Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions

Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions

When we start going out with someone or falling in love, we always want and need to know more about each other, whether it is out of curiosity, to know him better or to test him and break into day his personality. Sometimes, our curiosity is satisfied naturally, in ordinary conversations, while others arise spontaneously, and that is when the best questions to ask during a date come! Questions to ask to know a person, to flirt or even to “heat” in the most intense moments … all are essential during a date with the one who makes you crack and arouse your curiosity! So here, on all things, over 200 best questions to ask during a date!

Questions to ask to know someone

Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch
Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch

If you want to know more about your date, some questions are absolutely perfect, for example:

  1. Where would you like to be in 5 years?
  2. What’s your biggest dream?
  3. What do you really like to do in life?
  4. What would be the trip of your dreams?
  5. What is most important to you in life?
  6. Are you more like winter or summer? Why?
  7. If you had to leave without looking back and leave everything behind you except 5 things, what would you take with you?
  8. What cannot you stop taking with you when you go out?
  9. What’s your favorite food?
  10. Is there someone really special for you? Why?
  11. Do you think you have real friends?
  12. If you could change your appearance, who would you be? (object, person, animal)
  13. If tomorrow you won the lottery, what would you do first?
  14. How would you describe yourself in three adjectives?
  15. Could you tell me a great moment and a really bad of your life?
  16. What kind of father/mother do you think you will be?
  17. Do you have a name idea for your future children?
  18. Do you believe infidelity for life?
  19. What do you think of polygamy?
  20. If you could travel back in time, where would you stop first?
  21. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  22. Do you believe in destiny?
  23. Do you remember something that you wanted terribly as a child and that you know you will never get today?
  24. Enlace for 5 seconds or kiss 1 second?
  25. Can you keep the secrets?
  26. What is your happiest childhood memory?
  27. What is the best decision you made in life?
  28. What is love for you?
  29. Your biggest fear?
  30. You regret something in life?
  31. What would you change at home?
  32. How do you prefer to receive affection?
  33. Have you ever felt the shame of your life?
  34. Would you forgive infidelity?
  35. When was the last time you cried?
  36. What do you think couples who have a Facebook account for two?
  37. What is your favorite drink?
  38. What would you do if you found a suitcase full of money in the street?
  39. Resto or dinner by candlelight?
  40. Does money make happiness?
  41. What was the worst time of your life?
  42. What is your favorite app?
  43. Do you believe in soul mates?
  44. First kiss at what age? And the true kiss?
  45. Money or love?
  46. Who knows you best in life?
  47. What is your biggest fault?
  48. You already hurt someone?
  49. If you were an animal, what would it be?
  50. What do you spend the most money on?
  51. Funny questions to ask a girl or a guy: Would you prefer …?

If your intention is to break the ice, the funny questions are absolutely ideal during a date! Here are some ideas:

You would prefer …

  1. Steal or be invisible?
  2. Know the day or the cause of your death?
  3. Badly kissing or doing badly in oral sex?
  4. Love or money to infinity?
  5. Make love to someone who enjoys 5 seconds or 5 hours?

Best couple questions to ask

Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch
Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch

If you want to know how your partner sees you and how he or she perceives your relationship, ask questions such as:

  1. When you saw me for the first time, what did you prefer?
  2. What do you feel when you kiss?
  3. What is most important to you in a relationship?
  4. What would you never forgive me?
  5. Which song would best describe our relationship?
  6. What makes you the craziest at home?
  7. What would you like to do with me?
  8. Can you imagine how in 10 years?
  9. What is the first film we saw together?
  10. Do you dream of me sometimes?
  11. What is your idea of a romantic night?
  12. A woman must be …?
  13. What would you change at home?
  14. What are you afraid of in relation to our relationship?
  15. How would you describe our relationship in ONE WORD?
  16. What is our difference that you like the most?
  17. What would be your perfect destination for our honeymoon?
  18. Would you leave me the last piece of pizza?
  19. Do you remember the last time we made love?
  20. If our story was a film, what would it be?
  21. Can I call you when you’re upset?
  22. What would you never want to do as a couple?
  23. The most romantic between you and me?
  24. Do you remember our first fight?
  25. The questions “Which of us …”

The couple questions ” Which of us two … ” are great for interaction and getting to know each other better as a couple. This is also a great idea for couples who like to make video clips and answer each other like that. Some ideas :

