How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow

How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 Key Steps To Follow.

Many of you have written to us asking ” How to go out with a girl? “. In reality, it is a false question because there is no ceremony to perform, the protocol to respect or sacred offering to transmit to go out with a girl.

There are many ways to seduce and many ways to go out with a girl. But which is better to achieve its goal? Besides, for what purpose? Just sleep with her, or get in a relationship?

How to go out with a girl is the logical sequence of events and rapprochement observed in two individuals. For example, spending time together, just both. Invite him to have a drink, to see an exhibition, to kiss him, to sleep with her …

I understand that many of you are asking this question and we will try to answer it in this article.

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We will begin by explaining to you what behavior to adapt to optimize your chances of interesting the girl of your dreams. Then we will explain how to flirt with her. We will end by giving you some basics to put your couple on a good path.

Step 1: get his attention

This step is not mandatory, but it can greatly facilitate your task! It is to attract his attention by showing him that:

you are a cool guy, that you are a stylish person with whom she would like to go out
For that, you will have to pay attention to your nonverbal language and make sure to be well accompanied. That is to say?

Your nonverbal language needs to be laid back, relax. Do not be nervous, avoid looking like a battery that jumps everywhere and does not know how to stand. On the contrary, moving with grace, almost slowly, you will communicate much better your wisdom and your self-confidence in this way.

Be smiling, look people in the eye, do not cross your arms, take up space and most importantly, surround yourself properly.

Being in the company of valuable people and girls (preferably pretty) will allow you to improve your social value. If you’re in the company of cool guys and pretty girls, you must have something special. So you increase your social value.

Step 2: Approach

If you do not know you yet and just meet you in high school, at work or at your gym … You’ll have to get in touch with her to seduce her and go out with her.

For that, several solutions are available to you:
The indirect way: go ask him where is the coffee machine, the Philo room or the Legs Press. No matter what you ask him, the interest of your approach does not lie in the answer to your question. Your goal is to start a conversation with her to get to know each other and get started on a good foundation. Know how to follow behind to start an interesting conversation with her.

The direct way: will clearly make him understand that you find it to your liking and that you would like to see if it is as nice as pretty. Change the topic of conversation quite quickly so that you do not get stuck on a reducing subject. Imagine his work, suppose his passions or his hobbies. This way, you will have created a conversation faster than you thought!

Step 3: Create the attraction

Now that she knows you and you kiss you when you cross, you will be able to go to the next step, make her crazy!

For that, you will have to create doubt at home. To make a girl crazy about you, you must make her doubt your attraction to her, your attachment. Nothing is more addictive for a girl than to doubt someone’s feelings.

How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch
How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch

If you manage to make her doubt about your attraction to her, it’s only a matter of time to see her do everything to spend more time with you!

Very good, but how do you doubt her attraction to her? For that, it’s very simple! It is enough to qualify your remarks by your nonverbal language and vice versa. To give you an example: when you make a compliment, nuance your words with contradictory non-verbal language.

If you tell him:

I love how you gave your handbag with your shoes

Say it with a slight smirk and a gamer’s eye, mocking limit. So, she will wonder if your compliment is sincere or if you make fun of her …

Another example, if sometimes you spend a lot of time together, that you are close enough, that you have some physical contacts. Be sure to show disinterest at other times. In other words, do not spend all your time together!

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On the contrary, make sure to show him that you have other girlfriends, boyfriends, that you have a busy social life and that she is not the center of your attention. In this way, she will seek your attention by a few inquiring looks, by explicit messages, or by coming directly to tell you.

Step 4: make the unique!

To make a woman mad at you, there is another way that works very well and that I enjoy using it to make them unique.

We must make them understand subtly that they are better than the others, that they are special, that we do not cross girls like them every day. But be careful, I insist on subtly!

Do not tell him openly, especially if the context does not lend itself to it! You have to make him understand and not tell him, that’s the difference. To give you an example, in appointments I sometimes make compliments like:

“I like your way of thinking, you’re an organized girl, it changes what you usually see”

“It’s good that you’re athletic, it’s one of my selection criteria and I must admit that it’s rare for girls to pass it …”

“You’re bubbly like a girl, I love, it makes me change the gray girls, sad or even morose that I meet every morning at work! “

Step 5: Resize your desire

If you are at this stage, just do not make a mistake to achieve your goal: go out with this girl.

So you will have to from now on show him your attention. Not by telling him verbally, but showing him by your way of dealing with her.

Offer to see you both only. Suggest that you go for a coffee, a drink, a stroll, etc … By cons avoid all the outings that will prevent you from having a normal conversation: cinema, restaurant, theater, shows …

If she refuses or asks you if a friend can come with her, it’s because you have not yet created enough attraction at home. You will have to continue to make her doubt by playing cat and mouse.

How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch
How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch

On the other hand, if she agrees, make sure to take her to a place she does not know and where you are sure she will have a good time with you.

During your appointment, force yourself to immerse your eyes in his, to communicate with your eyes your burning desire to kiss him.

If all goes well, have some physical contact to show the temperature between you and flirt with it. Wait for an opportunity to touch it and do it more and more regularly and longer and longer.

How and when to kiss him?

To the question “how to go out with a girl”, to kiss her, is the most logical answer. But we will see how to do it …

During your appointment, either you have the opportunity to kiss it because there are not too many people around you, or you choose to wait until the end to try your luck. It does not matter, these two techniques work very well!

However, it is best to wait for at least half of the appointment before trying to kiss. Because it is important to have created enough sexual tension and some comfort to maximize your chances of succeeding. Otherwise, you risk kissing her instead of kissing her … If you are not at ease with creating sexual tension, then I can only recommend using the game of questions, a game. of formidable seduction!

To minimize the chances of rake, I advise you to put your hand in her hair before kissing it, as if you wanted to re-comb it. If she does not back down, does not make a contradictory gesture, you just have to bring her head closer to yours and kiss her.

The risks of taking a rake are clearly diminished in this way. Passing her hand through her hair, she knows exactly what you’re looking to do. She will not be really surprised when you try your luck!

How to go out with a girl?

This is the crucial step to go out with a girl and start her relationship in the best conditions … What behavior to live in love and fresh water?

The golden rule of sustainable couples is not to choke. That is to say? Do not see too often, continue to see your respective friends, do not spend all your time together and do not send too many messages.

To be carried away by one’s desires and desires when we are in love is a very bad thing if we want to make our love last. If I listened, when I fell in love, I would spend all my time with my girlfriend. I would give her gifts every time I see her! In short, I would be a good boyfriend submitted …

How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch
How To Go Out With A Girl: The 5 key Steps To Follow © DesiSoch

But, from my experience, when I’m in love, I’m very careful not to overplay my role. I am trying to master my impulses because I know that women generally need more time than men to become emotionally attached.

So to drive my girlfriend crazy, I make sure to always be slightly less in love than she is. But you will certainly ask me how am I doing?

Well, it’s usually pretty simple. I dare to say no to him. dare to contradict it. I dare to be sincere and tell him things that are wrong when the opportunity arises.

In fact, I remain me. Do not let my personality get carried away in the tsunami of love. I keep my feet on the ground. I repeat myself almost daily that I can lose my girlfriend overnight.

And I especially remember that I am happy alone before being happy to two, as I tell you moreover in one of our videos called how to find love.

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So much for this article, you now know how to go out with a girl! If you have questions or comments to make, you can share them in the comments below!

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