How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband

It is a concern for women whether my Boyfriend is My Future Husband. Currently, herself is conscious of marriage, if there is marriage in the extension of a love affair, it is natural that she wants to see whether her boyfriend is marriage partner. Is it also important whether herself is thought to be his marriage partner?

Because they are two people who grew up in different families and environments, I can not say that everything from 1 to 10 is the same. If you go out and stay less than a year, you need to know him more. Do you know his family composition, workplace, job change history and final educational background? If such a story has not yet appeared from the boyfriend, it is highly likely that for her boyfriend she will still say “lover” to stop. There is a good chance that it will change as a “marriage partner” during the time spent from this. Do not worry.

I think that you want to know if your boyfriend is a marriage partner, you have a feeling of imagining your future with your boyfriend.

Is your boyfriend laughing in your imagination? Are not only your ideals running around your head? Living in a large house, a beautiful and spacious apartment, acting hand cooking, going for a gym or an age during the day, always going out on a holiday, a long-term consecutive holiday is not associated with a celebrity’s dreamlike life like overseas travel? It is a life expectation like an ideal, but it is a forecast of the future that changes greatly depending on the boyfriend’s annual income and family composition. Please imagine again not only the life with the boyfriend himself but also the work, the child, the family, etc. It is a married life that can not be accomplished just by your ideas. Please acquire your eyes as a woman who sees reality, not just a dream.

After marriage, life is different from imagination. My boyfriend ‘s income was less than I thought. I was forced to stay with him for my eldest son. I am relocated and I am relocated every year. I often go to work because I have business trips. Many people feel the gap between ideal and reality after marriage. In order to reduce the gap between such imagination and reality, I am defining my boyfriend as a marriage partner (words are bad, do not be afraid).

It is the depth of your own judgment and ties that ultimately decide on your marriage partner. I think that you can look at the reference level.

Procedure to follow To know whether my boyfriend is my future husband:

#1 Talk About his family

First of all, what is the story of the family in the conversation including yourself? If you have never heard from your boyfriend, please listen to your boyfriend’s family little by little talking about your family’s story. I feel that there are few men who talk about their families tastefully. I think that there are many men who are willing to answer if asked, so please ask him.

If you are talking about family, it is a sign that you want me to know “including my family” and “I want you to know your family’s environment” Please think.

#2 Next is work.

Do you know his job and workplace?

This is a delicate problem, so it is sometimes hard to hear. Even if you work for a major company, you are not a regular employee, but quasi-employees (contract employees), temporary workers, period workers and how to work.

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

If you know that the boyfriend who works for a majority is a temporary worker and if you feel that you want to marry as well as love sentiment disappears, you are not the boyfriend himself but the name value of the company and the “stable” behind the boyfriend Perhaps he saw a lot of sense of security saying.

#3 If He’s Not a Temporary Worker

Whatever way you work, are you a regular employee but are not “many people having a break”? If you suddenly take a day off even though you are normal you may think that you have some trouble at your current workplace or you do not like to work at first, you do not imagine having a home. It is rare for the marriage to change dramatically. Even if we make an effort to change it, there is a possibility that we can not get the result we thought as a result of previous work disturbing.

My former boss said, “I do not like work, I have no intention of doing a job, there was a man who had angrily announced his subordinates,” It is normal for men to work and feed their bosses. ” He is the son of an officer and has a good career without any difficulty if we see it to a certain degree. It will change when married! Although I was hoping for expectations, the wife of the marriage partner also made the same idea and gave a day for fruitful results for the former boss who does not work for several years until the former boss transferred to his / her transfer. I asked myself to tell that the former boss who transferred to me talks that he rarely touched on the wild waves of his life and he told me he had learned the difficulties and responsibilities of his work. Continuing efforts to get desperate efforts to regain the previous work, the past work has not gained evaluation rather than your own imagination in the way of what you have done so far and continues to make efforts at the transfer destination now It is said that it is.

The stacking is the evaluation of work, and there is a work which is left to trust because there is trust.

#4 The attitude and way of thinking about work

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

The attitude and way of thinking about work are important. Do not you just complain about work? This is good for her. Even after marriage, you may be annoyed with complaints every day. I think that it is better not to occasionally complain but to think if most of the conversation is for dissatisfaction or work for the company.

#5 Talk about friendships and hobby friends

In addition, friendships become important. Do you talk about not only business relationships but also friends of friends and hobby friends?

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

If it is, after a marriage the complaint of the subject will talk to a friend, and it will be less likely to get out of shape due to too much stress.

#6 Know About Money

Next is about money. This is the environment from which I grew up with my present life.

It is not how much money you have in your wallet. It is important how much money you have in your passbook. It does not mean that you can hear the deposit amount. There is sharp on how to use the money either, there is a state in which the savings or, see whether you are a life that was in tall it is important.

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband  - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

Although I got married even though I am paying high, the deposit was zero! Sometimes I say, salary is average, but sometimes I had deposits in many. It is a point to check the values of your boyfriend ‘s money.

How about clothes? I am not listening to the sense. It is caution if there is a waste habit of buying new season new work with whole body brand goods.

Also, since there are a lot of men who wear quality items for a long time because clothes do not replace themselves, it is not stingy either, so please check your boyfriend’s tendency when shopping such as dating.

#7 know your boyfriend’s manners

It is also a checkpoint that you are outfitted with TPO.

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

You can figure out what kind of clothing you are hanging over and how much you know your boyfriend’s manners.

#8 meet your parents

It is also important to meet your parents. It is indispensable to see the environment grew and to know your boyfriend well.

How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband - © DesiSoch
How To Identify Whether My Boyfriend is My Future Husband – © DesiSoch

Children grow up watching parents. If you look at your parents, you know who you are! It goes to the conversation of parents before marriage. It is also important for you to meet with your parents on your own as you are seeing a couple who got married without any contact with your parents.

Some couples who have married without contact point set up a new house, some of their wife ‘s parents have moved away as they are completed and cohabiting has begun. As your wife, “Satisfying your dreams to live in a house of your parents’ dreams”, but how about as a husband? There is no reason not to feel resistance that righteous parents who did not have contacts live together.

It can be said that communication shortage has occurred, so we recommend that you meet your parents and listen carefully to hope after marriage.

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