How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love

Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love.

In the world of personal development, there is a very important notion that often comes to mind – The Law of Attraction.

The principle is very simple: you get what you think.

And you guessed it, today we will see how to find great love through the famous law of attraction.

It’s gone for the show!


Concretely, renowned scientists like Einstein or Edison have studied the question and realized that each individual, each object is composed of atoms and each of its atoms vibrates at a certain speed. Each object, each person emits tiny vibrations.

In parallel, we also realized that our brain functioned as a transmitter: thus, we send, consciously or not, vibrations around us and we receive in echo experiences and results that are in agreement with our thought.

Complicated, you think? Wait…

We all think to evolve autonomously, that our thoughts circulate freely in our brain, without any constraint and that they deviate, disappear and appear according to the events and experiences that we go through.

What you need to know is whatever the event, no matter what experience you have, you have drawn it to you. You are responsible for what happens to you mainly.

It is the same for thoughts and when they are negative like “I’m unlucky, it always ends like that for me! Or “I’m going to fail” means that you have been talking to them for a long time and that, inevitably, what you fear the most will happen to you.

This is called the law of attraction.

But it is possible to use this theory to your advantage.

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The basic rules of the law of attraction

They are 5 in number and they allow to live the experience in a fully conscious way:

  • Define what you really want;
  • Have a burning desire to get what you want;
  • Think of it as if you already had it in your everyday life;
  • Think of it as often as possible and especially in a positive way;
  • Finally, feel gratitude for all you have, for all that you have lived through, loved in your life.

Is it possible to succeed and transform one’s love life through the law of attraction?

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch
How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch

How can one meet and conquer the heart of one’s soul-mate and have unforgettable moments as a couple?

The first thing to do is sure to wonder about the presence of our parasitic thoughts that disturb the proper functioning of the law of attraction. Indeed, this type of thoughts slows down our actions to flourish on the sentimental level. While ‘It is enough’ to develop self-confidence. And direct our thoughts to something optimistic and positive.

Cultivate love

Transforming your love life with the law of attraction is an incredible experience. This process will help you to attract all the positive energies to you so that you can build true love with your partner.

The law of attraction does not realize or facilitate the process that will make you meet your darling. But it helps to materialize what you feel, what you want deeply. When you least expect it, Positive encounters – some will say some signs – will come to you naturally.

So you have to cultivate love and plant a little seed of it in each of your thoughts so that good things come to you.

Council: All our complaints, all our groans but also all our hopes, all our energy amplify the echoes of our thoughts.

Learn to see the glass half full, to think in a positive way: go out with friends, smile to life, express yourself fully and with all your heart

Attract positive feelings

The law of attraction helps to attract positive energies towards oneself in order to accomplish what we wish deeply. However, fear, our anxieties, our anxiety and other negative feelings are a barrier.

Happiness in love often requires simple things, essential things: the law of attraction plays a decisive role to succeed and transform one’s love life.

Law of attraction: Some principles to apply

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch
How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch

Whether you are a couple or want to be a couple, here are some ideas to apply in your life to succeed in your love life.

These are small gestures, small touches but all of them have their dose of positive waves. These ideas are based on mutual attraction.

– Start your day by paying attention to your love: SMS, a kiss, an email, prepare a breakfast;

– Smile as often as possible: by projecting a smile and a joy of life, you bring sun and happiness into your relationship, at least around you;

– If you wear a jewel offered by your sweetheart, caress it, touch it with kindness by reminding yourself of the good times shared together;

– Do not hesitate to make a small gift in an improvised way: returning from work, sending flowers, a simple postcard (people write less and less on paper and this gesture will know how to touch him personally);

– Learn to understand the Other and to accept it with its faults, its qualities, its character, its personality while continuing to dialogue.

These examples are very simple gestures that do not require considerable effort, yet they contain a positive vital energy that will inevitably bounce back into the Other.

By doing this on a daily basis, simply paying attention to your darling, life will bring you lots of benefits to make your love life as harmonious as possible.

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Law exercises of attraction to find love

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch
How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Find True Love © DesiSoch

1 st year: The wish

When you have to make an important decision about your love life, forget about your everyday worries, empty your mind for 10 to 15 minutes with meditation exercises and focus only on the choices you need to make.

By being in this state of mind, you can already see if your wish is worth fighting for him. Once your decision is made, you can rest assured that nothing will change your mind.

You must be certain of what you want, be as accurate as possible.

2 and year: Writing

Often, your wish cannot be realized immediately and especially in love, it is not always obvious that it happens automatically, on command.

So, to avoid losing your goal, write it in a notebook or on a Word sheet of your computer. Write your wish in the present by speaking in the first person, write what you want as if you already had it.

You have to focus only on the positive aspects and the more specific you will be, the more you will detail what you want, the more the action of the law of attraction will be effective and relevant.

3 rd year: Visualization

This is a very important step in the law of attraction: you must imagine what you will feel once your wish is granted.


This visualization, called creative visualization is essential because it unconsciously gives you the means to find how to achieve your ends.

Try to imagine and truly feel what your future, your life with this person will be. Evaluate the changes that will be imposed on you and you will more easily find the way to successfully transform your love life.

4th year: Gratitude

When you have achieved what you want, do not forget to express your gratitude.

But if your wish did not come true, try to understand why: maybe you were not sure of your choice, maybe this choice would lead to negative events in your life.

Whatever happens, for what happens and what is not, thank the Universe for really listening to what was in your heart.

This gratitude helps you to achieve other goals.

Remember: to boost your love life, use the law of attraction keeping in mind that you attract everything that happens to you, the good and the bad.

5 the year: Trust

The trust is a foundation in love, which is the beginning of a relationship or that one is already with someone for years.

In love, trust, it is learned over time because it is not natural for humans to trust without having to go through some important steps.

Usually, at the beginning of a story, the question is: “Does this person love me too? Does this love deserve me to fight for her/him?

When you start the adventure with someone, you can discreetly pass tests as to reassure you (we say “shit-test”) that you have made the right choice.

To have the trust of the Other, it is imperative to be confident yourself.

Tip: Use your intuition to trust in love.

Even if your experience or the past of the Other may prompt you to think twice before you engage further, make a clean sweep of this because this new story is based on new foundations, it is completely independent of those you have known.

To ask (too many) questions brings doubt.

Rely on your first impression because it’s often the right one.

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Law of Attraction: Conclusion

We arrive at the end of this article.

If you should keep one thing in mind after reading this article, it will be this:

Be optimistic and adopt the “positive attitude” – always.

Do not complicate your life. Stop making calculations and take your mind for nothing.

If you are looking for your soul mate – stop right now! Sooner or later, you will meet him.

I promise you.

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