How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn’t Answer Anymore?

How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn’t Answer Anymore?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in seduction, we inevitably have to confront girls who do not respond to us after a few messages. And what’s more annoying than a radio silence? Without knowing the reason, we go from a good feeling to a total ignorance. It’s frustrating, annoying and even humiliating. That’s why we decided in this article, to give you the keys to knowing how to revive a girl who no longer responds.

How to revive a girl: what to know

How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn't Answer Anymore? © DesiSoch
How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn’t Answer Anymore? © DesiSoch

Before you explain how to raise a girl does not answer more overnight, we will see the main reasons for his silence. Because the reasons that make a girl no longer answer you can be multiple. It is always good to have them in mind to understand why, in order to avoid silencing a girl personally.

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1 / You have lost interest

The first reason we will talk to you about is the loss of interest. You lost too many points by exchanging messages with her …

Yes, by SMS, it is much easier to lose points and to return to a monotony, than to gain while remaining original. If you tend to exchange a lot of text messages before making an appointment and the girls do not respond to you anymore, the problem may be there.

But you may have also made a mistake by sending him your first message. Maybe you have been too direct or not enough. Maybe your first message was next to the plate. So before you ask how to relaunch a girl who does not respond, go read the articles we wrote on the drag by SMS.

2 / You have not been attractive enough

The second possible reason is that you were not attractive enough during your meeting. It happened regularly at my beginnings. I could easily get phone numbers, girls answered a few messages and then nothing!

It’s really annoying to wonder how to relaunch a girl who does not respond when everything was fine until the appointment proposal … I know what it is!

When a girl does not answer us after a few messages, it is often that we did not create enough interest at her place during the meeting. Certainly, during this one, we managed to make him want to spin us his number. She liked it too, everything went pretty well, but then she may have thought back to our meeting. She may have said, ” he was nice, but I do not really want to see him on a date “.

What’s important to understand, too, is that she may not be comfortable with scheduling an appointment with you. She may not be comfortable enough to see you again. All the girls do not follow the dates one after the other. Many need to feel something special to go on a date with a guy.

To avoid finding yourself in this kind of situation, you must connect emotionally during your meetings. Do not show only your humor, your culture or your intellect during your meetings. Take an in-depth look at the girls you meet and indulge in personal things.

3/ You are not the only suitor

A third reason is that you are not the only guy to make love to him. A girl (especially if she is pretty) necessarily has several suitors. We must stop believing that girls are wise and that they do not like to be courted. It’s wrong. They love having several guys around them.

If this girl does not answer you more, it is perhaps because one of these pretenders has preceded you. One of them managed to go further with her before you. He offered him an appointment, he saw it and maybe even kissed (if not more).

Since the majority of girls do not like going to several guys at the same time, she sorted out … Unfortunately for you, she may have put you in the trash!

This kind of circumstance often happens to the guys who do not take their game of seduction. Those who say they have time, they are not in a hurry to propose an appointment. However, when you want to seduce a girl, it is better not to waste too much time. I’m not telling you to skip the steps, but do not wait a month before proposing an appointment to a girl who interests you.

How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn't Answer Anymore? © DesiSoch
How To Restart Conversation With A Girl Who Doesn’t Answer Anymore? © DesiSoch

How to revive a girl who no longer responds overnight?

We will now see different ways to relaunch a girl who no longer responds. But before you explain how, we’ll see when to do it. Because to maximize your chances of getting an answer to your raise, do not do it anytime!

When and how to restart the conversation with a girl?

If you raise too quickly a girl who does not answer you, you are likely to pass for a starvation or for a guy who has this girl in the line of fire. And contrary to what women say and what one might think, women like men who have some success.

Women love men who inspire success (in every sense of the word) because these men allow them to shine in society. Just like us men, we love beautiful women, because they allow us to stimulate admiration.

But do not wait too long to relaunch a girl who does not respond. Everything is a question of good timing. If you put too much time to raise a girl, she will naturally say that you have nothing to do with her. Which is logical.

The right timing is to wait at least 24 hours and 48 hours maximum. If she has not answered you 24 hours after sending her a message, chances are she will answer her minimal. And if you wait more than 48 hours to raise it, the chances that it will answer you are even more …

Relaunch a girl who looked interested

It is quite common that girls who are coveted have a busy life. They work, play sports, practice a hobby, have a large social circle, etc … They can simply forget to answer us.

In this case, it is better to avoid being too impacted by nonresponse. Otherwise, you show him too much interest and she will know that she is worth more than yours. What to avoid!

The message I use in this situation is very simple. No need to write a novel, or even think of something subtle to elicit an answer. Here is the message I use:
In five words, I remind him that she had to answer me (no news) and I make it slightly feel guilty (it’s wanted?). This kind of recontact message works wonders because you poke his ego. If she does not answer you, she goes for a horrible girl who hurts the nice boys?

Relaunch a girl who does not look very interested anymore

The girls can be super interested in the meeting and become much more distant by SMS. As I’ve already told you in a video, women have a more emotional brain than we do men.

They let themselves be carried away by their emotions during the meeting, take advantage of the present moment, but once the conversation has passed through the filter of the dematerialization, the emotion falls again. This is quite common since it is more difficult to convey good emotions by the message, rather than face to face.

To revive a girl who no longer responds in this kind of situation, the idea is to make up his interest via a photo message. This photo message should let him see your lifestyle, without having to verbalize it.
I regularly use this kind of photo message. Therein this example, I had more news following my appointment proposal. As I told him during our meeting that I was traveling a lot, I took the opportunity to send him a nice picture of where I was.

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Understand why a girl does not answer us anymore

In bonus of this article, I will give you a message that a friend (JC for the intimate) that I had met via a form of seduction, had taught me. He called this message, ” the message of the last chance “.

In reality, this message is not used to recontact a girl to get the last chance to see her again. It serves to understand why she is not interested enough to answer you and go on an appointment with you.

This message is:

” Hi (name of the girl). No news. I thought I had met an interesting and witty girl, but I must have been wrong … Although I do not understand why I wish you a good continuation! (your first name) »

This message is very powerful. You made her understand in a few lines that you thought she was a great girl, but after that, no. She is like everyone else. Most of the time, she will justify herself so as not to be considered an ugly girl. So you will know more or less, why it does not answer you anymore …

In addition, with this message, you show your detachment since you do not insist to see it again. So, you are not like all those guys … With all these tips, you should know better how to relaunch a girl who does not answer!

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