences and you give up your dreams.

5. Money and goods

If you rely on each other to pay for your meals or rent, to buy what you want, you may feel that it would be impossible to survive without this person.

You live in dependency or need and without realizing it, you create in the mind of the other, a form of obsession with power, control over you.

If your relationship is centered on money and possessions to survive, there is nothing authentic about your relationship and nothing will change in this kind of relationship.

Can you start doing something to slowly get out of this life of addiction?

6. The children will be unhappy

Children are one of the main reasons why couples who do not want to be together stay together.

They want the best for their children, so they decide to maintain their relationship, no matter how good they are or if they like it.

However, children of divorced parents are happier than children who have parents who are fighting or arguing constantly.

Do you want your children to have a bad idea of what a relationship involves?

Why not explain to your children, that you made fewer choices, when you started your relationship, forgetting that love has no conditions or obligations?

7. Hope flew with expectations

Living unhappily while being unhappy poisons your soul, your spirit and the people around you.

It follows that you lose your faith, your passion and your hope for a pleasant and pleasant relationship.

You leave your dreams aside and you give up the kind actions, because you always wait for the other to act first and the other to wait just like you.

Expectations are deep concerns that make you unhappy.

8. The fear of being abused

If you are afraid that the other person is hurting you psychologically or physically if you leave, then you must handle the situation intelligently.

You must make sure that the other does not live rejection, but that he feels that you are the rejected person so as not to incite him to violence.

Express your feelings and ask the other if he has an idea for you to be a little better.

If you think he will hurt you, contact a close friend or family member.

What matters is to not create an uncomfortable feeling to the other, but to make him think according to a purpose of his own which comes from his mind.

Create the opportunity without ordering anything.

9. Many years together

It is not because you have been with the same person for many years that you have to stay together for the rest of your life, if you are unhappy as a couple.

Certainly, one of you will need to explore life or do something different, but you can not use the excuse of time to neglect your happiness!

After all, the image of years together is not the truth of your feelings and the devil, look good or the ego!

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Can you choose to know you?

You are love and what you feel is the experience of this love.

If your feeling is good, that’s what you are and give it to others.

If your feeling is wrong, that’s what you are not and make a new choice.

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