Home Sex and Relationships How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All! (Scientific Research)

How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All! (Scientific Research)

How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All!-Scientific Research
How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All!-Scientific Research

How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All! (Scientific Research)

Stop masturbating?

” But why so, asshole? “Said the nice boy in the back of the room.

Simple answer:

Masturbation kills seduction.

Today, I am not going to present an article of seduction, but rather an article of sex education. Now, I’m not going to talk about dirty positions, I’m not going to talk about condom marks, and I’m not going to show you how to make love (nor do you make a drawing.)

I want to talk to you about a plague that is, for me, one of the dangerous habits that can affect a man: masturbation.

Stop masturbation, why?

You see, and I’ll start by breaking the ice right now, to tell you clearly and simply that everyone has masturbated once in their life. Everyone is doing it and everyone will continue to do it. And that’s where the dangerousness of masturbation comes in.

To masturbate, when one is 14 years old, it is quite normal, and even many times. At this age, we discover our sexuality, we test our gear, we explore our body. Nothing serious.

But if you’re over 22, and you keep masturbating in the shower, fantasizing about your neighbor, then let me tell you there’s something wrong with you.

Masturbation can radically destroy your life, and I am serious. When you jerk off regularly, you risk getting hooked. And unfortunately, it ends up translating into a daily need.

I had friends who, by dint of jerking, ended up putting masturbation on the account of “hobby”. When the guy has nothing to fuck, he takes a shower, a little oil, and presto, here he is in the 7th heaven (in fact, no, in the 7th hell).

Day after day, a man risks repeating the same process, not out of sexual envy and desire, but through a pure natural reflex. When you wake up, you brush your teeth (well, I hope) and you never feel like it’s a complicated move. It’s just natural to brush your teeth every morning.

You get used to it.

The same thing for masturbation. If you masturbate every day, you will ADOPT this act in your daily life, by drinking water, eating bread, going to work, school, facebook, MSN etc …

And you will, therefore, become a lazy person, pouting and completely deserted. The galley, if not, the great misery.

Seduction rhymes harmoniously with practice ( read this article by the way ) and when one is lazy and lazy, one can not get anything out of our life (sorry for the term, but I am under the influence of emotion).

In fact, it is very simple…

When you practice obsessive masturbation, you KILL all the sexual urges that can help motivate you to work on important projects in your eyes. And I do not even talk about seducing women.

How to avoid this “disaster”?

By stopping systematically to do it. Of course.

But, if you are already a super addict, I advise you to do it, in the worst case: once a week. Do not jerk like crazy, like a soldier !! Set a specific day where you will allow yourself the luxury of taking your foot, I was going to say, fair. And not like a fucking sex addict.

But beware!

This is JUST for the beginning! To heal you! While waiting for this famous day, you MUST go out and meet people, whatever (ideally girls, of course). If you can get away from this bad habit, you will win a big victory. You will make a big step in your career as a seductive apprentice.

Women are not monsters. Just look at them to see how innocent and adorable they are. If you have problems approaching women, heading to the ” boarding ” category, you will find at least twenty articles to help you get started.

When you are going to abstain (of masturbation!) Especially if you are a champion in this activity, you will feel a great desire and develop a sexual appetite, two elements which, naturally, should help you to motivate you to approach the girls and try to fuck them. (Believe me, it’s very effective)

Keep this advice in mind: DO NOT go out to seduce, but go out for FUN.

Of course, you are not going to kiss by approaching a girl. Too good to be true. But try to keep busy during the week, to prevent you from taking a shower with the option “masturbation” included. If you go out to approach women, with a little practice and a little success, you will easily get appointments, therefore, you will fill your agenda.

So, instead of the shower/masturbation package, you will opt for the appointment/seduction package. You will be able to occupy your mind, and your hand would not go, in turn, romantic rendezvous with your ZIZI 🙂

And this, for your greatest happiness!

Important note

I do not want you to take this article in a religious way, literally, stupidly.


The message I am trying to communicate to you is to take charge of your life. And to do it, you can start here. This is a program that I have put for free for my readers, and as you will see, to get started, you must limit masturbation to once a week.

How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All!-Scientific Research
How To Stop Masturbation Definitely Once And For All!-Scientific Research

8 scientific facts you do not know about masturbation

1.) The majority of men and women masturbate. However, men are more likely to have done so and they tend to do it more often than women.

2.) If we take into consideration people who have more or less normal testosterone levels, scientific research has shown that higher levels of testosterone are linked to having more desire for masturbation, but only in women. In men, testosterone levels are not related to the desire for masturbation. This suggests that the factors triggering interest in masturbation can be completely different for men and women.

3.) People of all ages are masturbating. Young people are more likely to admit it, but they are certainly not the only ones to practice “self-stimulation”.

4.) People of all sexual orientations masturbate, too, including asexual people. In fact, scientific studies of self-identified asexuals have shown that most of them report masturbating; however, the nature of their masturbation may be very different from that of sexual persons (for example, some asexuals practice unsupervised masturbation, which means masturbation without erotic fantasies).

5.) Vibrators are frequently used by women during masturbation and have been for a long time. In fact, the vibrator was supposed to be the 5th electrical appliance approved for home use after the sewing machine, the fan, the kettle and the toaster. In other words, people had vibrators in their homes long before televisions and vacuum cleaners.

6.) Vibrators are not just for women. A national survey conducted in the United States found that 16.6% of men had ever used a vibrator to masturbate. This survey also revealed that men who use vibrator masturbators have a better erectile function, intense sexual desire, and a more satisfying sex life in general.

7.) A survey revealed that clitoral stimulation (unlike vaginal penetration) is the preferred masturbation technique for most women.

8.) Frequent masturbation could be beneficial for your health. Research has shown that, in men, masturbating and having an orgasm is often the result of the better functioning of the immune system. Who would have thought of that, huh?

Now, that’s what I want YOU to do …

In the first place, if you recognize yourself in the guy who masturbates as he breathes. Stop immediately. Or do you know what? Masturbate tonight, for the last time, and set a distant date to do it again. Of course, if you can stop altogether, I would be very grateful.

Second, I would like you to share this article. What I just wrote is very important to me. I know that many young men (and even great-young men) are victims of this scourge. Use your facebook, twitter, and your emails to get the message across. The SbKians were sent to earth to save humanity. This is your opportunity to do it, do not disappoint me. And do not be shy, do not be afraid to post such an article on your facebook page. You must, however, be proud (a seducer does not know the shyness).

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And finally, I would like you to tell me what you think of the subject. Then again, I may repeat myself, do not be shy. As an option, and if you are brave enough, tell me when was the last time you masturbated. And do not tell me two years ago, I will not believe you;)

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