How To Make Your Wife Happy? Things that Matter Most to Her!

How To Make Your Wife Happy? Things that Matter Most to Her!

Have you been educated since your childhood, that your role in life is to make your wife happy? Who told you that? Is it your mother and all the other women?

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How many times have you heard arguments among you men about complaints that your wives did not make you happy? Very rarely, is it? Do you think it’s your responsibility to make your wife happy?

I tell you one thing, the highest choice in a relationship of love, is not always the one that seems to serve another person. In fact, giving oneself priority is not selfishness, it is self-awareness.

What matters in a relationship of love is to be self-aware

When I find myself in relation to my wife, what matters to me most is what I am doing, thinking, doing, wanting, asking, giving, creating, looking for, feeling. It is the consciousness of myself and not the forgetfulness of myself.

I am concerned not about my wife, but about me, only me.

It may seem odd or totally stupid to me because you have been educated that the highest form of love is to care for the other.

But by focusing on the other, so being obsessed by your wife, that’s what destroys romantic relationships. I understand that what my wife is doing, choosing, being, having, saying, feeling, wanting, does not matter.

All that matters is what I am, in relation to that.

If you and I are in the relationship and I tell you, that love is to serve the other, to do things for the other, then will you lose your life performing, forcing yourself to serve the other? And the other, who is he? It’s me, is not it?

So, am I using you, manipulating you to get my selfish desires?

The most amiable being is one who is centered, self-aware

People love each other instead of loving each other

To be centered, to be conscious of oneself in a romantic relationship or any other relationship may seem something very radical in relation to established habits, to the values of our society.

How To Make Your Wife Happy? Things that Matter Most to Her! © DesiSoch
How To Make Your Wife Happy? Things that Matter Most to Her! © DesiSoch

But if you observe, if you look carefully without judgment, then you will discover that it is simple and healthy.

If you can not love yourself, then how can you love another person? If you are not aware of yourself, how can you be aware of your wife?

Many people make the mistake of seeking self-love through the love of another. Obviously, they are not aware of it, because it happens in their unconsciousness, which has been conditioned since their childhood.

In fact, you think you have to love each other so that you can love yourself. In this way, you believe that you are worthy to be loved, and thus to be able to love you.

Yet the opposite is happening because many people hate each other because they feel like nobody likes them.

What is the real purpose of the relationship?

Almost everyone who enters into a romantic relationship has their belief, what they can get from each other to be happy, rather than what they can bring.

They want to make a partnership, make an exchange with conditions, hoping that everything is bigger than the sum of the two parts, but they discover that it is much less.

As they are waiting for each other to bring something, then very few actions on their part are undertaken, very few initiatives on their part are launched.

In fact, they gave up most of themselves in order to be and stay together.

But the purpose of a relationship is not that, it is rather to choose what part of yourself you would like to see, and not what part of the other you can control, take and remember.

Do not forget yourself in a relationship

It is very romantic for a woman to say that she was nothing before the arrival of this extraordinary man, but it is not true. In addition, it imposes on man incredible pressure, unbearable obligations, so that he is all kinds of things that he is not, in the name of love.

Not wanting to disappoint his wife, the man makes great efforts to be and do all this, until he can do more. He can no longer complete the image that the woman makes of him. He can no longer fulfill the roles to which he has been assigned. Resentment and injustice rise to a high level. Anger follows to protect her self-esteem.

Finally, in order to save himself and save the relationship, the man begins to resume his true nature and acts more according to his interests as well. His life is important and his role is not to make his wife happy, but to be happy first.

It is at this moment that the woman says that her man has really changed and tries to manipulate him, to judge him, to criticize him, to deny him to satisfy his own interests, regardless of the man.

Know yourself in action, which is the relationship

Human relationships provide the greatest opportunity and the only one, to be able to create and produce the experience of who you are and to know each other. They fail when you consider them the greatest chance, the highest idea you have of another.

If everyone in a relationship cared about themselves, was aware of himself, then all personal relationships would wonderfully fulfill their role and serve people.

That each person in the relationship is concerned not with the other, but only, alone, only with herself.

And it is by freely choosing a state of being and experiencing it in relation to another, that people evolve in consciousness and love each other.

The words of love without kind actions in complete freedom, therefore without obligations or conditions or impositions, do not love.

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Our advice to make a woman happy!

You are crazy in love with your partner and what you want above all is to make her happy! We give you some simple keys to touch it in the heart.


Act as if there were only here on earth. When you speak, devour her with your eyes and be attentive to her when she speaks to you. Say positive words and avoid negative words. Speak clearly so that no shadow remains between you. Call her by the pretty names she likes (my love, etc.)


Spend time talking together. The dialogue is fundamental to get to know the other, to know what makes him happy … Similarly, a woman has a vital need to speak to pour out, to feel confident, to talk about her moods. Listening and support are needed to feel loved and respected. It’s just as important to speak, just for the sake of talking … and communicating your joy of being together. Remind him of your best memories together (women love this!). Evoke your future. Pleasure, smile, and laugh.


This may seem obvious but it is essential to insist on this point: it is essential to show a woman that you love him, by words, but also by gestures! On the one hand, it will reassure her but also, she will tell herself that she is really lucky … Attention, prove that you like it is translated by showing him your desire but also by gestures and words simple. What matters is to show him physically that you hold to her, by linking the word to the gesture.

For example: Hug her and say “I love being with you”, “I like to hold you in my arms”, “My darling to me” … To make her melt more, do this when she does not do not expect it too much, for example when she is shopping while looking at a shop window when she queues in a shop … You get behind her and then surround her by the waist with your arm, you make him a little kiss in the neck and you whisper in his ear “I love to take you in my arms …”

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Propose him to bed to press against you WITHOUT asking him to make love. Most of the time, in a bed, she assimilates the relationship with the sexual act because that’s what happens (so, you show him that in a bed, you do not think of it only to satisfy your desires). On the other hand, thanks to that you will reinforce your power of attraction with your girlfriend … It is necessary to let desire rise in it instead of rushing it.

Now you?

What are your feelings that resonate the most with what is written? Leave me your comments to better listen to your concerns.

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