Control The Fear of Women And To Overcome The Fear of The Approach

Control The Fear of Women And To Overcome The Fear of The Approach.

Hi everyone, it’s Deepak For DesiSoch and today, I decided to talk to you about the fear of women.

INTRO and Why do we fear women?

Before starting this, I would like to study this phenomenon with you. Why are men afraid of women?

There are many reasons for that. The first in my opinion is the fear of failure. Because since our childhood, we are educated to succeed and not to fail. So, to confront a situation that could lead to a fiasco terrifies us.

The fear of women usually comes from a lack of self-confidence or sensitivity. We are afraid of the first meeting, afraid of not being up to it, afraid of not matching them …

Yet it is these same fears that engulf us in a bad state of mind. This same harmful state of mind because of which we will miss our greatest opportunities. Missed opportunities that come a little more enrich our bad experiences.

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Another thing that prevents us from being brave and facing our fears is our sentimental past.

Who has never been heartbroken in one of his previous relationships? Has never taken a rake? Who never got windy when going to talk to a stranger? In my opinion, nobody …

These unsuccessful experiences feed our fear of women. Yet, they are based on only a few tests. This is not because once we have met a c ****, that all women are (far from it)!

One last thing that, to my taste, scares men, it is women who have character!

It’s been a few decades since women can drink alcohol, wear jeans, have a job, say no to a man. Too little time for the majority of guys to get used to these recent changes.

Yet the emancipation of women is a fair and logical act, so we must get used to women having a place as important in society as we are men.

Now that we have largely listed the causes of our fear of women, we will see several ways to mitigate this unhealthy fear to go over.

To act before undergoing to overcome his fear of the approach
afraid of the approach

Fear is a physically felt emotion that results in an accelerated heart rate, the throat is knotted, our hands become moist and our stomach tightens.

But before these physical signs invade us, two things happen. The first is the analysis of the situation. What do I see, is it a danger, what are the risks, etc.

The second is our reaction. What am I doing, how am I doing, am I fleeing, or am I facing my fears?

Based on this analysis and our response to a situation that presents a potential risk, our emotional brain will choose either to amplify our stress and our fear or not to amplify them.

And how our gray matter chooses to amplify or not our fear. By observing our reaction. If we flee, it is because the danger is present, so it activates the feeling of fear. If we face our fear, it is because the danger is not so justified, so it amplifies less the feeling of fear.

So, the first piece of advice I’m going to give you is to act before undergoing. In fact, you only have a few seconds to make the decision to face your fears rather than run away from them, before fear engulfs you.

When you are in the presence of a woman who is intimidating you, force yourself to face your fears by talking to her. When you meet the eyes of a woman who calls you, go immediately talk to him without giving you time to find an apology.

If you act before suffering your fears, you will see that they are not justified for the most part and that you have the capacity to tame them.

Of course, what I just told you is a very synthetic summary of cognitive and behavioral studies. If you want to go further, look for “cognitive and behavioral therapy” on Google and you’ll find a lot of additional information.

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Do not put the woman on a pedestal

Another factor that amplifies our fear of women is putting them on a pedestal. Believing that women are perfect, that we must submit to them and see them as Roman goddesses, does not help us to reduce our fear.

Often, those who overestimate the importance of women, are those who lack the most confidence in them. Or those who rarely rub shoulders with the opposite sex.

To heal this feeling of inferiority, you will have to improve your self-esteem. For that, I advise you to multiply your activities, to invest in projects that are important to you.

When you have created a life that inspires you, you will be much more proud of yourself and you will no longer be inferior to you as you do now. Being an active man with multiple passions and hobbies is the secret to no longer considering women as above you but on your equal.

Learn to turn your fear into courage

One of the exercises I’ve been doing for many months is looking for all the situations that would bother me with fear, stress or anxiety, and cope with my emotions.

I explain myself, as soon as I felt a fear or a feeling of unease, I wanted to realize my fear.

Which means that when I found an opportunity to pounce on someone’s comments when I was shopping or walking down the street, I did it. When I felt the urge to approach a girl to rise in me, but the fear of failure surfaced, I went there.

In fact, for me, it is all these situations that generate in us a certain stress that makes us grow. Fighting our fears is the best way to surpass them and succeed.

In other words, get out of your comfort zone as regularly as possible to reduce your fear of women.

Control The Fear of Women And To Overcome The Fear of The Approach © DesiSoch
Control The Fear of Women And To Overcome The Fear of The Approach © DesiSoch

An easy technique: repetition to overcome fear

The first few times that you put into application the few tips that I just gave you, you will certainly not find that natural. Your fears may be ferocious and cause you not to do it again … Yet the number one enemy of fear is repetition.

To give you an example, this weekend I went to a trampoline park and there was a four-meter skate ramp to jump on a springboard.

I have not been on a board for more than a year and I can assure you that at the top of the four meters, I was shitting a little above …

Well to master my fear, I proceeded by progressive repetition. I started by simply going back and forth skateboarding between the ramp and the diving board to resume my marks.

Then I dropped several times the springboard which was already a good eighty meter to finally drop the ramp four meters.

My first descent was not to make a figure, a grab or a rotation. It was just to make my mark. I did it once, then two, I started to gain confidence since it was no longer an unknown danger.

So I was able to finish by concentrating neither on the descent of the ramp, but on the figures that I was going out with the springboard. By progressive repetition, I managed to master my fear of the ramp.

I advise you to take your courage with both hands to do the same with women. Despite the effort, you have made to go talk to them, keep repeating and you will end up controlling the fear of women.

One last trick: Imagine the worst

One last tip before finishing this video is to imagine the worst that can happen to you. Example, you meet a pretty girl, you want to go talk to him, but you hesitate …

Well, imagine that she takes you an assault rifle to bend your ass, or that she assaults you with a tear bomb for daring to come and say hello, etc. …

If you do this exercise by realizing your fears right behind, you will quickly realize that the worst you have imagined will NEVER happen!

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So much for this Article, I hope you have enjoyed it! If so, as always, let go a little blue thumb to please! It was Deepak For DesiSoch, control your fear of women and see you soon!

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