How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder

How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder

Today I wanted to Write an Article both interesting and humorous, for that, what better than to create a Tinder account of a girl and observe how the guys go about to approach a girl on Tinder? Stay well until the end, I make you participate in the next Article!

Match spam

To begin, I show you the first seconds that I spent on the app as a woman, it’s already very funny! I do like the majority of guys, I like all the profiles to do my sorting then.

Well, look how I’m spam of match! I just created the profile at the very moment I start to like profiles and I already have more than 15 games! Madness!

Frankly, when I see the number of games and messages, I have only one desire, close the app and uninstall!

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The first messages sent by men on Tinder

We will now look at the messages that the guys send on the Tinder app, we can already observe one thing, most begin in the same way

“Hello, that’s fine” or “hello” or “hello”.

So, it’s a mark of politeness we agree, but when you’re a girl and you receive so many greetings in a row, you do not even take the time to open the messages.

I counted, on 14 messages, 11 starts in the same way. So already, for me, as a girl, I will only read 3 out of 14 messages.

This is really something to take into account, when a woman is on his mail, we can read only the beginning of the sentences, so you must take advantage of this information to stand out from the first words.

We will quickly see the messages. Frankly, tell me in the comment, which you find interesting.

What strikes me is that very few guys make the effort to dig a little head to find an original icebreaker.

Some people dare things, like Haiku, but then you tell yourself. The guy has no match and he has had time to write a poem. He often has games and in this case, his haiku is just a pasted copy.

Also, look at the number of guys who inferior to me “delighted to be able to meet you”. “I find you super-pretty” (that I know it otherwise you would not have liked me), “pretty pictures”. «To the pleasure of meeting you», blah blah …

For me, it is important not to inferior in any relationship. The goal is not to pretend weakness to achieve one’s desires. But on the contrary to show that we share the same values to go a long way together.

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Even if it’s just the path to shared ephemeral pleasure.

How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder © DesiSoch
How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder © DesiSoch

How to approach a girl on Tinder: the profile of men

Now that we have seen the messages, we will take a look at the profiles of the guys who sent me a message.

The first thing we can observe is the diversity of ages. Well, I confess, I did not put any restrictions on that purpose. See the ages of the contenders.

I think it’s 19 to 39 years for the oldest. What you should know is that a girl will rarely be attracted to a man who is the age of his father or that of his little brother …

So remember to put an age limit for a first sort and avoid making movies …

Then we can see those who made the effort to write a description and those who did not. Moreover, it’s quite funny because we can make a link between description and first message.

The richer the description, the more the first message is reflected. The more the description is empty and the more the first message is a “hello, that’s fine”.

I always told you to work on your descriptions, even on Tinder, it’s a plus!

Last thing, the photos. So, I know that the majority of us are not narcissistic and we have very few positive photos of us.

That’s why I propose professional photo shoots with retouching.

But made an effort. Especially on Tinder! The photos are essential if you want to increase your number of matches and encourage a maximum of responses to your messages.

I remind you that one or two photos are not enough and that 5 photos and more is often too much as we already explained in our Tinder! Better to choose your 4 best photos, rather than take the risk of losing points unnecessarily.

I remind you the essential photos of a good profile:

The main photo: A photo of you, not too far, chest max is not bad, to distinguish your face. The girl must know immediately if you like him a minimum or not.

The second photo: A photo of you showing your social ease, you are someone to love in your environment.

The third photo: A photo where you are active, which shows a part of you without having to verbalize it (reading, sport, art, etc …)

The fourth picture: An integral plan of you with your favorite clothes, those that you value the most. Ask your sister or best friend for advice. This photo helps girls to imagine at your side.

On dating sites, the competition is tough!

So much for the Tinder analysis on the other side of the smartphone.

All this to make you understand that, if you do not listen to the advice we give you on dating sites, you will be a spam among others!

And even by applying the best advice in the world, you will not have 100% success, far from it! You must realize that on dating sites, even the least beautiful girl receives a lot of messages …

The competition is tough and like every girl to his own criteria, if you manage to meet one or two games out of ten, it’s not bad! I know that guys often ask me this question: but why does not she answer me? Yet everything seemed to be going well?

Yes, but you are not the only one with whom everything was going well, everything was going well with Charles, Pierre, Antoine, Luc, and Gustave.

One of them knew how to take advantage of the shooting window before you and as many girls do not like to meet several guys at the same time, she does not answer you anymore.

For me, this video really highlights all the benefits of dating in his everyday life and the inconvenience of the meeting on specialized sites.

how to approach a girl on tinder

A girl who talks with 10 guys on a dating site, if she is approached respectfully and seductively in the street or in the evening, she will clearly forget the 10 guys on the sites.

How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder © DesiSoch
How To Approach A Girl on Tinder? How To Send A Message on Tinder © DesiSoch

To go further: find out what to answer to these men

Infinite, I had an idea of making this video is that I thought it would be stupid to just show you the success of a girl on a dating site.

So to go further and deepen the subject, I propose an exercise. We will select together three messages of guys that we will answer.

In fact, I’m going to ask you to write a response to one of the messages I just showed you on video and post it in the comments.

We will choose three of your proposals and send them to analyze the conversation that will follow.

Obviously, as it will be complicated to have enough responsiveness on Youtube to conduct a conversation. I will continue by continuing the frame you have suggested.

We will analyze again what was said, the strengths and weaknesses of each. So that you can be inspired by your conversations.

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I think this exercise can be super-interesting. Tell me what you think in the comments without forgetting to offer me answers to the messages that you liked!

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