Effective Tips For Getting A Girl’s Number, And Seducing Her Over Phone

Effective Tips For Getting A Girl’s Number, And Seducing Her Over Phone

The Phone Game and Text Game, as our American friends prefer to call seduction on the phone, are considered two very important steps in a game of seduction.

Seducing a woman on the phone is an art that, without wanting to break your hopes, is not so easy to master, because often we forget the essential:

To seduce a woman on the phone, you must first have her phone number.

Logic, no?

Beginners who embark on seduction forget all this pre-seduction stage on the phone: the taking of the number. If you do not master the art of approaching a girl and taking her number, you can hardly talk about seduction on the phone.


Everything is played when taking the number!

Before mastering the art of seducing women on the phone, you must master the art of taking phone numbers.

Do not panic, today’s article will help you to solve this little problem, which, I’m sure, paralyzes many seductive apprentices in the field.

This will not be the case after reading this article!

Why take his number?

Before giving you the tools to teach you the art of taking the numbers of women you like, let me clarify a few things …

Most men never understand the “why” of taking a woman’s number.

In fact, if you decide to take a woman’s number, it’s for:

  • Stay in touch with her
  • Get to know it
  • Get an appointment to finally…
  • Seduce her.

What the majority of peoples do not understand is why we do not take a phone number for:

  • Satisfy an ego (apparently hurt)
  • Tell her and fart in front of friends
  • Fill out his repertoire (fake numbers)
  • To self-proclaim as a seducer or a Pick Up Artist (my eye!)
  • To push the cap a little far, I even know people who, after taking the number of a woman, consider themselves as the Kings of the world, if not the gods of seduction …

Someone who takes a woman’s number and then a whole story afterward is, apparently, someone who has not understood anything about the art of seduction. Ridiculous.

Keep in mind that taking a woman’s number should NEVER be a goal or an ultimate goal. However, it must be considered as a logistics tool that will allow you to get in touch with your sweetheart, to be able to seduce after.

It is not by taking a series of 10 figures that we can say that we seduced a woman. It’s just stupid to have such logic in mind. It is pathetic.

In fact, you have to understand a reality, which may hurt you …

When a guy asks (awkwardly) the number of a chick, there is an anti-flirting automatism that goes off in his head, which pushes him to ask himself the following questions:

“Do I have to give my number to this guy? “

“Will he call me constantly to go out with him? “

“I do not want this guy to think I’m a bad guy, I’ll give him my number, but I’m going to ignore those calls …”

“I’m going to give him my number so he’ll let me go …”

And you’ll understand, then, when your target goes through this process, it ends up giving you a FALSE number, and even if it’s a real one, miss never answers your calls or your SMS.

And who ends up treating all the women of whores?

I prefer not to answer this question, but I would like to remind you: Taking the number of a woman you like is just a little puzzle that makes up your future seduction game with your target. No more no less.

How to take the number, effectively

Now that you have understood that a woman’s number is nothing but a series of numbers, useful for the logistics of your future meeting, let me give you the secret keys to succeed in putting your target at ease and comfortable enough to give you his number, with joy and happiness (Without triggering this damn anti-flirting automatism in his head).

Move your little buttocks

Okay, you want to learn to seduce women on the phone, but if you do not have numbers, how are you doing? Are you going to pick up the number of your best friend (whom you tried to seduce but who put you in her Friend Zone ) or your sister to practice? Or are you going to take the caretakers?

I’m you’re for this last option 🙂

More seriously … to learn to master the art of seduction on the phone, you must HAVE phone numbers. Logic again, no?

And to HAVE numbers, it is necessary to appeal to the most magical word in seduction:

Yes … approach!

You MUST approach this woman who likes you to take her number and seduces her after, at rest (almost).

And to approach it, you will not create stories … Once spotted, go see it directly, post your most beautiful smile and start the discussion with her. If she was walking, stop her. We do not do the dog here, miss must stop a minute.

Use a time constraint if necessary, like: ” worry, it will not take more than two seconds, I have friends waiting for me … I said then …”

Unroll a simple introduction like this:

“Actually, I was walking there, I saw you and I said to myself … wow … this girl looks cool, let’s talk to her … but actually, I have a little question for you who comes to me here mind: what’s interesting about you that people who do not know you do not manage to detect, like a hidden quality? “

To tell you something, this is my default introduction, which I use EVERY time I’m lacking inspiration or whenever I can not find an effective context for using it as an intro.

So take inspiration from this Opener, adopt it in your own way, take your courage with both hands, move your little buttocks, and WELCOME the women who pamper you.

Note: according to her answer, if the miss turns out to be a green plant that has not understood anything about social dynamics, like the girls with “ché to moi”, tell her to have a good day and eject you, with pride. We are not here to waste time with green plants or unsocial women.

If, on the other hand, the girl likes you, we can pass quietly to the next step.

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Establish a connection link

Many seductive apprentices are finally decided to go to a girl they like, which is already a good little feat. My congratulations to them.

But what we always forget to do, once the collision stage is over, is to create a connection link with the target they are approaching. This emotional link oh so important to win the real number that will be converted, later, into a real appointment (not a rabbit).

How to create the connection?

Excellent question, indeed.

To be able to establish an emotional connection with a girl, nothing more basic: we must avoid asking boat questions, the style: “what do you do in life”; “What are you doing in the neighborhood? »; “It’s sunny today, is not it? “

Not only will Mademoiselle take you for a fool, but she will also think that you have finally come to flirt with her.

And guess what will happen next?

(I offer 100 $ to the one who finds the answer I am serious.)

