How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her?

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her?

To break with his girlfriend , it is among the most painful moments that a man can live, it is when he can not continue the path that he borrowed with his princess, and that he is in a delicate situation to announce to his wife a possible break, the end of a beautiful adventure, the end of a relationship simply.

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Unfortunately, most men fall into the trap of escaping the reality of things, fall into cowardice and do not know how to handle this situation. The result of the races, they are very painful, and that, it is very painful for the women who are so sensitive and so fragile!

So, how to break up with a girl effectively?

How to behave like a man? What to say in order not to hurt her? How to turn the break into a beautiful memory of the relationship?

This is what we will see today.

First, let me remind you that you are a man, you assume your actions, your decisions, and the consequences, you are not the type of cowardly coward who flees the reality of things, you are a Leader, capable to handle all kinds of situations, including the break with your girlfriend, for this, it must be respected as follows:

  • Head to head

    NO phone and NO SMS, you’re not a kid of 12 years, happy to own a laptop, it is not made for that! Invite your princess as if you were inviting her for a romantic dinner, look after your appearance, and your words are the least you can do. It’s respect.

  • The announcement must be clear and clear, it should not give false hopes, keep in mind that a woman is very sensitive and fragile, it should not announce the break with brutality and aggressiveness, it is necessary to stay a true gentleman.
  • Do not try to hurt, nobody likes to be rejected, explain that you had a good time together, that it was a beautiful story, a great experience, you have to finish on a good note!
  • To cut the contact: It is necessary to give him a little time so that it can cure neatly and resume the normal life, it is not easy to wake up one day, and not to find his prince beside.

As a seducer, you do not have to hide behind any pretense, break with honesty and tact, it is to show respect not only for yourself, but also for the other, and offer him the opportunity to put back in the best conditions.

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The right sentences to break with a girl

Now let’s see some honest phrases I would say, which may be, will be very effective if they are well placed:

  • “I’m no longer in love with you, I’d rather be sincere than lie to you.”
  • “You are a good girl, that’s why I prefer to be honest with you. The problem comes from me, you have nothing to reproach yourself for. “
  • “When I see you, it goes well, but I realized that if I do not see you, I do not miss you … I do not think of you except if you call me. Since our relationship already has some experience, I am a little disappointed not to have more feelings and I think I will not have more in time. “
  • “I have doubts about our relationship, it does not evolve as I imagined, I prefer to break before you engage sentimentally and then make you suffer, I’m sorry, but we must leave. “
  • “I’m leaving, we’ll meet again. I do not want you to be unhappy, it’s not because of something you did wrong. We’ve been together for a while, we’ve shared some things, some of which will leave me with unforgettable memories, but now I feel like I have to go on my own, and I would like you to accept that.

I would add to that, the CAPITAL importance of the state of mind, we must display a look a little sad and sorry, not one who is against the situation but, while keeping a slight smile good mood to soothe the atmosphere and not turn this moment into a dramatic and cruel scene.

To avoid :

  • “I found one more beautiful than you.”
  • “met someone else, someone who makes me vibrate.”
  • “I have never loved you, I do not want to see you anymore.”
  • “You’re dropped, I’m breaking you.”

I assure you, there are people who say that, but I do not understand how these people can see themselves in the mirror after saying that …

So as the initiator of the break, we must accept that we suffer, and know that, if the break is done in good conditions, it will allow everyone to get back to the best and be able to follow a new relationship.


How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her? © DesiSoch
How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her? © DesiSoch

Yes, I know, breaking up with your girlfriend is not and will never be a pleasure.

On the other hand, it’s the best thing that can happen to her if you want to avoid hurting her. Yes, it is true, she will suffer from the break but she would suffer even more if you stayed with her by deceiving or neglecting her.

She is a girl you have loved and respected, so you must leave her in the same conditions: with respect.

Girls prefer honest men who take their actions and the consequences that come with them. That’s right, we guys are known to have a tendency to flee and not have balls …

But this reputation should not be confirmed, on the contrary, it must become an old myth that is no longer relevant because a man, a true, assumes his actions and all the consequences that follow.

I repeat, it’s about breaking up with a girl who has shared your life for weeks, months or even years. It’s not anything. Unfortunately, life cannot guarantee a love for life so if it’s time to say goodbye to it, do it right.

Be prepared for her to cry or get angry

Be prepared for her to cry or get angry, but that’s perfectly normal and you should not blame her or blame her. Over time, believe me, she will be grateful to you for taking things in hand with as much tact and courage. Think about that. It’s a difficult moment for her and for you. What normally constituted man has fun leaving his partner?

Do not overdo it, do not dramatize the situation more than it already is but does not be too light. Find the middle ground. After all, you know this chick so even though you can not predict her reaction to your breakup announcement, you at least know how sensitive she is and how she loves you. Do not make him believe you’re going to tell him something positive. Be cold and distant so that she starts asking herself questions but does not make her marinate too much. She will find that something is wrong so she will ask you the question and you can follow naturally.

No need to review all your best moments. Go straight to the goal but always with tact and respect. At the moment, you may be the biggest asshole in her eyes. But remember that later, when she has digested your separation. It will remember only the best memories you shared together. And also she will remember that you have left her properly as a man, a real one.

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Take courage with both hands, this is just a bad time to go and you will see. You will do him a favor by leaving it free to meet someone. Who will be able to love him to his true value.?As for you, you will be free to continue your way to your side without fear of hurting her.

And your break … How was it? Tell me!

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