How To Talk To A Girl: 12 Topics of Conversation (The 5th Subject is Delicate)

How To Talk To A Girl: 12 Topics of Conversation.

One of my best friends is gay. And we had a more than interesting conversation. He confessed that if he had been straight he would not have known what to say to a woman to seduce her, so much the abyss seems great.

How To Talk To A Girl: 12 Topics of Conversation © DesiSoch
How To Talk To A Girl: 12 Topics of Conversation © DesiSoch

Curious for a chatterbox like him. Although it is true that talking with friends and seducing is not exactly the same. What to say to a girl to seduce her?

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Um, what are you waiting for exactly? A cooking recipe? Well, I’m sorry to tell you there are not any. There are no better topics of conversation.

There is a good or bad topic of conversation at a time and with a particular person.

The topics of conversation are all valid in themselves. In choosing your topic of conversation, you must above all respect an inalienable rule: the balance of speaking time between you two!

These are not the elections. It is therefore not necessary to time everyone’s time, but still. No monologue, one way or the other, ok?

I give you here some examples of possible topics. It’s up to you to make the most of it!

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12 topics of conversation

Topic # 1: She

Women love talking about them, but they do not like interrogations. Ask her open questions about her passions, her love stories, her conquests, and so on.

Topic # 2: you

Although women love to talk about them, they also like to discover a little more about you. Warning! If you talk constantly about yourself, she will instantly put you in the box “the pompous egocentric that makes you die of boredom within 5 minutes”.

Topic # 3: Love

Have you ever met a woman who is not interested in love? Love is the favorite subject of women! Should I say more? 😉

Topic 4: The job

Oh, blah. If you are lacking in inspiration, then yes … But beware! It can quickly become a formal and boring conversation. To avoid that, here’s a nice little tip: do not talk about content (I do X and Y), but social relations at work (my boss cheated on his wife with his secretary). Women love gossip!

Topic # 5: the ass

Let’s be clear, women love sex. But they talk about it openly only with their girlfriends. So, to talk about sex with a woman, she must feel safe and respected. She must trust you!

Topic # 6: Cars, Bikes, Formula 1 … 

Unless you fall on a passionate, absolutely avoid. Women love beautiful cars. They like to be driven, but they do not like to talk about it.

Topic 7: Emotions

Tell her that she looks sad, for example, well, curiously women love this. You just have to play it prince on his white horse to take him to your castle. But beware! If it is a chronic depressed, you will not support it very long.

Topic 8: Money

I am ashamed to admit it, but all women are a little venal. They like money and like to spend. They like to be treated and also like to get paid for dinners, outings, etc. But they hate the guys who fight with their wallets!

Topic 9: shopping

Love is the favorite subject of women. But it’s not the only one: shopping too! Ask him questions about her skirt, her shoes, her handbag, accessories, etc. Ask her in which shop … Why those colors … With what else could she combine … And above all, do not forget to make her compliments!

Topic 10: Diets

Love and shopping are women’s favorite topics? There is one more: the weight! Women are obsessed with their weight. Show him that you understand her suffering. Show him that you respect (and notice) her efforts. But let her also understand that a few more pounds will not change anything to your attraction for her.

Topic 11: Politics

It can be interesting. Because even if women are not bitten, they like to give their opinion (about everything). But beware! As with work, it can quickly become a boring subject. The solution? Same: mostly talking about social relations, gossip, and scandals (like Lewinsky who smoked Clinton’s cigar).

Topic 12: Art

Music, cinema, painting, fashion, etc. are exciting areas. The danger is falling into the stereotype: people who know nothing and who spit out what they read. But that already proves that you are reading. And then too bad, because if it gives you a common point, why not …

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I repeat, there is no law engraved in marble classifying good or bad subjects.

There is a subject at a moment T with a person. If it’s the right theme at the right time, it will take you into a conversation of course.

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