So, my dear friends, instead of fooling around talking about the rain and the good weather, you should speak with your target. Or better yet, you have to talk with his emotions, asking him a simple, emotional question.

Soon Christmas, I share with you once again my question by default, which has always allowed me to establish this link in connection with my target.

So, after answering my question about the hidden quality, I follow with:

“Interesting, all that. But tell me, what is the craziest thing you have done this year, and which has given you so much pleasure and joy? “

This question is … magic. And I can assure you that you are going to be dealing with girls with shining eyes, so much so that they look like shooting stars.

Because you do not talk to the logical side of his brain, but rather you arouse the emotional side, which will earn you not only his number but also, and more importantly, an interesting discussion with a woman, certainly, interesting.

Note: here again, we will apply the method of the perfect seducer, who does not waste his time with anyone. If miss gives you an interesting emotional response, you can move on to the next step, otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye.

Listen, watch … act!

One of the characteristics that differentiate a seducer from a flirty is that the latter does not care what his target tells him, it is his head. While the seducer takes all his time to listen to his target, watch his reactions, and then adapt his speech and style of seduction.

Do the same thing. Be a decent seducer, not a two-ball flirty.

When your sweetheart begins to use her emotions to answer your magic question, you will have the opportunity to bounce back on several topics, including travel, dreams, life projects, etc.

Which is naturally a lot, MUCH more interesting than the subject of rain and good weather.

We agree.

Now we will go to the most important step …

When to take the number

So far, we have seen how to effectively create an environment conducive and effective to take a solid and convertible phone number, into an appointment (and not collectible, with all the other fake numbers you have).

Now, I’m going to share some very simple tips with you, but they can create wonders. Believe me.

Tips so simple that almost nobody pays attention.

But before that, I would like to warn you of some missteps concerning the taking of the number.

Do not mount a movie

OK, you’re having a good time with her, and I fully understand that you want to take her number to continue your discussion after (I assume you really have something to do with your day, you have a social life, do not never forget …).

If you then start to panic and ask yourself the question of a million: when should I ask for his number? It’s now or never!

There, you begin to lose control, and thus, you lose your ability of active listening and observation, your target can, at this very moment, you deliver a very important information on which you can bounce and still have the possibility to create more connection.

But you are so busy and so stressed out when you are going to ask for his number, that you are plunging into a sea of complications and puzzles.

Women are, by definition, sophisticated creatures.

Your stress, panic, and dismay, they feel it. They sniff him.

And you can once in a snap, cum touuuuuut the work was done since the collision in the air.

Such a waste!


What a pity…

At the moment you feel the need to take his number, stop for a second, take back your mind, and breathe a good shot. And do the following …

Find the emotional highlight of your conversation, and take the number

This tip has been a great success for women.

As mentioned above, you will be able to enter into emotional connection with her, therefore, your target, at some point, she will “let go” and open up completely to you (no pun intended, please ;)) and that’s where the perfect moment comes in to take his number.

And I said: TAKE.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of people, when they want to take a woman’s number, they ask for permission.

It gives something: “uh, listen, can I take your number, stop? »; “Will you give me your number? “

And a drunken version of Saturday night, it gives: “Wesh Gazelle, you file me your 06, there? “

Even he did not understand anything …

By asking permission, you put yourself in a lower position and, therefore, you put your target on a pedestal, and you place it far above you.

Conclusion: you give him control of the situation.

And when a woman has control, it means in the language of video games: Game Over.

To avoid this ordeal, simply observe and identify the most emotional moment of the interaction, and do the following:

Pretend to be impressed

Bring him your best seductive smile

Maintain eye contact with her (look her straight in the eyes – just hold her right eye)
And say, ” wow, you are really [pause] how to say [pause] awesome. The first impression I had on you was completely different. Now that you told me that, I tell myself wow, that girl has something special about her. You know what, I’ll take your number, and we’ll continue our discussion over coffee. I’ll show you the best coffee in the city, I’m sure you’ll like it. Write me your number here [give him your phone (I hope it’s an iPhone 4, like mine 🙂 kind I tell it)
Note: breaks are important here. You must stop for one to two seconds, to support the suspense and generate attraction.

A normally constituted girl, and if you apply to the letter (more at least) the steps that I dictated to you, will NEVER refuse to give you his number, especially if you are well-presented side look (but that, it is another story).

Write down the number then, and tell him that you will call him within a week, as soon as you have time.

No complications, fuss. No rotten speech, rotten dredger.

Make it note your number, too

This is another tip, which has also revolutionized my life, and that has exploded my conversion rate (taking numbers and appointments).

I’m sure this tip that I’m going to share with you now will also revolutionize your seductive life.

In fact, it is very simple…

By noting her phone number, in addition to giving her a funny nickname, you must make sure she has your number too.

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Here’s what I do …

When my target enters his number (on my iPhone super sexy), I send him, on the spot, an SMS.

Not to say thank you or another bullshit of the kind (because yes, I saw guys who say thank you to the girl who gives them the number Pathetic), but to inject a taste of humor, so, of my seduction style.

Here are some examples of SMS that I used recently: (the last one is my favorite):

“In front of me, a pretty nice girl, who tries to flirt with me. Do I have to do what? “

“Do not you think it’s too early to get SMS?” “

“Who is this handsome kid who is talking to you? “

This style of SMS has always generated moments of laughter and joy. And my target always tells me: “I’ve never done it, that one! “


The case is in the pocket … in addition to making sure it has my number, I managed to get a laugh. And we all know the famous adage: a girl who laughs is half in your bed;)

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