How To Impress A Girl Correctly – Tips For Impressing A Girl

How To Impress A Girl Correctly – Tips For Impressing A Girl

To seduce is to score points. But how to score points without going for a big heavy and burn?

Not so long ago, I accepted the offer of a guy who was spinning around me, to take me on a motorcycle ride.

Great fan of two wheels, the idea was not without my displeasure … And as the young man in question had piqued my curiosity … why not?

It was, a priori, a very good introduction to the subject: the prospect of a ride full of emotions and thrills, glued against him, jostling to the clutch of the engine, clinging in the bends …

So here I am motivated, climbing behind him, ready to brave mountains and tides, ring road and roaring trucks.

Except that the reality was far from being at the height of what I imagined: he shook his whole body, driving at 2 per hour (although I do not ask to exceed 120km / h, but a little what!) … As he was going down, he blew a big blow as if really, the effort had been superhuman.

In the end, it was not reassuring, not exciting either, and to tell the truth, it pained me more than envy.

I felt at least as embarrassed as him. I said goodbye politely and faded without adding any more.

Honestly, it was the antithesis of a successful dredge plan. It was going well though.


Which brings us naturally to what I want to talk about in this article: impress a girl, why not …

… as long as it is well done!

Not complicated.
3 small “rules” to keep in mind to avoid the great moments of loneliness.

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Better to be safe than to crash while trying to do too much

Let’s be honest: a card trick, all con, but successful, is always better than a failed attempt, like, a motorcycle ride that gives the impression that he just passed his license 2 wheels.

If you want to impress a girl, it is in order to communicate emotions to her and to share her passion with you.

If all you manage to convey to him is nervousness and the impression that you are overwhelmed by the events … missed.

Which leads us very logically to the second council.

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No need to put your eyes on it

The man I’m talking about at the beginning of the article would have charmed me a lot by taking me to the back of his bike, his hair on the wind in the armored streets, zigzagging between passers-by to make me a little scared and guiding in front of beautiful monuments to make me smile.

What matters is not to put your eyes on it: it’s the magic of the moment that you propose to share.

The bike was not necessary, it was just an intimate moment that served as (potential) very good introduction.

More recently, another boy took me to do quad biking in the forest. Nothing as dangerous as the bike, neither very glamorous nor so impressive – well, as long as you do not get run by the country guard, all right …

But I can assure you that snuggled behind him and in front of a sunset at the top of a sandpit, I felt everything – he too.

In third and last advice, an unstoppable method that works perfectly.

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Play with humility and discretion, reveal your talents with little touches

In your opinion, which intrigues and interests the most? The one whose talents we discover little by little. Or the one who spends his time boasting or trying to sell himself as a carpet dealer?

To know how to keep a little of mystery is the key to surprise, to revive the attention. And possibly, to trigger the small “hmm” which will be decisive for the continuation.

If you arrive by revealing all your strengths at once, not only is this syndrome “peacock that makes the wheel”. But in addition, if you do not fall on a field that interests the girl, it is a fail assured.

While the same advantage, for example, breaks dancing at the right time when you come across a wild battle in the middle of the street. And not at the first meeting – at a super chic dinner – will much better its after-shock effect.

Add to that the feeling “Oh but I have many other strengths that you do not know yet” with a little mischievous naughty, and here I guarantee you concrete results.

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So we summarize.

To unveil your talents to a girl to impress her, that’s good. But do not try to aim beyond your real talents, you would risk to miss and burn yourself.
No need to do too much: simplicity works often as well – or even better – the main thing is the intensity and quality of the moment shared.
Reveal your talents by surprise: the effect will only be stronger. The boasters disappoint and pass for idiots; the discreet surprise agreeably, and marks infinitely more points.
… And of course, the more you will be in a process of personal development, the more you will accumulate the centers of interest, the more you will have facilities to score points …

Here you are! Tell us about your experiences: what are your strengths and how did you manage to place them perfectly in a game? Ladies, these tips also apply to the feminine, what do you think?

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