How To Be More Productive In Life – The Best Tips To Get it

The work, the house, the couple, the family … During our life, we have a great accumulation of responsibilities and obligations that can make us feel overwhelmed. It is important to know how to organize well and live without stress and with moments of well-being, but often this seems to be incompatible. It is for this reason that in Desisoch we will discover how to be more productive in life so that you can organize and reach everything that is important to you. But, yes, without abandoning someone who is very, very important in your life: yourself. Follow these tips and learn to organize your routine well in order to increase productivity without this means increasing stress.

Be more productive  in Life:

5 essential tips To be Productive and efficient:

If you want to learn how to be more productive in life it is important that we begin to make some changes that will help us to organize ourselves better. Many times we feel that we do not reach everything and, this, makes us feel overwhelmed and with a feeling of suffocation and discomfort. But this situation can be changed following some simple tips that will help you improve your day today. They are the following.

# Organize your day with a listing

Having all the obligations stored in the head can end up saturating us and feel we are overwhelmed. Therefore, the most advisable thing is that you visualize writing a list with everything you have to do. Write everything as it comes to mind too, well, see what are the tasks you have pending today.

# Prioritize daily tasks

Once you have the written list, it is time to order it. To do this, we recommend that you read everything you have to do and order it from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most urgent or important and 10 the least urgent. This simple task will also help you to see that there are some tasks that, if you do not do today, nothing happens. Therefore, it will help you relativize and be able to relax.

# Organize your day

Once you have everything organized, it is time to insert those tasks into your routine. The best thing is that you do a planning and that you try to be as effective as possible so as not to waste time. For example, if you have to go shopping at the supermarket, you can do it when you leave work and, as soon as you get home, you will not have to leave anymore.

# Focus on each task individually

Another tip to be more productive in life is to avoid the accumulation of tasks. The best thing is that you simplify your routine and that you are “simple” to do. Therefore, it is best to go one at a time and focus on them to avoid feeling overwhelmed with all obligations.

# Avoid distractions

If you have the day full of tasks, it is best that you try to be effective during the development of these. That is if you have to go to your children at five to go to school but, before, you have to go to the dry cleaner, avoid staying talking on the phone with your mother or your friend or talking to the saleswoman. You have to be more effective and organize well so you do not feel overwhelmed.

How To Be More Productive In Life - The Best Tips To Get it - © DesiSoch
How To Be More Productive In Life – The Best Tips To Get it – © DesiSoch

But EYE: it is not a matter of you going stressed, it is best to organize your agenda so you can also enjoy your day and, everything that is in the background, can be done at another time. Remember that the important thing is to enjoy life, not suffer it.

 Habits to be more productive

If you want to learn how to be more productive in life you have to bear in mind that, in addition to the previous tips, there are also a series of life habits that you should change. The reason is that, however much you want to organize your day, if you do not meet these habits is likely to be more difficult to organize well.

# Your most productive hour

Everyone has some time of the day where he is more productive than others. It is important to know it in order to be able to gather a large number of tasks in that space and, in the rest of the day, simplify and make them easier to do. Learning to detect this temporality will help you to maximize your energy and avoid feeling all day with obligations that you feel you can not fulfill.

# Have an agenda

Although it seems silly, the truth is that an agenda can help you greatly to organize your day and to be able to remember all the pending tasks. It is a good way, too, to be able to visualize how you have the week so that you can move these obligations and download them when you feel that you can not do more. Nothing is more priority than you, do not forget it!

# Rest an average of 8 hours a day

If you want to be more productive day by day, it is essential that you rest enough. Sleeping 8 hours is what our body needs to be energetic and vital during the morning and, therefore, give it enough. Try to go to sleep sooner and avoid activities that activate you at night (surf the Internet, watch action movies, play sports, drink caffeinated beverages, etc.). A restful and deep sleep is what you need to be at your best the next day.

# Madruga to take advantage of the day

Waking up at eleven o’clock in the morning will not help you at all if you want to be more productive because, at night, you will hardly be doing things that relieve your daily load. The best thing is that, as we have said before, you start to have healthier rest habits to rest 8 hours and get up early in the morning. Putting the alarm clock at 8 o’clock if you go to sleep at 12 o’clock will help you to enjoy the night but without letting the morning go by.

Example of a productive day

Now that you know all the tips to be more productive in life, it’s time that we discovered a productive day as an example and that will help you visualize everything we are telling you. We offer you a planning that can serve as an inspiration to make yours.

  • 8h: Waking up
  • 8:30 am: Breakfast
  • From 9 am to 2 pm: Work
  • 2 pm: Lunch
  • 15h: Go to do a task (whatever you can do near work or where you eat)
  • From 4 pm to 6 pm: Work
  • 6.30 pm: Rest at home / Being with the children. Spend a leisure time.
  • 7.30pm: Do the simple task that you have left for the last hour of the day (for example, put the washing machine, ironing clothes, etc.). Try to make this a homework so that you do not have to go out again.
  • 9 pm: Dinner
  • 21.30h: Break
  • 23.30h: Sleeping

This is just an example and, depending on how your day is and the tasks you have to do, you can organize yourself in one way or another.

This article is merely informative, in DesiSoch we do not have the faculty to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your case in particular.

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