7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want

7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want.

Handling someone to get something you want can easily be categorized as a diabolical or even cowardly gesture.

It is for this reason that you must be honest with me and promise me something: You would not use these techniques for evil purposes.

Put your right hand on your heart and repeat with me:

“I will not use these manipulative techniques for evil purposes”

We repeat :

“I will not use these manipulative techniques for evil purposes”


These techniques have been scientifically approved, sometimes based on research that has lasted more than 20 years! But here, I will not go into details because I do not want to complicate your life.

I give you the technique, I explain it quickly, and we move on to the next one. Easy as pie. No complications. No fuss.

Maybe you want to negotiate your salary … maybe you want to influence your friends to make a trip on weekends … or maybe you want to negotiate a discount for a purchase you want to make.

Whatever your motivation – the 7 manipulative techniques I’m about to share with you – WALK and have proven themselves.

In fact, most of these techniques are based on the research of Robert Cialdini and his famous book: Influence and Manipulation.

If you have not read this book, then there you really do not know what you are missing.

Once this article is finished, go for service and go to Amazon to order a copy. You’ll thank me later.

Ready to take the plunge and discover the world of manipulation? Fasten your belts, we take off in a moment.

7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want © DesiSoch
7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want © DesiSoch

Handling Technique # 1: Make someone do you a favor

Also called the Benjamin Franklin Effect, this technique is so simple that it works every time.

For the record, Benjamin Franklin absolutely wanted to “settle the accounts” with a man who hated him.

BF asked this man to lend him a rare book, and when he received it, he graciously thanked him. As a result, that man who did not even want to speak to BF became his best friend.

Scientists decided to test this theory and found that the researchers who asked the survey respondents for a personal favor, received a more favorable rating than the researchers who did not ask for a personal favor.

To make it short: if someone does you a favor, it is because he is convinced that you are a worthwhile person.

In a context of seduction (since we are after all in a site of seduction) if you want to seduce someone, ask him to do a little service.

Simple. As. Hello.

Handling Technique # 2: Foot in the door

This technique was well detailed in the book Influence and Manipulation, so once again, if you have not read this book, do yourself a favor (see what I just did?) And order the book on Amazon.

Roughly, the technique of Foot in the Door stipulates to formulate a request a little ridiculous I was going to say, which will push the person you want to manipulate to clearly refuse, then, just behind, you make a less ridiculous or rather logical request, and your target will eventually accept because this person feels a little bad about having refused your first request.

Example: You ask your friend to lend you his Ferrari for a weekend. He refuses. You come back a few hours later, you ask him to lend you 100$. Bingo. It gives you 100$ without problems.

Another example. A child asks his father to give him $50 of pocket money each week instead of $10, the father refuses, the same evening, the child asks his father to spend the night at his friend’s home – the father agrees.

Handling technique # 3: Often use the first name of the person

Author Dale Carnegie, from the famous book ” How to Make Friends and Influence Others, ” explained that hearing our own name sounds like music to our ears. The simple fact of addressing someone with his name will captivate his attention – in this case – he will be more apt/easy to influence/manipulate.

Next time when you meet your buddy, instead of saying “hello guy” say “Hi David, it’s been a while” and throughout your conversation put his name here and there – and you’ll notice he’s more attentive.

7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want © DesiSoch
7 Manipulative Techniques To Influence People And Get Everything You Want © DesiSoch

If you are in Marrakech, negotiating a carpet, ask for the seller’s name, and say:

“Listen, Samir. I know that I am a tourist, but that does not mean that you can sell me this carpet at this exorbitant price. You seem to be someone honest, Samir. Let us conclude this affair without complicating life. I give you the price of […] »

Friend Tip: Reduce this price by 50%. Otherwise, go to the next store;)

Handling Technique # 4: Flattery

Well executed, flattery can work miracles.

If you know how to flatter someone, you can manipulate it as you see fit, provided your flattery is sincere. It’s very important.

If you swing compliments just to flatter this person, then the opposite effect can easily occur. Instead of pushing someone to appreciate you, he will eventually hate you.

Handling Technique # 5: Mirroring

The Mirroring also called the mirror effect simply states adopt the same body language or body language of the person you want to manipulate / influence.

Repeat the same gestures, the same sentences/words, and if you want to go even further – repeat the same rhythm of breathing. It’s crazy, I know. But the pros do that all the time.

Let’s say you’re in a meeting with your boss, you’re negotiating your salary increase … once in his office, notice how he sits, and do the same. If he crosses his arms or feet, do the same, etc.

Handling Technique # 6: The door to the nose

This is the opposite technique to the technique of the foot in the door. This time, instead of making a ridiculous request, you will make a request that he can not refuse. In the film “the godfather”, we talk about “An Offer they cannot refuse”.

Once this first request is accepted, you can formulate a second one.

The person you want to influence/manipulate is more likely to accept your second application because they have already accepted the first one. She already trusts you.

Handling Technique # 7: Silence is Golden

Also in Dale Carnegie’s book, ” How to Make Friends and Influence Others, ” he explains that sometimes you just do not say anything to get your way. Keep quiet. Keep the mystery.

Also, the author explains that sometimes it is necessary to avoid correcting someone.

Here is the method: Instead of going into a heated debate, listen to what this person has to say to you, then try to understand what she feels and, especially why …

Then find a common ground, and use it as a starting point to explain your position.

In summary :

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Search to understand
  3. Find a common point
  4. Present your argument based on the common point


I recently met a client for a Coaching, this man was Senegalese, and he complained that the French are racist, they hate blacks and Arabs … and that there is no chance to find a woman currently in Paris when one is Arab or Black. (?!)

Instead of correcting it, I let him finish [1] … then I asked him why he thinks so and what he feels … [2] he explained to me that he feels rejected by society and that he regrets having left his country …

I responded by saying that I fully understand her position, being myself a victim of racism on several occasions [3] like the girl who asked me to return to my country to sell Kebab … or to go to blow me up elsewhere …

I then explained to him [4] that we should never put everyone in the same basket, and that we just have to meet the right people. We can not generalize otherwise our life would be hell.

After a few seconds of reflection, he replied that he agreed with me and that he was wrong to think so.

How to manipulate people: the conclusion

As you see in my last example, “manipulation techniques” can be used for good causes. To win an argument. Negotiate an increase. Get a discount and so on …

As I announced at the beginning, pay close attention to how you will deploy these techniques and use them only when needed.

You are solely responsible for your actions. Assume fully.

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