How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents

Make A Good First Impression On His Parents:

You have approached and seduced, life is beautiful, birds sing, you are happy.

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Yes, but here she makes you the proposal that terrifies you, you will have to meet his parents and seduce them if you do not want to spend future family meals in a tense atmosphere. Here’s how to help you.

1. Before the meeting

The meeting of the beautiful family is prepared in the same way as an appointment.

First of all do not come empty-handed, it’s very rude (it works everywhere friends, family …, huh). You come for a meal, take the bread normally you do not risk unpleasant surprises as with a dish or dessert (allergies, ingredients they do not like, etc.). If you are a connoisseur and you want to take a little risk, take the wine, but personally I do not recommend, I’ll explain why later.

How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com
How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com

Then ask your girlfriend, in broad outline, about the activities that your in-laws love. This will allow you to ask them questions and so as not to give this meeting the pattern of a one-way interrogation.

Wear something appropriate.

After, as one would say at Mcdo: “come as you are” yes but clean and neat all the same! Put on clothes that you like, that are clean, well tuned, non-vulgar and that showcase you.

So do not put on a suit because you know that step-dad is wearing it, while you hate it. Know how to express your tastes and opinions.

Be careful to avoid “vulgar” clothes. I explain, in a guy, there is less than a girl, so here is the only male example that comes to me: the pants down the ass. It’s ugly, it looks like you shit on it and finally, it’s 13 years old teen (yes I too had this period when I was wearing that).
For girls, as in everyday life, in fact, you have to choose either short up or short down. So, even if it would be very nice to step-dad, not a neckline and shorts with the string that exceeds (to caricature).

Finally, relax and forget all the jokes and other stories that we have told you about the mothers and company. Or do you remember mine, my mother, my father, my grandparents, and I all got along or got on very well with our in-laws? Do the same.

2. Seduce first the brothers and sisters

The sisters of your girlfriend will be easier to seduce than her parents (well, the brothers too, but I have not experienced it, my girlfriend has only two sisters).


The parents have, even the coolest, a defense mechanism against guys who will “take” their daughter. While normally the sisters do not have one.

So by the time you find yourself with parents and siblings, you are already avoiding potential obstacles that you might create.
How to seduce them? Ask them questions about their passions. Always keep in mind that everyone’s favorite subject is yourself, so use this advantage.

3. The in-laws

Let’s tackle the hard part now.

First of all, bet on the first impression by being courteous and friendly. Basically say hello looking at the father in the eyes and squeezing his hand firmly (be careful not to Show-off and grind his fingers), putting your hand on the shoulder of the mother if you do him the kiss, and last but not least have THE SMILE!

Be full of joy and good humor because no one likes soft and jaded rags.

Follow the house rules. 

At the level of alcohol, here is why I advise against bringing wine, at least the first time. At a time when another, someone will ask you if you want to drink something and will surely offer you alcohol. Here is the same rule as on building sites, refuse and take something without alcohol.

How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com
How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com

Why? Because no one likes alcoholics, let alone if they go to their daughter. So yes, you can have a drink without necessarily being addicted to alcohol, however at least the first time you score points by saying a simple “no thanks, just water/fruit juice/coke / …”

Don’t pretend to be someone else.

When they ask you questions, do not try to impress them. These people are older than you and therefore have more experiences than you. If you want to fart higher than your ass, you will, at one time or another, put yourself in your place and with reason and more.

So when they question you about your activities, your passions, show you passionate about what you say and practice, but be humble.

How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com
How To Make A Good First Impression On His Parents © DesiSoch.Com

There I will please those who love “mathematical seduction”, there is a rule to never transgress whatever the situation: Do not talk or do not hear sexual adventures that you would have had with their daughter.

At best, they are very cool and you will only embarrass your girlfriend, which is not done. At worst, in addition, too uncomfortable your girlfriend, it will be the last time you will see them. So no hints.

Finally, a last rule of politeness, do not delay until their hour at home. Even if they like you, they also have the right to be quietly at home. So if you see that it’s getting late, even if they suggest you stay, pretend something to do to leave, so you’ll stay on a good note.

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Make A Good First Impression On His Parents-The Conclusion!

Maintaining good relations with your in-laws is a minimum if you value your girlfriend. It’s her family, so do not denigrate her and try to make these encounters funnier and happier.

How are you, with your beautiful family? Rather in the stereotype of the mother-in-law, or in pleasant relationships? Tell us all this in a comment;)

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