How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace

How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace.

A few days ago, Someone asked us in the comment how to flirt a cashier he had spotted. So, we wanted to make a short video to explain how to seduce a girl in his workplace. Whether it’s a cashier, a saleswoman or a waitress, you will know, after seeing this video, how to flirt with a girl who works.


Having had the opportunity to have relationships with several waitresses, sales clerks, and cashiers, I know that two ways work very well. However, they are not used in the same contexts.

For me, there is seducing a woman at her place of work, where we are led to stay and come back (bar, restaurant, favorite shop, etc …) and there is seduce a woman at her place of work, where We are just passing through and we will certainly never come back.

You have to differentiate between the two because the methods that I am about to give you will not have the same effect in either situation.

How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch
How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch

How to dredge a cashier, a waitress or a saleswoman often seen
If you have to pick up a woman who works in a place where you come back regularly, I advise you to go smoothly. Do not cram your cards too fast! Listen carefully to what will follow, to increase your chances of dredging a cashier, a saleswoman, a waitress …

Take habits

The first tip I will give you is to set up a habit. For example, if she is a waitress in a bar, make a habit of going there regularly. Obviously, not only to get drunk with your friends but also to work a little, draw or watch a game on TV.

If she is a sales clerk in a shop that you frequent regularly, always make sure that she advises you to buy a new product. If she is a cashier, always go to her cash desk.

During the establishment of your habits, you must radiate well-being. Be smiling, polite, courteous and show yourself, gentleman. Women are very sensitive to this kind of behavior.

The purpose of these habits is to make her remember you! By seeing you regularly, she will end up recognizing you and smiling when you arrive at her workplace.

Get in touch with her

Few women are having fun in their workplace. They spend most of their time performing repetitive tasks or advising clients who can sometimes be a little heavy …

Once you have set up your little habits, that you are sure she recognizes you when you arrive at her workplace, stand out and start a short conversation with her!

Easy to say … will you say … But not so hard to do! If you’ve been smiling and good about yourself so far, you’ve done the biggest thing! You already stand out from the majority by showing you happy, it is enough now to engage the conversation on a situational element.

Example for a waitress, before ordering your glass, tell him that you hesitate and ask him advice. Chained behind imagining what kind of girl she is. For a salesgirl, when you ask her for advice on a product, ask her if that’s what she would buy for her, always imagining what kind of girl she is. For a cashier, tell him it was your dream to be a cashier, but that at the time, they recruited only women.

Become his cool client of the day

Now that you have started the conversation, it will be much easier to discuss with her next time. She may even be the initiator of the conversation, as I remind you, rare are the women who play in their workplace. So if she sees you as a cool customer, she will come by herself to make a nice moment with you.

The rest of this seduction game is almost the same as the others. To be fun, without going for a clown and be interesting, without much to do. If you do not know how to make a girl laugh, I put a link in the description to an article where we discuss this subject on Online Seduction.

How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch
How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch

To be interesting without doing too much, you have to show him that you pay him special attention. For example, you remember how she was dressed last week, remembering your privates jokes, telling her a story that happened recently, in connection with something she told you before.

Assume your seduction game

Depending on the evolution of your connection with this girl, you will have to assume your seduction game. If she seems happy to see you and discusses with you, it will now be necessary to project the idea of ​​an appointment.

Do not do this too brutally by offering her an appointment directly, but prefer to submit the idea that it would be cool to see her outside of her job.

“It would be cool to see you outside of your job, your boss will end up getting fed up with me! “

In this way, you go smoothly, you are not too engaging. If she answers “why not,” suggest something that you are sure she would like. If you want to invite him to a bar, do not just offer him a drink. Instead, say “I know a great place where they make the best cocktails in the city, but a decent dress is required! “

To increase your chances of accepting your request, tell her briefly about where you want to take her, and make her want to follow you.

Take his number or make an appointment?

If she accepted your date, you may be wondering if you should ask her her number or not? This is not mandatory, but if the opportunity arises, ask him. But it is not obligatory, you can organize your appointment directly at his place of work. You can find a day and an hour face to face with it, so you will not waste time doing it not message.

Personally, I prefer not to ask girls for their number at their place of work to differentiate me from others. The majority of guys see the number as an achievement, a near-certainty of the interest a girl has in them when there is nothing … Instead of doing like everyone else, I’m doing exactly the opposite.

In addition, you will see that most girls will ask for your number on their own, claiming greater ease in finding themselves or in case of the program change. So do not worry, you will have his number in the worst case, during your first appointment.

Dredge a girl to her workplace when we’re just passing through

If you want to pick up a cashier, a saleswoman or a waitress at her place of work when you’re passing, the method is more direct! This is the only difference between the two situations. One allows you to take your time, the other requires us to be fast.

Dragging when you’re passing

In fact, the way of doing things does not change. Except that instead of putting several weeks to implement the method that I explained to you just before, you will do it in one or a few hours, just!

So you will have to be fun and smile when she sees you for the first time! She must imagine you as a cool guy with whom we spend good times in the blink of an eye.

To get in touch with her more quickly, always find yourself in the area, made to exchange some glances players with them, smile at him and as soon as the opportunity arises, talk to him!

How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch
How To Flirt With A Cashier, Saleswoman Or Waitress: Seduce A Girl At Her Workplace © DesiSoch

Whether she’s a waitress, sales clerk, cashier or whatever, you can start the conversation by saying something like “I have a deep respect for you … I would never have been able to do the work you do!” “. And chaining behind while directing the conversation be sure she or you.

During this conversation, you must be funny, but also interesting, bridging between what she tells you and stories that have happened to you. You must quickly make him understand that you have things in common and make him want to know more about you.

Give an appointment, when one is passing

As you are only passing, you must plan the appointment in a short time. That’s going to be the hardest part of this story … Because as you must know, if you propose a meeting to a woman too quickly, she will put you in the category of professional runners. Not all, but a large part.

So the advice I give you to help make appointments is to project the idea of ​​the appointment when you have the opportunity to make him discover something. This is what you have to make him discover who must justify your appointment and not your appointment, which must justify something to make him discover.

To give you an example, the last time I had a date with a waitress was after she told me she was going to live in London. I simply told him that I knew the city and that I have friends there, I can give you two or three addresses.

After telling him that, offering him an appointment is super logical:

“We’ll have a drink on occasion”

In this way, you will be much more likely to accept your date at work.

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