Best Free PDF Readers of 2019 For Windows

Best Free PDF Readers of 2019 For Windows: PDF files have become very common in everyday use, and the reasons are simple: portability, quality, and compatibility. The acronym PDF that stands for Portable Document Format (PDF) has become familiar to many in a short time of existence.
The company that created the PDF was Adobe Systems – the same one that owns the copyright on the famous Photoshop -, which had the ingenious idea of ​​creating a document that opens in any operating system. The document created in 1993 was also famous for having good quality images, thanks to the permission to import images from other programs.

So What is PDF

The Portable Document Format (PDF) allows you to preserve your original layout, perfectly align your texts, images, graphics, protect your document, whatever your operating system.

This format does not replace a Word but we could say that it completes it. Many programs offer a backup of your documents in PDF format, but few allow their modification.

So, What do you do when your colleague sends you a document in PDF format in which he left a grammatical mistake? How to edit the PDF version of an inadvertently deleted Word document? In both cases, you need a PDF editor.

The free PDF editors are the most efficient and complete, with them you can do anything. In the case of a simple modification, do we really need to pay? After all, perhaps a free PDF editor will suffice.

Also, we prefer to get straight to the point: free has a price. Free PDF editors give you the ability to erase text and replace it with a new one-respecting the typeface, size, and color you can also annotate, comment, highlight, and delete it. , delete or add pages, fill out PDF forms, etc. Changes other than these, such as creating forms, will not be possible.

Discover our List of best free PDF readers for Windows

⇛ SumatraPDF

The first application we are going to talk about is SumatraPDF. For many users, this is one of the best free PDF readers, and after all the simplest, easiest to use and light in terms of resource consumption and space that occupies in the hard drive.

Among the many features of this PDF reader, we can highlight, for example, its simple interface based on tabs that allow us to open several documents at the same time, a main screen with the last open documents, a search engine and several types of document adjustment to the screens.

We can download SumartaPDF from the following link. This PDF reader can be found both in the portable version and with a quick and easy installer.

⇛ AbleWord

In our knowledge, AbleWord is the only free PDF editor that allows you to import a PDF and modify it completely. It is very powerful for importing and converting Word documents into PDF. It is also compatible with other formats: .rtf, HTML, .txt, for example, but the rendering will not be very good.

Download AbleWord

⇛ Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit Reader is a good alternative to Adobe Reader and this editor has some success. While Sumatra was characterized by simplicity, focusing its operation on opening this type of documents and nothing else, Foxit wants its PDF document viewer to be much more complete, and therefore offers us a much more complete tool in every way, both in functions and in the interface.

The interface of this application is based on Ribbon, the graphical interface of Office, a complete integration with the cloud to host documents and edit them with several people at the same time, the possibility of creating PDF documents from scratch, functions to sign and encrypt documents and a lot of extra tools to work with these documents.

We can download Foxit PDF Reader for free from the following link. During the installation, it will offer us the possibility of using free PDF tools from Foxit for 14 days, but after that period the document viewer will remain totally free forever.

⇛ PDF-Xchange Viewer

PDF-Xchange Viewer offers much the same functionality as Foxit Reader. This program is very useful for annotating documents. It also has a version that you can put on a USB key for example, which implies: no installation!

Download PDF-Xchange Viewer

⇛ Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and even the cloud

We may not only open PDF documents very often and, therefore, but we also do not want to install any application of this type on our computer. In that case, if we ever find the need to open a document of this type on our computer and we have no application at hand, browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (the latter in Windows 10) will allow us to open this type of documents directly from them.

To open a document with some of these browsers, simply click on its icon with the right button and choose the option “Open with”, selecting the browser with which we want to open the document.

If we want, we can also upload our PDF documents to the main storage servers in the cloud, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, and can open them directly from there without needing any other program.

⇛ Candy PDF

If you do not have a lot of changes to make, PDF Candy can be the fastest and most convenient solution.

This program can convert PDF to Word, JPEG, TIFF or BMP format. With PDF Candy you can rotate the pages of your documents, divide your document, protect it, add watermarks, etc.

This free online service has a disadvantage in size, your document must not exceed 10 MB. Visit Candy PDF.


Finally, we want to make a special mention of MuPDF. Normally we always talk about applications for relatively modern computers that, however light they may be, like SumatraPDF, do not get along well with old equipment and with very few resources.

MuPDF is a very simple and totally free PDF document viewer designed for very old computers. This application is especially focused on opening PDF, XPS and CBZ documents, allowing us to view them on any computer without taking into account their hardware, but nothing more.
We can download this application without any cost from the following link. MuPDF does not need installation, nor does it have an interface. When we unzip and run it, we will see the Windows Explorer to select the file we want to open and then we will see a window with the document in question, but nothing more. Impossible to find a simpler application.

⇛ LibreOffice

LibreOffice is the free alternative to Microsoft Office.

The advantage of this free program is that it supports files of hundreds of pages. The problem is that each line of text appears in a text box, which is quite annoying if you want to edit entire pages. Download LibreOffice.

⇛ PDF Pro

PDF Pro is an online tool for uploading and editing up to three PDF documents per month.

Its latest update includes a feature for converting PDF documents to Word (.doc), which not all free PDF editors do. Visit PDF Pro.

⇛ FormSwift PDF Editor

FormSwift PDF Editor is another online PDF editor. You just have to drag and drop your documents and you’re done. Once your changes are complete, you can upload your document, print it, and share it.

You can erase text, replace it, add images, or affix signatures. It’s relatively basic, but it’s free, and it only requires an internet connection. Visit FormSwift PDF.

⇛ PDF to Word

PDF to Word is aptly named!

You select your document, load it on the site and you receive it in your mailbox in Word format in 2 minutes! Its advantage: you can use Word or another word processor to make your changes and save it back to PDF.

So This is the list of Best free PDF editors in 2019 for windows, you can use without giving a single penny. If you know a free editor that is left do mention in the comment box below.

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