7 Signs That You Are About To Have A Nervous Breakdown

You’ve probably overheard someone saying that so-and-so had a nervous breakdown. And maybe even you’ve already said that in some stressful time of your life. “A nervous breakdown is a situation where a person can not function normally because of high stress,” said Erin Engle, professor of medical psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, in a statement published in Time magazine.

She explains that this high stress can be triggered by any situation, from financial problems to emotional issues, for example. Each person’s body responds to these adverse conditions in different ways, but some signs are common when it comes to the manifestation of a nervous breakdown. Check out 7 Signs That You Are About To Have A Nervous Breakdown

7 Signs That You Are About To Have A Nervous Breakdown

1 – Symptoms of anxiety and depression

There are two things common in people living in situations of high stress: anxiety and depression. The expert also tells that people about to suffer a nervous breakdown can have crises of crying or decrease in self-esteem and self-confidence. The feeling of guilt, even for no apparent reason, is also frequent. Also, Read How To Start The Day With An Explosion Of Self-Esteem.

2 – Sleep too much or too little

Changes in your sleep pattern usually indicate that something is not going well. In this sense, some people end up sleeping too much, because they find a way to escape reality in their sleep. On the other hand, various incidents of insomnia may indicate that the brain is overloaded and are common in people who keep ruminating their worries when they lie in bed.

3 – Feeling tired

When the fatigue seems to be higher than you feel you can handle. It may be that this fatigue is actually a reflex of a very stressed mind. In such cases, it is possible that the person feels weak, unwilling to do anything, having difficulty performing tasks that were once common. Even the loss of desire may indicate that someone is about to have a nervous breakdown.

4 – Changes in appetite

If you started overeating or if, suddenly, you no longer feel like eating, stay alert. The cortisol, stress-releasing hormone, has this power to change our food cravings. But mainly to make us have a lot of desire to eat foods rich in fat, sugar, and carbohydrate.

In these moments before the illness, the person gets less willing to take care of itself too and, therefore, ends up forgetting to maintain a healthy diet.

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5 – Physical Pain

Stomachal and headaches, when constant, may indicate emotional problems. For some people, the issue is even more intestinal, their stressful situations or stages end up causing diarrhea or constipation.

6 – Slow Brain

Suddenly you begin to have concentration difficulties and forget about a lot of things you have read or learned in recent times. This is another warning sign, which is nothing more than a cognitive manifestation that things are not going well.

7 – Breathing difficulties

Here’s another classic sign of anxiety: having trouble breathing, feeling that uncomfortable tightness in your chest and starting to breathe quickly. When you find yourself in this situation, try to breathe deep and slowly so that your body receives more oxygen. If this type of problem is frequent, seek medical help.


Remember that taking care of your mental health is a smart strategy in many ways. Seek to prioritize activities that have a good result for your body and mind – yoga, meditation, walking, painting classes and so on. Practice physical activity regularly, maintain a balanced diet, and if you feel that something is wrong, seek medical or psychological help.

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