How To Write A Good Description On A Dating Site?

How To Write A Good Description On A Dating Site?

I will always remember my first steps on dating sites. I thought I could easily meet girls and choose the one with whom to go a long way. But once the registration was over, I soon found myself confronted with an obstacle that I had not thought of. How to write a good description on a dating site?

Whatever your favorite dating site, Meetic, Adopt a Dude, Elite Dating, Attractive World or others, all the tips are given in this article are obviously applicable.

If you are not Ryan Gosling, have a profile!

I remember not wanting to take my head to write a good description on a dating site. I preferred to go directly to charm the most beautiful girls on the site. It could have worked if I had the physique of Alain Bernard and the mouth of Ryan Gosling, but I was far away …

So I had to learn to write a good description on a dating site, to be able to pretend to make beautiful meetings. It is this learning that I will try to convey to you through this article. To save you the time I lost. Read well until the end. We will give you examples of description to show you what to do and not to do!

Choosing the right nickname on a dating site

It does not really fit in the list to write a good description on a dating site, but it is almost equally important: your nickname. Your nickname is the first thing women will see on dating sites after your main photo. It should, therefore, arouse interest, to increase your number of visits to your profile.

Avoid at all costs to put your name or nickname (especially if it is a diminutive!). You will not be original in this way and you will blend in. Also, avoid falling into the numerology of departments. ” Fab66 ” is not a nickname that conveys male attraction.

To deepen the subject and go much further, we invite you to read the article dedicated to the subject: How to choose a good nickname on a dating site? We detail the procedure to follow to find a unique nickname, which will suit you perfectly!

Express your intentions

Before you want to write a good description on a dating site, it is important to know your intentions on the site in question. Did you register to meet the woman of your life? To make ephemeral encounters respectful in all discretion? Or to meet your next duvet plan?

Why am I asking you this question? Again to save you time! One must write his disappointment according to his intentions, to avoid wasting time with women whose intentions differ from ours.

If you express in your description that you are looking for the woman of your life, when in reality you only want a duvet plan, women will feel it and be wary …

So, of course, if you say you are not looking for great love and will find you when you have decided, you will certainly be discussing with fewer women. But you will discuss with women with the same intentions as yours. So your investment time/goal will be better!

Create a woman account

We will now seriously consider writing a good description on a dating site. And for starters, the first tip we’ll give you is to create a girl account.

For those who follow the news of Online Seduction, you must have already seen the video where I create a Tinder girl account. For those who missed, catch-ups are here: I create a Tinder girl account

The big advantage of creating a girl account on a dating site is to be able to see and analyze the competition. You will be able to observe where are your strengths and what are your weak points, compared to this one.

But you will also allow yourself to be inspired by what looks and feels interesting. Why want to start from scratch, when can we get ahead? Be careful though, I’m not telling you to simply copy/paste the profiles you like. But to rephrase some phrases taken in different profiles and adapt them to your personality.

I think you’ll understand, but to write a good description on a dating site, the idea is to create a woman account. In this way, you will be able to quickly differentiate which profiles are working, which ones are stalled …

Dating site description: differentiate yourself from the mass

I know that for some, even if they create a woman account on a dating site, they will not be able to draw on good profiles. Why? Perhaps because they will have a hard time putting themselves in the shoes of a woman and finding what might attract them.

That’s why we decided to show you some examples of description, to understand why they work better than others.

Use feet and an original tone to differentiate yourself

In this example, we can note that this profile uses a writing that is out of the ordinary. Rather than show off as 99% of the guys would do on a dating site, it does exactly the opposite. He plays self-deprecating to differentiate himself from other profiles and show that he does not take himself seriously.

To be clearer, this profile uses many against-feet to arouse interest in her readers, humor, sprinkled with an original tone.

He manipulates the demonstrations of value turning them to ridicule: ” I am unfaithful: Sometimes I leave my couch to lie on my bed and read “; ” I take pleasure in crushing spiders, I like to think that it gives me a manly side … You will be so proud of me! “

This profile also uses another method to create attraction, but we’ll talk about it later in the article.

This profile also plays against the feet to generate interest among its readers. But he uses the opposite foot differently. Rather than enumerate one after the other his qualities and his faults, he expresses having done some research on Google to know how to write a good description on a dating site (he is not the only one apparently ?)

To make the reading of his profile interesting, this guy uses humor:

” Tip 1: Take care of grammar, but not too much, perfection irritates. (Villa I’m grooming her will have gone) »

He also handles self-deprecation or even the absurd:

” I regularly hold philosophical conversations with animals, I smell the smell of gas, I am a great sportsman + a big lazy man at a time “

Use bait to generate interest

In the two examples we have just shown you, we can note another very important thing. They both use bait to get women to send them the first message.

What is a bait? A bait is a stereotype, a common criterion (like phobias), a tirade that makes you want to replicate. Example:

” One day, a great philosopher (who happens to be my father), told me that I would eventually find a shoe at my feet. No luck, I always preferred to live barefoot! If you too are a follower of the heated floor and fat mornings, we could perhaps collaborate. “

Bait is very important to help women get into the act of sending you a message. They must be powerful enough to surprise women and make them want to respond.

To conclude on how to write a good description on a dating site

To write a good description on a dating site, you will have to dig a little head. You must think about the image you want to convey through your profile. But in any case, whether you are registered on a dating site for the sake of your life or your night, you will have to handle humor, counter-feet, and baits to maximize your chances of achieving your goal.

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I know that this step is far from being the most seductive, but it is by far the most important if you want to seduce. So work on your description as a back cover. At the end of her reading, she must make you want to know more.

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