Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point.

Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point.

I know you like ready-made approach phrases (Openers). Do not tell me otherwise because I have a lie detector installed on our blog.

Approaching a girl, as you know from now on, is the very first step you need to take if you want to seduce a pretty girl who likes you. You do not talk to anyone – you will not seduce anyone.


As I explained in our famous Training: The art of seducing during the day; women, the most beautiful, the most interesting and the most feminine, are often in the street.

Ah, the street.

The real nightmare of our pseudo-seductive friends. I know a lot of guys who excel in nightclubs, but when we talk about seduction in the street, then there is another story. Because, according to them, it is very difficult to stop a woman who walks or is in a hurry …


It is very simple.

In fact, a woman who walks in the street can be stopped easily, it is necessary to approach it with a good level of energy and confidence. And the best way to do it is to approach it with a phrase of approach “Direct Game” style.

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That is an honest approach that brilliantly illustrates your interest.

You do not play a game. Do not spin around the bush. You go straight to the point.

And that, women, LOVE

Also, be aware that you must GET his attention when you swing your approach phrase, that is, you must not be soft or tender. You do not play with a baby.

But you are seducing a woman.

To be sure of catching her attention, you have to speak with a deep voice (and sexy!) Also prefer to touch her subtly on her shoulder.

Then stop and say, “Excuse me …” NEVER say it in a shabby tone as if you were begging or whatever.

Then follow with one of the ” Openers ” that I will share with you in a moment.

The bottom line here, and I’ll repeat it, is not what you SAY, but HOW you do it. Your catchphrase must express your honesty, and also your directivity.

… your masculinity.

Do not forget to deliver it with PASSION.

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Truce of blah, here are my 4 sentences of effective approaches:

approach a girl approach phrase

Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point © DesiSoch
Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point © DesiSoch

“Excuse me … I think you’re really pretty. If I did not come to tell you, I would have something that would pinch my heart. Now I feel better! My name is… “

“Excuse me, miss … I just saw you there, and I told myself this girl really looks nice, let’s talk to him! Here I am! my name is … “

“… you are … [pause ….] Splendid. I could not keep it just for myself. “

“No, but it’s not true! You are simply beautiful. But there is something beyond this beauty … it’s your elegant way of walking. I just love it! My name is … “

No need to remind, an Opener is just to “open” a conversation.

After, you must quickly move on. Ideally, tell him quickly about what you were doing (see friends, work, etc …) and tell him that you would like to see her over coffee next week. Take his number and disappear into the jungle.

Well, now, I know it sounds a little ” hardcore “, especially, if you start seduction. But it’s like that. At some point, you have to play the game.

You have to develop your own style. I know there are seducers who are comfortable with direct approaches like the ones above, and of course, there are those who like to go straight to the point (the most experienced ones).

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Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point © DesiSoch
Approach A Girl: 4 Sentences Of Approach To Get To The Point © DesiSoch

“Excuse me, I saw you out of the market and I thought you looked pretty nice, let’s talk to him … If I had not come to tell you, I would have had a little taste of regret … My name is Kamal, and you … “

“… Delighted Sarah … in fact, I find you all cute, but I do not know you enough to tell you that … what’s your greatest quality?”

Let her react …

“As I’m a little in a hurry, I’ll have to take your number, and with a little luck, I’ll call you to invite me to have a good ice cream … By the way, do you like ice cream? “

All said with a smile and a great self-confidence. Your chances of leaving with the number of the beautiful will be simply, important.

You guessed it so, this kind of direct approach is effective in the street.
If you are in a closed place, prefer to approach your sweetheart with the indirect approach that we saw above.

Sometimes you are in the evening, and you see a very pretty girl all alone. I would have preferred to advise you to go and address it indirectly and take his advice on something, but again, you can make the beautiful seducer, and approach it DIRECTLY.

I am nice, I give you an example 🙂

“I’ve been looking all over the bar/ club/pub, and I think you’re the only cute girl I could talk to, so it’s cool, we’re talking to each other … Deepak, what about you? “

This allows you to go RIGHT to the goal, you do not waste time, anything, nada… It also helps eliminate stress at the time of the collision and all that goes with it.

But again …

Do not learn catchphrases by heart, otherwise, you will look like an idiot who repeats a recitation. The girls detect all this … Look natural and relaxed, I do not want this girl to fug your mouth discreetly.

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I believe that you now have EVERYTHING to address the girls you like, the direct method, and indirect … Adopt your style and, do not forget … Stay Gentlemen!

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