Can We Meet People When We Are Shy? 4 Essential Tips

Can We Meet People When We Are Shy? 4 Essential Tips.

Seduction is not something obvious to everyone.

If you are a shy person, you need to know what I want to talk about, right?

Shyness is a real handicap for men who want to approach a woman that pleases them: often, we hear them say “the next is good, I go!… “

… but next time often ends with a bitter failure.

Of course, to seduce a woman carries risks: whether one is shy or not, there are times when it will work and others where you will take a rabbit or a rake in full pear.

But, you know what, shyness is not a blemish that we do not get rid of.
There are different degrees of shyness and it is not because you can not approach a girl to flirt with her that it means that you are finished with seduction.

Far from there!

Here is a little practical guide for you, timid gentlemen, to transform your handicap into a force and finally succeed in seducing the woman who pleases you!

4 tips for dating when you are shy

It may seem obvious to some, but when you are shy, you spend your time developing techniques and parries to perfect this or to find an excuse or so you spend your time thinking about what to say or make.

# 1: Live the moment!

The more you think, the more you prepare what you have to do, the more your shyness increases.

In seduction, spontaneity is the rule, this is also what girls will appreciate at first.

The more you will be in the moment with her, the more she will enjoy herself by your side and forget the time that passes.

When we are shy, we often fear the eyes of others, their reactions, their possible judgment but remember one thing: no one is perfect.

Neither the man, sitting on a terrace next to you, who seems sure of himself, nor the woman – as beautiful as it is – whom you would like to flirt.

Everyone has their faults and it is also the salt of a meeting.

People who seem confident or who are beautiful perceive themselves with faults that you do not see so do you say that it is the same for you: it is a safe bet that the girl you want to seduce do not perceive not from what you believe defects or imperfections.

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# 2: Know how to listen

It is an essential component to seduce a girl.

Whether you are shy or not, learn to listen to a woman.

Compared to other men, as a shy person, that’s something you usually do very well, does not it?

However, be careful because too much passive listening will quickly transport you to the ” Friendzone ” box and that’s not what you’re looking for, right?

Have a little daring, listen carefully and bounce on what she tells you a few minutes later, she will feel listened to, understood and speak more easily.

Can We Meet People When We Are Shy? 4 Essential Tips © DesiSoch
Can We Meet People When We Are Shy? 4 Essential Tips © DesiSoch

# 3: Push back the limiting beliefs

To seduce a woman, you must become aware of your blockages and your limiting thoughts.

As timid, some things are immutable in your opinion and you say that nothing will change like “I’m afraid of being rejected if I ask him his number …” or “I will not approach it! “.

The more your shyness is deeply rooted in you, the more often these phrases are used.

First, learn to identify these negative considerations, become aware of these self-destructive phrases that you keep repeating.

Know that everything is possible, that you can achieve everything you want with a little effort and tenacity.

It’s the same for seduction with women: from the moment you decide that it will work, that you have assets that can please, then you will reverse the value and start to seduce.

Limiting thoughts are bad beliefs that limit your potential and make you stay inactive. They cause blockages in your everyday life.

All this is only mental, you can “set” your mind to think differently so that it considers the approach with a woman as possible and even achievable.

write quotes

Why not write quotes or phrases of great men on the post-it that you hang at home to work your self-confidence: your thoughts, good or bad, become your reality (the brain makes no difference ) so much to impose positive thoughts!

Tell yourself that you can meet someone, that you have the right to please like any other man, work on your self-confidence, get help from a coach if needed, use NLP techniques, etc.

# 4: A smooth approach

Once you understand all these virtual mechanisms, you can jump into the water.

But be careful, do not start by addressing all the girls on the planet and being sure to seduce them. You have to go slowly, gradually.

Why not start by registering on social networks like Facebook or Tinder and send a message to a girl that interests you, a benevolent message.

Then try to get her phone number, meet Skype to discover the other’s voice, her body, and so on.

Only then will you be able to move on to the real, the real encounter.

How to find love when you are shy.

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Meet people when you’re shy: Another workout

Why not do the exercise size?

Go to a bar that you particularly like or in a different place where you feel comfortable and start by identifying the people who attract you.

Start with simple things by asking the time it is, where is such a cinema, if it knows a place to do an activity, etc.

Then, try gradually (this is not done in 2 days, let us specify!) To develop your speech, to hold between 5 and 10 minutes and you will feel at ease, the more you will know how to facilitate to obtain his phone number and why not a real appointment.

The important thing is that the difficulty must remain increasing.

You must, at the same time as you learn about yourself, gradually open yourself to others and therefore to the woman who pleases you.


… you have to play the game and get out of your comfort zone.

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