How to Seduce A Girl Over SMS (practical examples)

How to chat a girl by SMS? How to make him want to go further with you? At any time propose the ‘famous’ first date?

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If you want to get answers to all these questions, especially, read on!

The question “How to seduce a girl over SMS?”Comes back very often. First of all, I would like to point out some mistakes that are often reproduced by seductive apprentices:

Steal a phone number.

It’s when you ask someone to spin you a girl’s number. Unless you are 7 years old, do not do this bullshit. Be a man, have the balls of going to see a girl to take her phone number.

Take action. Prove that you are a man, a real one.

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Thinking that the ultimate goal is to take a girl’s number.

So no, a girl does not fit a series of numbers. It must spark your interest. To absolutely get a girl’s number will not bring you anything.

Get to know women Be a gentleman, be interested in them. This is the best way to go further with women.

Send anything in your messages.

Many men do not know what to send by text message. They use ready-made phrases, reviews hundreds of times: “Hi how are you? ” “What are you doing? “ How are you doing with this nice weather? “.

If you do not know what to send, do not send anything at all.
But then, how to Seduce a girl over SMS?
It is very simple.

It is necessary to use the SMS method. This acronym stands for:

  • S for simple.
  • M for mysterious.
  • S for sexy.

Do not forget to sexualize the conversation. This is how you will make him want to go further with you.

After talking about mistakes to avoid, here are my tips to help you better chat by SMS:

How to seduce a girl over SMS © DesiSoch.Com
How to seduce a girl over SMS © DesiSoch.Com

1) Innovate for your first message.

Send a first message such as: ” I just met a cute squirrel, which made me think of you … “

When the girl reads this message, she will wonder where you are and why this squirrel made you think of her. You give him several poles for the conversation. This will start the dialogue in a different way than with a stupid “ hi how are you?” “.

2) Ask open questions.

It’s not about harassing her a whole evening. Ask two questions, no more. The text messages are not made to hold long conversations, but only to tease her a little and arouse her curiosity.

Here is an example :

What is the song that sums up your life? “. Send this text to a time when she does not expect it. She will answer you, and the conversation will start.

You can ask a second open question, for example:
“If you moved somewhere in the world to live 6 months, where would you go? “. This question will allow you to talk about travels, adventures, dreams …

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3) Close the conversation.

After reading the woman’s answer, you can send her:
” Super interesting conversation, we need to pursue her around a cappuccino next week, I’m free Tuesday and Wednesday (give two alternatives)”. You will pass for someone busy who will not always be available for her.

Take action, do not delay your exchanges by SMS, you will only waste time. The messages are simply meant to stir the curiosity of the other to make him want to see you in real life.

4) Sexualize the conversation.

Here is an example to sexualize a conversation by SMS:
If you had to spend 24 hours in the skin of a guy, what would you do? “.

95% of the girls I asked this question said: I would sleep with a girl to find out what it’s like.

You can continue asking her when was the last time she kissed someone if she kisses well … You have to tease her, provoke her by telling her, for example, that you kiss her better than she does. Be mysterious, simple and do not eternalize by SMS!

By adopting these 4 tips, you will have many more facilities to chat over SMS.

I will not leave you before giving you this last tip:

The technique of the mirror.

If the girl takes 4 hours to answer you, do the same. You will not go for the death of hunger, but for a busy man.

With all these examples of SMS, you will have the cards in hand to better chat by texting. Be aware that these messages have been tested and approved. It’s not the Deutsche Qualität, but the DesiSoch Qualität is even better.

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Questions of the day:

Which text message do you prefer to send to a girl? Do you have a particular method for messages?

Leave a comment at the bottom of the page. As I often say, the best tips appear in conversations. We must help each other, we progress faster together.

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Thank you for your fidelity, stay a gentleman and see you soon!

Deepak, your coach who is texting

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