Which of us…

  1. Laugh at his own joke?
  2. Speak the most all alone?
  3. Forget important appointments?
  4. Arrive late?
  5. Do the most scenes?
  6. Cry in public transport?
  7. Can fall asleep anywhere?
  8. Would jump in parachutes?
  9. can drop a diet from the first day?
  10. would be crushed by a bus?
  11. Would be imprisoned?
  12. Survive a zombie attack?
  13. Would become SDF?
  14. Would eat only sweet?
  15. Irait on the moon?
  16. Would sleep 12 hours in a row?
  17. Hold your breath for a long time?
  18. Would succeed his maths BAC?
  19. Would you break your mouth in the street?
  20. Would finish the marathon alive?
  21. Would make friends by drinking only milk?
  22. Would win Secret Story?
  23. Would become a millionaire?
  24. Would adopt 8 kittens?
  25. Would become a vegetarian?
  26. Would keep calm in a tense situation?
  27. Does a drama of not much?
  28. Would you kiss a toad?
  29. Forget about hunting?
  30. Would agree to pose naked?
  31. Would become famous on the internet?
  32. Would become Youtuber?
  33. Go out in the street in pajamas? (but I would not scrape, no, I would not scrap, I would not scrap …)
  34. Is sick in the evening?
  35. Would win the lottery?
  36. Would open a restaurant?
  37. Would have a car accident?

Questions to see if he knows us/she knows us

Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch
Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch

The best way for you to know if she really knows you! Here are the best questions about you to ask on your date:

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  1. What do you prefer at home?
  2. Why do you love Me? (Why not ?…)
  3. What did you think of me the first time?
  4. Do you remember what I wore the first time we met?
  5. What is my favorite color?
  6. My Astro sign?
  7. Which part of my body do you prefer?
  8. How would you describe my way of kissing?
  9. What smell do I have?
  10. What would you change at home?
  11. What food do I not support?
  12. My favorite song?
  13. My favorite book?
  14. What am I most afraid of?
  15. Did I ever do something that made you feel ashamed?
  16. My middle name?
  17. The first name I like the least?
  18. The gift you preferred from me?
  19. If I were a dessert, what would I be?
  20. Is there something in your room that would surprise me?
  21. If I were an animal, which one would I be?
  22. Do you feel like one of my friends does not like you?
  23. The most beautiful thing I told you?
  24. What do I miss most in life?
  25. If I could travel back in time, when would I stop?
  26. When I’m cold, so I sleep with or without socks?
  27. What could not you do for me?
  28. If I could have a great power, what would it be?

Hot questions to ask his girlfriend / her boyfriend

Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch
Questions To Ask On First Date Conversation Starters, Dating Conversation Questions © DesiSoch

If you want to know your girlfriend/boyfriend intimately, her fantasies and hidden desires, ask questions, such as:

  1. What parts of your body are the most sensitive and erogenous?
  2. At what age did you start masturbating?
  3. Which part of my body do you prefer?
  4. How do you imagine a perfect night of love?
  5. What makes you crazy in bed?
  6. Would you like me…?
  7. Do you have sexual fantasies?
  8. What would you like to try that you’ve never done?
  9. What did you think when you saw me naked for the first time?
  10. Favorite sexual position?
  11. If you could ask me anything in bed, what would you ask me now?
  12. Sex with another woman?
  13. Just the threesome?
  14. Would you go to a swinger club with me?
  15. Have you ever had the fantasy of imagining myself with someone else?
  16. What sex toy would you like to use?
  17. What kind of lingerie would you really like to wear?
  18. Intimate gel for chills or for heating?
  19. Make love under the candles or at dawn of the day?
  20. Above or below with me?
  21. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  22. In what unusual place would you like to make love?
  23. Where do you prefer massages?
  24. What was your last erotic dream?
  25. How was your first time?
  26. Sex on the beach under the stars or in a comfortable bed?
  27. Morning blowjob or after a day of work?
  28. Between 4 walls, everything is possible?
  29. Black kiss?
  30. What do you like to listen to during sex?
  31. Sex cam already tempted?
  32. Have you already sent nudes?
  33. Give or receive oral sex?
  34. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
  35. Already been caught red-handed in action?
  36. What is your secret to make me cum?
  37. Kiss in the blow or breathing in the ear?
  38. Sexy panties or anything below?
  39. How would you like to take me there right away?
  40. Dominate or be dominated?
  41. Which part do you think is my favorite when you kiss me?
  42. What do you think about anal sex?
  43. A highlight of your sex life?
  44. Size and measurements STP?
  45. What would you never do in bed?

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