When A Woman Looks Into Your Eyes, How Do You React?

When A Woman Looks Into Your Eyes, How Do You React?

This weekend, I had a coaching with a client so shy that he wanted to stop well before the end of the session.

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This is how it happened …

We sit in an empty bar. We discuss. Moments later, he says to me, “I do not feel comfortable. I prefer to stay there. I will pay you the agreed sum and you can keep the money. I am really sorry. “

We only talked.

No “practice on the ground” (no drag, therefore).


He was afraid of me!

: -O

this is the first time that it happens to me.

However, after putting my gun on the table, I made him understand that I was not going to use it.

:-p :-p :-p

(I’m kidding, of course, yes, I make it clear, because there’s always one who does not pick up.)

He absolutely wanted answers to his questions:

  • “When a girl’s foot is pointing in your direction, is she interested? And how should it be approached then? ” How To Approach A Woman, According To A Woman & Reasons To Do So.
  • “When a girl pulls out her tongue a little like that,” and pulls out her tongue as a demonstration, “is she interested? And how to approach it then? “
  • “When a woman looks long in your eyes, what should you say to her then? “


At first, I wanted to make him understand that he does not ask the right questions.

The real question is: how to cultivate a …

… good pair of balls? How to develop the reflex to go, to go forward, to dare, despite the fear?

Because, in fact, the questions of the guy mean: I’m afraid, I prefer to have more certainty before I start.


The guy is 43 years old and has “very little experience with women,” as he says, “and yet these are not the opportunities that were missing. “

I ended up answering his questions, because that’s what he really wanted, even if it was not what he really needed. But then really not.

Maybe you wonder what I told him.

It’s really not important. Trust me…

It’s as if I have to give you the best answer to the question: “When are you facing the goalkeeper, where and how do I hit to score a goal? “

I ended up giving him a simple and clear answer.

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The “best” answer …

The one he wanted to hear at that moment.

Like that, at least he is satisfied.

But again, that’s not the answer he needed.

I tried to give him the answer he needed. He shit his pants and he wanted to leave.

This guy, I will never see him again! I guarantee it.

He prefers reassuring answers. He prefers the safety of his comfort zone. And believe me, her comfort zone is really very small.

So small that he will end his days with “very little experience with women, despite the many opportunities”.

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