The 13 Signs That Show You Have Met Your SoulMate

The 13 Signs That Show You Have Met Your SoulMate

Even if you are always surrounded by your friends, even if your colleagues hold an important place in your life, he or she is always there, present in your heart, in your mind.

It’s simple, he or she is always with you everywhere, wherever you go, whatever you do.

We can then say that you met your soulmate.

The person who knows how to take the role of boyfriend, best friend, big brother, parent when necessary.

While you thought these soul-mate stories were just good for feeding rose-tale movies, or for artichoke-eyed midgets, here comes life just putting a person on your way, not like the others, a person who seems destined never to leave your existence.

Even after some doubts, it must be obvious: when you are with this person, some things can not be explained, it’s as if you found your “double”, you’re other yourself as if you have known each other forever.

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Will you have found the famous soul-mate?

Here are 13 signs that show it anyway.

Sign # 1: You communicate without really speaking

It’s as if you could read your partner’s thoughts as if you were reading in a huge open book, right?

You communicate on different levels, be it psychological, physical, emotional, sensitive, spiritual.

Suddenly, as you begin one sentence, the other end it almost naturally.

Or, you call on the phone at the same time.

Sign # 2: You feel it deep inside you

Impossible to say why impossible to justify but you feel it deep inside you: it is necessarily the right person.

An adage says “when we know, we know” and it sounds wonderful just in your ears.

A small voice in your head, a sense of recognition or completeness almost immediate, a deep conviction.

You can not really express it with words, but you know that this time it’s the right person.

Sign # 3: Something Chemical in the Air

It’s not just a simple sexual attraction between you but the current seems to go by itself.

It is enough that you hold your hand, that he or she speaks to you. You are driven in a whirlwind.

He/she captivates you, subjugates you, always fascinates you.

Of course, someone played his chemistry to achieve this result, you do not believe?

We often talk about crooked atoms…

Sign # 4: You are terribly comfortable with each other

For no apparent reason, you can easily communicate with your soulmate, you can reveal your nature, be true and sincere without fear of being judged.

There is something familiar about each other that makes you immediately feel comfortable with him.

Sign # 5: Challenges to the pitch

The relationship is not always a long calm river, there are often compromises to make.

But when a difficulty arises, when a challenge arises in your life, your soulmate responds to support you, guide you, guide you and communicate with you to make you evolve, and also to exceed you.

With him or her, the challenges are more easily surmountable, you have the impression of being able to do together.

Sign # 6: You look in the same direction

Even if you do not always have the same opinion, even if you do not always agree with each other, you continue to look together towards the same horizon.

Whatever happens, despite your possible differences, your goals and ambitions are the same and they match so well that you will do everything you can to make it happen.

By looking together towards the same direction, you put forward common qualities and values.

Sign # 7: A sense of appeasement

It sounds obvious but you are together, you feel safe, you are sure that you will never leave.

This feeling of comfort strengthens your relationship and strengthens it day after day.

No matter what happens in your life, you know that you have someone at your side to equip, move forward together and overcome everything.

A mutual trust that reassures.

Sign # 8: 1 +1 = 1

The soul-sisters have this feeling of completeness, it is as if, despite your differences, you are only one human being, unique.

You recognize yourself in your partner, you form a whole that nothing and no one can come to break.

Sign # 9: You fall back in love every day

Despite the distance, despite the time that goes on, you are still in love with each other.

It often happens that two people who have met in high school or university have lost their bearings because of a move, a long-term job, or even just because they broke up. Suddenly, years later, they find themselves and nothing has changed, the feelings are the same, the flame is still strong.

To recognize your soulmate, keep your mind and heart open because you never know when your soul mate will come into your life!

Sign # 10: You have an instant love at first sight

At the moment of the meeting, have you just laid eyes on her or him, that your heart is leaping into your chest?

You do not have to tell it out loud, you know it’s the right person.

Suddenly, of course, you start talking to each other, laughing together, sharing your lives and interests in common: you’ve found your soul mate.

Sign # 11: A meaningful meeting

You may have known lows in your love life, your personal life, or your professional life.

You wanted to change, you were ready to open yourself to other experiences when suddenly he or she arrives in your life.

It’s impossible to understand why, whatever happens, the things that went to meet you at the right time gave you room for the other.

Now, indisputably, you are available and ready to commit yourself.

It’s the right person.

Sign # 12: Silences do not bother you

It is often said that moments of silence between two people reveal the nature of their relationship; while some are embarrassed or do not know how to behave when you are with her, everything seems obvious, you are comfortable in her presence, whether she speaks or not.

On the contrary, silence allows you to appreciate it even more, in a different way.

Sign # 13: You can talk about everything

In parallel, since there is no judgment between you, that you have confidence in your partner, your communication is totally free.

You have the impression – and this is a certainty – that you talk about everything: whatever the subject, even those that can make you nervous, sad or happy, you can absolutely talk about everything.

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The more you speak with your partner, the more you learn from her and about yourself, the better your relationship becomes.

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