How To Flirt With A Shy Girl. Best Tips To Do Flirt

How To Flirt With A Shy Girl. Best Tips To Do Flirt

I have not always been the Deepak of today, the one who speaks frankly to men and who goes straight to the point (at least when I know what I want and if I can have it). I am reckless, but not a kamikaze.

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Not so long ago, I was a blushing little thing, cute, but boilerplate. My ultimate ambition was to melt into the mass.

I did not imagine that one day I would have a master in high heels and I would turn the heads of some boys.

In college, I was an embryo of the current Chloe. I hid behind my long bangs, too big glasses and clothes that fit as well as garbage bags.

And most importantly, my best friend used me as a stooge. She was hot, smart, and she had all the gifts of the earth. I was convinced that I was a booger and she a being of light.

The Hidden Potential of The Shy Girl

I would end my life in a convent, or with the first who wants me, or alone with 15 cats. Yet some boys (and not uglier ones) had felt the potential behind my facade of sickly shyness.

How To Flirt With A Shy Girl. Best Tips To Do Flirt © DesiSoch
How To Flirt With A Shy Girl. Best Tips To Do Flirt © DesiSoch

It was out of the question for me to approach a boy I liked. It was even worse when a man was obviously dragging me or asking for my number after his famous catchphrase (which never works). I lost all my means. I fled in the most dignified way possible.

One day, there was my first real boyfriend. I remember our meeting. He was super motivated and hyper patient. He did everything to “flirt” the shy girl I was.

How To Flirt With A Shy Girl?

Integrate into the social circle

He gradually integrated my circle of friends. They have adopted it and labeled it as someone they trust. It was his first good point.

Learn and adapt

He made himself subtly omniscient. On the one hand, we were both in the same circle of knowledge. On the other hand, he later admitted to me that he had inquired about my activities, my schedule, what I liked, and so on.

It was almost everywhere I went. In my white goose spirit, it was my knight in armor. I met him at parties where I did not know anyone. I was relieved to see a known head with whom to talk.

I was comfortable with him because he had integrated my daily life. We ended up talking naturally enough about everything and nothing and especially to laugh together. I finally gave him my phone number naturally enough.

Show interest

He began to share with common knowledge how beautiful and interesting he was. Then word of mouth, it ended up falling into mine. And I started to see it in another way.

Because I felt comfortable, valued, beautiful and worthy of interest, I gained confidence in myself. I was surprised to give him an official appointment. We had a great story while it lasted.

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The little caterpillar experienced other metamorphoses before becoming a butterfly. I will surely talk to you soon.

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