How to Keep a Woman Happy (and Why It’s Important to You)

How to Keep a woman happy?

Here is the question that many men ask every day and luckily you will be able to access some secrets.
Maybe you’ve already been in a Relationship for a few months or even a few years, or you’ve had a crush on a particular woman and you want to make her happy, isn’t it?

There are certain keys to action to achieve such a result: of course, wanting to stay with a woman, in the long run, is already a good thing but it is quite another to make her happy day after day.
Some even dare to say that it is a “work” of every moment and they would not have done wrong.
Every relationship requires effort and attention and a love relationship even more. But once you have learned all these keys, that you have integrated them into your habits, the reward will be worth it, you will see?

So, ready to discover the secrets to Keep a woman happy?

Keep a woman happy: She must feel special

The little touches

How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch
How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch

She must be treated like a princess. So show yourself polite and respectful, open the door for her when you go out, give her your coat when you go out, get up when she walks into a room.
These are not fakes: for her, attention really matter and that shows that you always give importance to her.

Make her laugh every day

What’s easier? When you get home after your day’s work, gentlemen, do not worry! A big smile is welcome when you walk through the apartment door. So even if you had a hard day’s work-she had probably too! – have fishing! To laugh, to discuss and to exchange: that’s what girls like.

Present it with a compliment

Saying something like “I’d like you to meet my beautiful wife” or “This is my better half” is worth a lot more than you imagine. Publicly recognizing your wife as your beloved companion for life is another sign that you value her.

Hold it when you greet

After a long day of fighting in the office and she also fighting to keep children from climbing the walls of the house, both two of you can benefit from a tender hug. Make sure you show her that you missed her and that you’re happy to meet again. Also, keep in mind that a long and affectionate kiss never hurts.

Good compliments

Do not forget – especially if your relationship lasts for a few years – to always compliment her. But do not say things in a banal way, she will guess that you do not believe it. On the contrary, to show your sincerity and your investment, make significant and truthful compliments. Adapt your speech according to the situation with “I like your hairstyle tonight” instead “you’re beautiful tonight! “.
The more you point out a detail, the better the compliment will work.

And if you want more points and Keep her happy longer, do not hesitate to compliment her in public, in front of your friends or hers, to show her your affection by taking her hand, kissing her. Real men do not fade in front of their friends to emphasize the beauty or the assets of his companion. Immediately, she will feel refreshed, fulfilled and confident enough.

Ask how you can help

If this is something new for you, your wife may come to think that you are bringing something into her hands. With a sincere will to help her, ask how you can lighten her burden. This gesture applies to much more than working in the garden. It also means being in tune with your emotional and spiritual needs. Sometimes all your wife needs is an attentive ear.

Let her choose the movie

Or, if you are playing video games or table games, let her choose. She needs to know that her opinion counts in her marriage. Taking turns with these simple options makes it easier to reach agreements on the most important decisions.

Surprise her with little details

How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch
How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch

That’s what she wants. Girls reserve the surprise of a romantic weekend, a picnic in the forest, a bike ride … Girls are the fan of planning like this! In addition, it’s simple as everything.

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Share with her the management of the home

Important, gentlemen! A man who does not put his hand in the dough, it makes you hysterical. This is also one of the main causes of dispute in a couple, so to cut, share with us the household chores. Ironing, cleaning, shopping, cooking: it’s everyone’s business!

A thought for her

If you have been together for a while, it is possible, if not very likely, that you forget to make her understand how special she is to you. As soon as you think about her, tell her: send him an SMS, an email, leave him a post-it on his desk to tell him. Never forget to say hello in the morning, to kiss her: a woman always appreciates knowing that she is the first thing you think about when you start your day.

Spontaneity as hell!

For a woman to be happy, she must be surprised. Remember your first moments when you started, she loved when you suddenly made some crazy decisions, that you take her out of her comfort zone. Surprise her with flowers, with sweet words, small gifts, take her to dinner in a chic restaurant, go for a day or a weekend without Planning! Always choose a beautiful place because it will associate it with the image that you have of her of your relationship.

