How To Know if She Loves Me – The Complete Guide (And 12 Signs That Do Not Deceive)

How To Know if She Loves Me – The Complete Guide.

It’s not always easy to know when a girl likes to seduce for pleasure or if she really loves you.

Yet, there are signs that do not deceive and that can allow you to know it. Admittedly, each woman is different and will not behave in the same way according to her temperament and according to the circumstances.

There is still one thing you have to be careful about with a girl is that she can often try to make you believe something when she thinks the opposite.

Like she can purposely ignore you to pretend that you’re not interested in her, but it’s actually the opposite …

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Analyze the signs she sends you

A girl may be interested in you and want to know more about you without it necessarily means that she loves you. On the other hand, it could actually be a sign that she loves you but it is not enough to be sure.

Be careful because she might just be interested in you friendly. It can be a very sociable girl who has easy contact or who likes to make friends of all genders.

In parallel, she could actually really love you by seeking to know you more intimately but do not worry, we will dissect other signs to know she loves you.

By the way, when you are interested in her, analyze her behavior. See if she is engaged with you with reserve or if she feels comfortable and gives you personal things about her life.

Of course, here too you have to be careful especially if you have a shy girl in front of you who does not give up easily.

On the other hand, if a girl specifies that she tells you something she has never told anyone, there you can be sure that she loves you because this detail makes all the difference.

A girl in love with a man gives her things that she does not even trust her best friends, know it.

Know that if she loves you, she will send you signals to make you understand but often, the girl waits for the guy to take the first step, especially to confess his love.

Observe his behavior

If a girl loves you, she will flirt with you.

She will laugh with you, she will be tactile (depending on her temperament because it’s true, all the girls are not tactile), she will tease you and appreciate that you tease her.

Of course, be careful because it is also possible that it is a girl who just likes to play knowing that you like it without being in love with you.

In the same way, a girl could be in love with you without necessarily showing any sign of flirtation with you.

Pay attention to body language, which says a lot more than you think. If the girl is distant, cross her arms, do not look in your eyes, then there is very little chance for her to be in love with you.

On the other hand, if she is physically close to you, her arms do not form an obstacle between you and her looks you in the eyes, it is very likely that she is in love with you.

Be careful, again, if it’s a shy girl, she might have a hard time looking you in the eye while being in love with you.

It is also possible that a girl loves you and is distant simply because she is nervous and she needs you to reassure her.

If you have the opportunity to observe with others, try to see if it behaves with you as with others. It will help you a lot if she likes you or if you are just a friend to her.

Regarding her dress and overall appearance, if she likes you, she will always make sure to be well dressed. Without necessarily exaggerating but she will wish to highlight for you to find it pretty, of course.

Know if she loves me: Go straight to the point

It’s interesting to analyze the signs she sends you and observe her behavior, but if you still ask yourself this question, “how do you know if she loves me? Then go straight to the point, dear friend.

Propose him to go out both. The idea is that you both spend time getting to know you better.

If you can, try to find information on social networks to see if it shows that she is interested in another guy that you or if, indeed, she seems to post photos with you or talk about you or react to your own publications.

If you have friends in common, do not hesitate to pull the worms to try to find out more but be careful with this because you must remain discreet so that we do not repeat that you are investigating his feelings toward you.

Flirt with her openly. Do not go like a big nag. Take your time and be delicate but explicit. Be a little touchy then more and more until you take her in your arms and see if she shares, appreciates and gives you this hug.

Finally, ask the question squarely if the situation lends itself. Do this only if you feel comfortable doing it. Do not force yourself. Everything depends on your state of mind, his and the moment.

If you do not dare or do not want to ask the question directly, then do not do it. On the other hand, if you think it’s the right moment, ask him to have a clear heart.

If not, give him some poles to make him say that she loves you if that is the case.

It’s the attention that counts, big and small

A girl who looks for you and wants to be with you, often, very often, all the time, it is already very positive. Even better if she wants to introduce you to her friends and spend time with them and you simultaneously.

Above all, it’s the attention that matter, big and small, like sending you a message when thinking about you or calling to find out if you’ve had a good day, for example.

Or, if she gives you a gift, without any particular occasion but simply to make you happy.

How To Know if She Loves Me - The Complete Guide (And 12 Signs That Do Not Deceive) © DesiSoch
How To Know if She Loves Me – The Complete Guide (And 12 Signs That Do Not Deceive) © DesiSoch

If she loves you, she will encourage you to do what you love, which makes you happy, whatever it may be. She will always be there to support you and take an interest in you, your loved ones and your life in general.

She will want to do projects with you and will project with you in the course, medium and long-term. Go on vacation together, live together, have children maybe.

And then, of course, if she shows that she wants you, in addition to the previous signs is that she is clearly in love with you.

She loves you so much Because …

  • constantly wants to see you, to talk to you, to hear you, to spend time with you.
  • She feels good with you and wants to introduce you to her loved ones.
  • does everything to please you and encourage you in all projects and activities that are important to you.
  • She is at your service at any time of day or night.
  • accepts you with your faults and your qualities.
  • She does not hide your existence or your relationship with her friends, family and loved ones in general.
  • always gives you time in her schedule even though she is busy.
  • She introduces you to her family, coworkers, and strangers like her boyfriend.
  • She sees her future with you.
  • feels proud when she is at your side when you are both, when you go out and when you are in the company of other people.
  • She wants to live with you, to have children with you or simply to have a project of common life with you.

Of course, she clearly tells you that she loves you.

In the end, there are many small and large sign that indicates that she loves you but sometimes it can not be explained but most of all, it feels.

When you are with her, you can read in her eyes what she feels for you and believe me, if she loves you, you will have absolutely no doubt about it and you will be certain.

Love can not hide so if you have doubts. I would not tell you to give up because everything depends on the character of the girl in front of you. On the other hand, be direct and make sure to have an answer to your question.

How To Know if She Loves Me - The Complete Guide (And 12 Signs That Do Not Deceive) © DesiSoch
How To Know if She Loves Me – The Complete Guide (And 12 Signs That Do Not Deceive) © DesiSoch

Do not neglect any sign and be receptive to this girl’s behavior towards you. When you are together but also when you are separated.

A girl who loves you will show you in a thousand ways with gestures and moments that do not deceive.

Again, if an ”  I love you  ” seems to be the most explicit evidence that she loves you, it’s not the only indicator.

Some girls are more or less comfortable with words while others are more or less comfortable with their behavior and gestures.

That’s why it’s so important to get to know this girl to better understand her actions towards you.

If you know her character and her way of reacting to specific situations. You will know more easily and more quickly if she likes you. Without knowing a girl, it is difficult to know if she is in love with you because it may be the case or not.

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Do you spot any signs lately of this girl who pleases you? Do you fall for someone? Tell us all in a comment. But the big question is: are you finally going to act? 😉

Good luck.

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