Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women?

Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women?

What is a shit test? Why do they exist? How to answer it? These are the questions we will answer this article!

Women have a natural power of seduction on men. This may explain why men are, in the vast majority of cases, having to take the first step. Looking back, one could even observe that women spend their time putting sticks in the wheels of men, to see which one will reach them.

And the ultimate stick that loves to use women to destabilize us is the shittest! The good punchline that you do not expect and get caught in the teeth. Still, everything was going well! Why seek to destabilize us? What is the point?

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That’s good, that’s exactly what we will see in this article!

What is a shit test

Definition of the shit Test

The shit test comes from an English expression or “shit”, refers to the speakers. This expression refers to men who can tell anything to achieve their goal. The shit test is a way used by women, to destabilize men, to detect the talkers.

When are they used?

Shit tests can be used at different times. For example, they can be used by women from the beginning of an interaction. And this, to test if you have the necessary value to discuss with them.

But they can also occur during your meeting. When the woman with whom you share a moment, begins to want you but wonders if she does not make a mistake … Are you a serious suitor?

And where they hurt the most, just before concluding … When everything went well, you kiss her (or sleep with), but she tells you, “I’m not sure that it is a good idea “or” you’re too old for me “.

What is a shit test for?

As we told you right before, the shit tests are used to flush out the speakers. But how do they work? It’s pretty simple to understand. Shit tests play on the factor of ego and self-esteem. This is why shit tests are generally offensive, even humiliating.

Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch
Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch

You have to see the shit test as filters. Each shit test filters a number of men until there is only one suitor.

The purpose of a shit test is to destabilize men to make them lose their cool. All men who have failed to keep their cool are then rejected and only those who have kept their self-control can go further.

By the way, speaking of going further … One could even say that shit tests are used by women, to draw a psychological portrait of us and observe our compatibility of the moment with her. Shit tests allow them to know if we are looking for a serious relationship or a one-night adventure. Thanks to the shit test, women can choose men who have the same desires as theirs, without going for their a ****

How to respond to a shit test?

Now that we have seen what a shit test was and what it was for, we will see how to respond to it as best as we can! Do not worry, anything complicated. The hard part is going to be to maintain a certain control over your emotions and impulses.

Women are emotional

Before you explain how to respond to a shit test, we must remember that women are different from men. As we had already discussed in the video ” Better understanding women “, women are more emotional, than rational. You must use this knowledge to your advantage!

Women do not expect a logical answer to their shit test. When they say to you “you often approach girls like that,” they do not want to hear you pulling out a logically oiled argument. No. They want to be destabilized by your spread!

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Do not be logical

We will now focus on how to respond to a shit test. And the first advice we will give you is not to be logical! Because if you are logical, women will not understand. What they expect is an answer that gives them an emotion!

Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch
Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch

For that, you have to have the distribution and handle the humor, the exaggeration, the attenuation, the teasing, etc … with a certain talent (but remember that the talent is 99% of work).

To be as clear as possible, we will give you an example:

Respond to a logical shit test:

She: ” It’s going too fast between us … “

You: ” You are right. If you prefer we can take our time and wait for you to be ready »

Respond to a shit test in an illogical way:

She: ” It’s going too fast between us … “

You: ” At the same time, I took a subscription to the fiber, the opposite would be annoying! Are you still shooting on 56k you? “

In the two examples we gave you, you can see the difference between the two answers. The first is logical, kind, submissive, desperate to achieve its goal. While the other is absurd and funny. It purposely misinterprets the statement, to impose another frame and start over on something else. The shit test is passed in the second example.

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Respond to the shit test with a counter-foot

Another way to respond to the shit test is to take it against the grain. Small reminder, a counter-foot is when we go in the opposite direction of a proposed direction. For that, it’s quite simple, just answer the opposite of what we expect.

Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch
Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch

We will give you an example to understand:

She: ” You’re too old for me … “

You: ” It is especially that you are too young for me, I can not afford to flirt with a girl of your age? “

Be careful when using counter-feet to respond to girls’ shit tests. You must always stay positive and keep smiling. At no time should you show pressure and become aggressive.

The goal is not to contradict to be right but to contradict (with humor) to create doubt. Which is totally different.

what to say about a shit test

Return the question or move on
If you are caught unprepared and fail to answer a shit test from nowhere, for example:

She: ” What are you looking for as a relationship? “

You can afford a little digression … As for example, return the question to give you time to think and choose a good answer.

You: ” Good question, what are you looking for as a relationship? “

But you can also not answer the shittest and move on by changing or changing the subject. Example:

You: ” I especially want to become the right person before trying to meet her, not you?

This way, you will show that you pass the tests correctly and that you are not a talker!

Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch
Shit Test: How To Respond To This Trap Set By Women? © DesiSoch

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To conclude on the shit test

As we explained to you through this article, shit tests are sentences and questions that try to probe your limits. Shit tests allow women to know your value. If you show that the shit test does not reach you, you gain in value. Conversely, if you show that one of these shit tests has hit you, you lose value.

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