Do not forget important dates

If there is anything that All women like, is that You have to remember important dates. At least her birthday!

Share your passions

There are couples who complement each other divinely and who have exactly the same interests and others who have different passions. Gentlemen, try to make her happy, even if her passion is not necessarily your cup of tea!

Help her and advise her

In the same way that you have to listen to her, allocate some of your time to help her and advise her when she needs it. Take this role of man to heart and give importance to her anxieties and stress.

Forgive her

How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch
How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch

If your wife forgot to prepare lunch or accidentally broke the remote control of the TV: forgive her. After all, she is a human too? Take into account everything you do well and let small mistakes happen. You are not perfection in person either.

Give your hand in public

Some women are less prone to public displays of affection, but as appropriate, take and shake their hand. With the certainty that you are proud of her, your wife will walk higher, and with a slightly larger smile.

Write love letters

You do not have to be Shakespeare; here the intention is what counts. Concentrate on the specific things you like about her, such as the wrinkle that forms on her nose when she laughs or how she always finds the positive side of every situation. You can hide your love letter in her make-up bag, under her pillow, or in some other place where she can discover it. You will see how your wife is happy with this pleasant surprise.

Be a man and open the door

The chivalry has not died. Whenever possible, open the door gallantly to take care of your mistress. Most likely she grew up wanting to be a princess, then, be her prince.

Book one day a week to go out on dates

In a fast and demanding world, it is easy to get caught up in the many responsibilities such as children, work, community, extended family and even responsibilities in the church. Choose a special night a week just for the two of you. It does not have to be a costly or extravagant exit. You just have to make an effort to pamper her and court her, as you did when you were dating.

Accompany her to go shopping without cheating

If there is anything that is putting you off, go shopping with her. In reality, Girls would love that from time to time you accompany her … without complaining!

Laughter is a guarantee of success

Of course, you all know the saying “woman who laughs, woman half in bed”. Even if it’s a little cliche, it’s very important to make her laugh because it indicates that she appreciates your humor, that she feels good with you, with confidence and that she always wants to share good times with you. Do not necessarily tell bad jokes to make her laugh, find your natural humor. If you know his type of humor, it’s even easier!

She must trust you

A fulfilling and confident woman is a happy woman.

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Good to mention friends

In order for her to trust you, a happy woman needs to know what you think of women around you, your friends as well as hers. If there is one advice to follow, it is never to compliment the physical attributes of another woman before the woman of your heart. If you feel like expressing something nice about it, talk to him about a trait of his personality.

How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch
How to Keep a Woman Happy © DesiSoch

The woman who cares for you is wary of other women so do not hesitate to highlight it in front of other women and your female friendships will be more easily accepted.

The freedom in the first place

Whatever the subject, no matter how difficult it is to say things, a woman needs to be told the truth. Even if it’s hard sometimes to hear, she will prefer that you show sincere and honest towards her, it is a pledge of confidence.

To know how to confide

A happy woman is also a woman who feels valuable, who knows that she is your female alter ego. For her, knowing that you can rest on her shoulders from time to time will value and reassure her.

Do not hesitate to confide in her, to open you.

In return, she gives you her secrets and there is no question, of course, to disclose them. Show him a facet of your personality that few people know.

To be right in his boots

For a woman to be confident, you have to be happy, there must be a sense of transparency in your relationship. So, whether it’s on social networks or your phone contacts, make sure you know that you’re with a woman, show that you’re proud of her, she will only be more affected.

The white knight

Finally, for a woman to be always happy, simply take her defense, especially in public. Be this knight servant who comes to rescue her: even if she denies it, in her very depths she will be all the happier and happier, even proud. If someone teases her, make up her mind: a happy woman needs to know that her man is supporting her.

Then yes :

Making a woman happy requires effort …
… and work but it’s really worth it.

Remember that she will always appreciate what is romantic in her eyes so keep being in that spirit. Each woman is unique, it is not possible for you to treat the woman with whom you are currently like the previous one.
Recognize your needs, your desires as unique and you’ll already be on the right track!

Good luck x

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