How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend

How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend.

Today, we will answer a question that you have asked us several times in the comments: How to make a girl stay faithful? I have prepared a complete video on the subject and if you want your girlfriend to stay faithful and loving, just click on play;).

How to keep a girl Stay faithful: introduction

Half a century ago, it was mostly men who were unfaithful. But since a few decades and especially the last, the women this sound in tune. I have not been able to find very accurate statistics, but we can say that today, one woman out of three, cheats on her boyfriend or her husband. So how to make a girl stay faithful?

The first question that came to me was to understand why this sudden increase. The reason is simple. Women today are much more independent from every point of view. And this is very well so.

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A woman today can work, earn money, pay rent, buy a car, drive her, wear jeans and drink wine. Just like a man. Before, they did not have all these rights. Women needed a husband to hope for a happy and happy life.

Now that they no longer have to live under the tutelage of a husband to be happy and recognized, they are much more free to do what they want.

That’s why when they find themselves facing certain complications in their couple, they do not hesitate to go elsewhere …

Here are some of the reasons that girls cheat on their guys:

– repeated disputes

– lack of sexual desire

– Lack of attention

– Absence too regular

– The monotony of the relationship

So you know now what you will have to defend yourself against. If you’re wondering, how do you keep a girl faithful? It is that you are losing the pedals and it will be necessary to put feet there!

How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend © DesiSoch
How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend © DesiSoch

When the relationship is too fusional

Moderate your time together

All excess is bad. If you want to avoid gorging your girlfriend by your presence or relieve her by your absence, you must moderate the time you spend together. I know that those who still believe in charming princes will not agree with me. But the more time you spend with your boyfriend or girl, the sooner you get bored. It’s mathematical.

So if you want your girlfriend to stay true, you have to be careful about the time you spend together. The newer the relationship, the more care must be taken not to spend too much time together. The longer the relationship is, the more you have to be careful not to be away too long and too regularly from your relationship.

For one of the recurring reasons that come when a woman cheats on her husband is because the husband spends his time at work. He is no longer present in the family and only resumes his role intermittently. You must absolutely avoid this kind of behavior to make a girl faithful.

Be challenging

We will now talk about one of the most important characteristics of a relationship, the challenge. Any lasting relationship is a relationship where the challenge is still present. When I talk about the challenge, I’m obviously talking about the feeling, the game of seduction.

The challenge of a relationship is to show that we are never acquired. That the other must make daily efforts to conquer us.

By cons, this game of torque must be common. That is, both must be challenging to make it truly beneficial to your relationship. If one of them plays too often or too rarely with the notion of challenge, the other will suffer or be bored and this can lead to a deception or a break.

But being challenging in one’s relationship is fundamental if one wonders how to keep a girl faithful. The challenge is part of the couple’s spices.

To give you an example, to be challenging is to race to find out who will arrive first on the other side of the bridge. Start a challenge, it’s bet on the time when everyone will arrive at the meeting. To be challenging is to be the coach of your love. It’s keeping your attention and intentions fixed on your success.

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To be happy alone before being two

One thing that can be deadly in a relationship is the merging of the couple or the dedication of one of the two people in the relationship. You know, I’m sure you’ve already experienced one or more couples of the style.

They see each other, meet, live a strong thing, love at first sight and after a few days glued to each other, begin to live together. They disappear from their circle of friends, from their family, from everywhere in fact. Impossible to see one without the other, they live only through their relationship.

You know how does that kind of couple end? Very bad in 95% of cases. For me it’s my personal opinion, this kind of relationship happens only when both people have an emotional lack to fill.

I want to be in a relationship, I find someone who seems to fit my criteria. At least, my brain helps me hide the flaws I prefer not to see. And I fall in love.

In this situation, the risks of deception increase. For what is more tiresome than to be with someone who eats us in the hand? You must be violent to not show yourself too full in love.

If you are completely gaga in your relationship, to the point of forgetting yourself and identifying yourself with your relationship, you are taking risks. Already because you are under the influence of your emotions. You can not imagine living without this girl because she is everything for you. But also because your partner will feel less attracted.

How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend © DesiSoch
How To Keep A Girl Stay Faithful And in Love? Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend © DesiSoch

When both are autonomous

We have seen how to make a girl stay faithful when she is too much locked in her relationship. We will now see the opposite. How to make a girl stay faithful when you are too autonomous in your relationship.

Have special attention

When we work a lot, travel or study, we are a bit like a bubble. All around us is bullshit, we do not blunder. So, for the people who are with us, we can seem distant, even cold.

That’s why you should always keep in mind to keep a little game in your relationship, to keep your feelings awake. This little game can be to hide a word on a post-it in his purse or under his pillow. It can be to send a sexto at an unexpected time. To surprise him with decorating your apartment with candles, incense, and flowers.

In short, you understand, you must have some special attention to show your attachment. Obviously, we must not abuse it otherwise it will lose its value. But keeping a regularity in your attention marks is very beneficial for a girl to remain faithful.

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The last tip I will give you to know how to make a girl stay faithful, it will be to be more attentive.

As I already told you in the video “understanding women”, girls are generally more emotional than men. And when we are more emotional, we no longer need to share our feelings.

And who says to share our feelings, said, to be listened to. I know that for a lot of guys it’s a chore to have to listen to his girlfriend. But if you want her to remain faithful to you, you have to pay special attention to her. This attention can be your listening quality.

I’m not telling you to always go into the details and explore the subject, but you have to take the time to listen to him and show him empathy. Women need you to understand their problems, know what’s happening to them, and help them make decisions.

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